JBL D16R2421 Genuine Diaphragm 2420, 2421, LE85


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Brand New Genuine JBL D16R2421 Diaphragm for 2420, 2421, 2421B, LE85 Drivers. 16 ohm. Also used in 2425 and 2470. (DCR 7.0). Replacement for D16R2470 which is no longer available.

This is no longer available. You can use D16R2425 as a replacement option. See below

Please note: JBL changed the design of this diaphragm decades ago. It now has a “diamond edge” instead of the “spiral jiffy pop” edge that it used to. If you are looking for the old “jiffy pop” edge, you can use our aftermarket diaphragm: 2420-27AM16


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Weight0.30 lbs
Dimensions5 x 5 x 2 in

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