JBL 2408H Aftermarket Diaphragm

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Product Description

Brand New Aftermarket 2408H 8 ohm diaphragm.

The following is a partial list of JBL cabinets that use the 2408H: MRX Series, MRX500, MRX-500, MRX512M, MRX515, MRX525, MRX-512M, MRX-515, MRX-525, PRX Series, PRX500, PRX-500, PRX512M, PRX-512M, PRX515, PRX-515, PRX525, PRX-525, PRX535, PRX-535, Vertec VT4887A, VT-4887A, VT-4887-A, VT4887ADP-AN/CN, VT-4887ADP-AN/CN, VT-4887-ADP-AN/CN, 361549-001x, and more.

Not on installation: The off sets (the metal tabs) on the driver throat are different sizes so they replacement diaphragm will only fit one way. If they do not fit, turn 180 degrees.

Additional information

Weight0.40 lbs
Dimensions4 x 4 x 3 in

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