12″ JL Audio Refoam Kit Flat- RFK12JL FLAT



Product Description

Flat-attach foam perfect for the original JL 12W6 & 12W0. Also great for 13.5″ RCA33785 woofer used in Altec Santana I, Altec Santana II, Altec Model 9, Altec Model 8, Altec LF1, and Infinity 902-1187 Quantum Jr Woofer.

FOAM: OD 11.562″ (293.675 mm) – ID 8.75″ (222.25 mm)

ROLL: OD 11.188″ (284.175 mm) – ID 9.5″ (241.300 mm)

Questions about how to repair? See Refoaming Video and Refoaming FAQ

Additional information

Weight.4 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 2 in

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Dust Cap

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  1. Alex (verified owner)

    A friend of mine had a pair of the original JL Audio 12w6’s sitting in his basement. He claimed that one worked, and the other didn’t. Turns out that they both just need refoaming (the spiders were still glued to their respective cones and had no tears, and all voice coils still received power – the subs just sounded completely broken because the foam was torn on one and completely eroded on the other), so I took those off his hands and grabbed the ” 12″ JL Audio Refoam Kit Flat- RFK12JL FLAT ” because it comes with two foams and two dust plates, and obviously glue and shims. I’m 22 and have 0 experience fixing speakers, but it was really easy because you just scrape off the old foam and get the gasket off to put on the new foam and replace the gasket. Make sure to use the shims to center the cone before applying the foam!

    Both subs sound new. Though it doesn’t say so in the instructions, I’d suggest sanding the mating surface a bit before putting the new foam on to make sure all the old stuff is gone. The glue cures in about 10 minutes, and I tested the sub with very low power/volume after about 30min of drying time simply to see if the foam had any air holes – it didn’t, and sounded perfect. After 24 hours, both subs were ready to hit hard.

    I haven’t put on the dust plates yet because it’s really tough to remove the previous glue from the cone, and it’ll require some accurate sanding so that the new dust plates will sit evenly inside the cones, but I’ll deal with that later.

    Thanks for the quality parts. Glue is literally like liquid cement, and the foam is great quality. Also, customer service sent me like 5 emails notifying me of the status of processing and shipping so that was nice.

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