3.0″ OHM F Voice Coil Round Wound 4 ohm VC8530-4


Product Description

Brand New Replacement Voice Coil suitable for OHM F recoiling. 3.0″ inside diameter, 1.5″ form height, .375 winding width.  Round wound, 4 ohms.  Comes with centering shim. (See the notes below about setting the voice coil. )

When you put the shim in the voice coil gap, it should rest on a little ledge in there. It is very easy to push the shims past this ledge. Be careful not to do that. The shims must bottom on the ledge and you must set the voice coil so that a few layers of the windings are showing on top of the magnet plate. Also, be very very careful when cleaning the old glue on the collar of the cone throat. Sometimes it will come off easily and sometimes you have to pick it off. Also be careful when removing the old rotted foam on the wider edge where the foam surround will go. When you first put the foam on the cone it will not sit level. You must be careful to push it down under the cone until it is as level as you can get it. Glue the foam to the cone first and then play with it until you can get it level on the frame.

Recone parts are subject to availability. We try to keep most parts in stock, but some parts will require 6-10 day lead time. Specific parts and specs are subject to change but replacement parts will be matched as closely as possible.

Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions3 x 3 x 2 in


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