EV Electro Voice ELX118P Amplifier F.01U.174.480

$250.00 $238.00

Product Description

Brand New Genuine Electro-Voice ELX118 Amplifier. This amplifier is 120V and 230V compatible. Contact us for more details. F.01U.174.480

EV ELX 110v to 220v conversion instructions

Additional information

Weight3.90 lbs
Dimensions15 x 13 x 6 in

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  1. norris dickenson

    my review is i will like to no what is the out put power of this amp how much power this pushes out

    • Cathy

      700 watts

  2. lastdayrisingwalker

    Does this come with everything needed to connect the speaker leads? Then could I fasten it down with screws and go? I want to install it in another sub with very similar features.

    • Cathy

      Yes it comes ready to attach but it does not come with the wires. You will have to wire it up. It is not difficult to do. Make note of the wiring before you remove the original amp.

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