K76 AM (1)
K76 AM (2)

Aftermarket Klipsch Diaphragm Replacement 127103 / 127102

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Product Description

Aftermarket Klipsch Tweeter Diaphragm is a replacement for part #127103. 8 ohm.  Used for the following models:

K-71-H, K71H, K-72H, K72K, K-72K, K-72-K, K-74-K, K74, K75, K-75-K, K-75K, K-76-K, K76, K76K, K-79-K, K79, K-80-K, K80, K-81-K, K81, K-82-K, K82, K-83-K, K83, K-84, K84K, K-85-K, K85, K-89, K89, K-97, K97, K-97-KV, K97KV, 129507, K73, K-73, K-86, KG2, KG-2, KG2.2, KG-2.2, KG3.2, KG3.2, KG 3.2, KG3.5, KG-3.5, KG4, KG-4, KG4.5, KG-4.5, K5.5, KG-5.5, KLF-10, KLF10, KM6, KM-6, KP250, KP-250, RS7, RS-7, FORTE II, K105K, K-105K, K109, K-109A, 3910, 3910D, 127103, and more!

Additional Information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 1 in
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