EV Electro Voice ETX-18SP Amplifier


Product Description

Brand New Genuine Electro-Voice ETX18SP Amplifier Assembly. 110 Volt.

Old stock number F.01U.303.743. New stock number F.01U.324.350 

We do not sell this amp in 220 Volt.

Additional information

Weight6.7 lbs
Dimensions16 x 14 x 7 in

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  1. norris dickenson

    what is the out put power of this one

    • Cathy

      1800 watts and 135 dB peak

  2. danan_jaya

    110 volt power supply voltage or 220v ? , because in my country using 220v electric current
    what could at bargain prices of goods EV Electro Voice ETX-18SP Amplifier F.01U.303.743, in your shop

    • Cathy

      We are selling the 110 Volt amp. It is not convertilbe. I’m sorry but we are not able to help you with a 220 Volt version of this amp although they are available.

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