Mackie SRM450, SA1521 Aftermarket Diaphragm

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Product Description

This diaphragm is used in the following Mackie models: Mackie SRM450, Mackie C300, C300Z, Mackie S215, S225, Mackie SA1232Z, Mackie SA1521, Mackie SA1530, Mackie SA1530Z, SA-1530Z, Mackie SA1532Z, Mackie SR1521X, Mackie SR1521Z, Mackie SR1522Z and Mackie 0008093 driver, Mackie 0025666 driver, Mackie 0025726 driver, Mackie DC10/1701-8, DC-10-1701-8, DC10 1701-8, Mackie CD10 1701-8, CD10-1701-8, CD10/1701-8, Mackie DC10/1801-8, DC-10-1801-8, DC10 1801-8, Mackie CD10 1801-8, CD10-1801-8, CD10/1801-8, SND44RD, 7005-014, M44TI, & more models. (Not to be used with Mackie SA1521Z)

Used in EAW models: EAW DC10/1703-8, DC-10-1703-8, DC10 1703-8, EAW CD10 1703-8, CD10-1703-8, CD10/1703-8, EAW CX12/3001-8, CX12-3001-8, CX12 3001-8, EAW VR51, VR-51, EAW VRM12, VMR-12, EAW VRS12, VRS-12, EAW 0010089, EAW 0010572. Also used in S408 Triad, P Audio SND44.

This diaphragm has push terminals. If you need the slip on connectors, then you need the 15410081. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to check your diaphragm & driver before ordering. Manufacturers routinely change drivers and the cabinet model may not verify which driver you have.

Additional information

Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions4 x 4 x 1 in

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