8″ JBL LE8 Refoam Kit – RFKLE8



Product Description

Flatish Angle Attach for 8″ woofers in the models listed below.

  • FOAM: OD 6.25″ (168.275 mm) – ID 5.188″ (131.775 mm)
  • ROLL: OD 6.25″ (157.75 mm) – ID 5.5″ (139.70 mm)

JBL 112, JBL 112A, JBL 112H,  JBL LE8, JBL LE8T,  JBL LE8T-2, JBL LE8T-H, JBL L33, JBL L44,  JBL L54, JBL L59, JBL L75, JBL L80,  JBL 2115, JBL 2115A, JBL 2115H, JBL 2115J,  JBL 108, JBL 2108A, JBL 2108H, JBL 2108J, JBL PR8 Passive, JBL 4315B MID to name a few. If you mount this foam behind the cone on the LE8T (as was originally done) then you might need to very slightly stretch the outer edge into place.

We also use this foam for the MR38 and J900MV midrange, P206HS or 76474-01. You must cut and seam it to work properly.

Questions about how to repair? See Refoaming Video and Refoaming FAQ

Additional information

Weight.4 lbs
Dimensions7 x 7 x 2 in

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Dust Cap

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