P Audio BMD-440, BMD-450 Aftermarket Diaphragm

$24.00 $19.50

Product Description

Diaphragm has push terminals, 8 ohm.

Brand New Aftermarket Diaphragm for the following models: P Audio BMD-440, P Audio BMD440, P Audio BMD-440S, BMD440S, P Audio BMD-450, P Audio BMD450, P Audio BMD-450S, P Audio BMD450S. Also fits P Audio coaxial models: BM10 CXA, BM10-CXA, BM10CXA, P-Audio Co-Ax BM12 CXA, BM12-CXA, BM12CXA, P-Audio Co-Ax BM12 CXHA, BM12-CXHA, BM12CXHA, P-Audio Co-Ax BM15 CXA, BM15-CXA, BM15CXA, P-Audio Co-Ax BM15 CXHA, BM15-CXHA, BM15CXHA.

Should also work for Behringer 44T30A8 and 44T60C8 drivers but compare to the diaphragm in the driver to be sure. Some Behringer drivers use different parts but have the same model numbers

Additional information

Weight.4 lbs
Dimensions4 x 4 x 1 in

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