Polk Audio SL2000 Tweeter RD0194-1 (Replaces SL1000)

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Product Description

Brand New Genuine Polk Audio SL2000 Tweeter 8 ohms. (RD0194-1/RDO194-1) This tweeter is used in the Monitor 10, RTA12, RTA 11T, RTA 8T, AB700, SDA series & more.

Use this to replace the SL1000 tweeter. The original SL1000 had an aluminum faceplate, which is no longer available. Polk has replaced the SL1000 with this SL2000/RD0194-1 tweeter. The screw holes for this replacement tweeter do not always match those of the original tweeter. For more info, please see this statement from Polk Audio.  See this tweeter side by side with the SL2500.


Additional information

Weight1.50 lbs
Dimensions5 x 4 x 2 in


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