Genuine JBL D16R2405 Diaphragm

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Brand New Genuine JBL D16R2405 Diaphragm 16 ohms. (DCR is 6.4 +or- .2) Also used for 2402, 2404, 2404H, 2404H-1 and 075, 077.

Used in cabinet models: 4333B, 4612B, 4628B, 4698B, 4730A, SR4732, SR4732A, SR4732AT, SR4732N, SR4732X, SR4732XF, VRX932LA-1, VRX932LAP/230, 4623, 4682, 4602B, 4612OK, 4623B, 4680B, 33752.

➡ On slight backorder until the end of March. You can order now to be in the first allocation when available again. 

Disclaimer: All sales are final. We have discovered that the new production of these genuine JBL D16R2405 diaphragms can be difficult to install and are a very tight fit. Some of the diaphragms may require the mounting holes to be enlarged to accept the mounting pins. We discovered that if the mounting plate is flexed (even slightly) when the VC first mates with gap, it can hang up and be damaged. They have to be installed very evenly and tapped into place. We charge a $25.00 installation fee and we strongly suggest you send your driver to us for installation. If you decide to purchase and install yourself, we will test the voice coil before sending, but because of modifications that may be required and the potential of damage if not installed properly, all sales are final.

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Weight0.88 lbs
Dimensions5 x 5 x 4 in

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