Custom Tweeter Rebuild for B&W ZZ03123, ZZ09989, ZZ9989, ZZ10227

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Product Description

Send your tweeter and tweeter housing to us for a custom in-house repair. This repair is for the B&W ZZ03123, ZZ3123, ZZ09989, ZZ9989 & ZZ10227 tweeters used in CDM1, CDM1SE, CDM7, CDM7SE, CDMCSE, P4, P5, and CC6. These tweeters have all been discontinued by B&W and cannot be purchased any longer. Your tweeter will be repaired with a high-quality soft dome tweeter.

The main photo shows the original B&W CDM1 tweeter on the left and our custom-built replacement tweeter on the right. Additional photos show additional models post-repair.

Charge for repair is $90.00 each.

Please use this Repair-Form to request this service.