Delco 4×10 Speaker Recone Kit 10 ohm 1″ VC


Product Description

Specific parts and specs are subject to change but replacement parts will be matched as closely as possible.
If you require different parts for this or any other model speaker, contact us and we will provide prices and options.
Always measure your original parts and compare to these specs to insure you are ordering the correct parts.

Parts specifications:

  • Cone: 4×10″ with paper surround .750″ deep, 1.0″ VC
  • Kapton Voice Coil: with 1.030” inside diameter, .750″ VC form length, .250″ windings width, 10 ohms
  • Cup Spider: 2.250” wide  with 1.0″ vc opening .125″ tall
  • Dustcap: Paper 1.100″
  • Gasket: 4×10″ Chip
  • Pigtails, shims, and instructions are included.
  • You will also need glue and epoxy.

These recone parts fit for most Delco 10 ohm 4×10″ speakers. Measure your original parts and compare to the specifications listed here to determine if these parts will work for you. We also have a speaker recone kit with .870″ voice coil size. 

Additional information

Weight0.60 lbs
Dimensions4 x 10 x 1 in

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  1. James Shine (verified owner)

    Great kit with top quality components. But a quick tip to those reconing late 60’s Chrysler speakers. The cone is a bit shallower than what we need. To make it work you need a voice coil 1″ in diameter, but also 1 1/4″ tall. Or a proper cone depth. You can work around it. Just giving a heads up. Perhaps the vendor can offer a Chrysler version for us someday.

    • Cathy

      You are correct. You have to modify the current parts that are available because many of the original parts are obsolete. That is the challenge behind repairing some vintage speakers. Glad to see you met the challenge.

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