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12″ Cerwin Vega Style RED Refoam Kit Angle RFK12 RED


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Product Description

Red Foam with Angle Attach Cerwin Vega Style – top of foam is red, bottom of foam is gray. Cone to foam has FLANGLE (flatish/angle) attach. This is the only 12″ red foam option. See below for appropriate Cerwin Vega cabinet models.

Please note: CV logo dustcap is no longer supplied with this foam

  • FOAM: OD 11.50″ (292.10 mm) – ID 8.75″ (222.250 mm)
  • ROLL: OD 10.813″ (274.65 mm) – ID 9.5″ (241.30 mm)

This kit fits the 122D2, 122T2, 12TR, 122WZ, 122W2, 122W4, 122WT, 123W, 12W1, 12W2, 12W3, 12W4, 280SE, AL750, AL752, ALW120, AT12, ATW12, ATW121, CV3000, CVT100S, CVT12, CVT120, CVT200A, CVW12, CV3000, D5, D6, D7, D7E, DC12, DX5, DXW5, DX7, DXW12, E312, HT12, HT12D, HTS12, HTS12A, HTW12, HTW120, HTW121, HTW122, L121-4, L121-5, LE12D, LS12, LW12, MX250, MXW12, R26, RE30B, REW12, RW12D, SE280, SUB120, U321, VS120, VSW12, VW12D, VW12P, W12, W1214, W121-4, W124, W12-4 and many more.

Questions about how to repair? SeeĀ Refoaming Video and Refoaming FAQ

Additional Information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x .5 in

Kit Pair=2 foams,2 caps,1 glue,shims+instructions, Single Kit=1 foam,1 cap,1 glue,shims+instructions, 1 foam only – No cap or glue


DCF2750- FELT 2.75″ Diameter, DCF3750- FELT 3.75″ Diameter, DCF4500- FELT 4.5″ Diameter, None

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