Tannoy Diaphragm 7900 0105

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Brand New Genuine Factory Tannoy Diaphragm used in:

Tannoy Albury, Tannoy Albury 3839, Tannoy Arden MK.2, Tannoy Arundel, Tannoy Arundel 3839, Tannoy B50, Tannoy B50 3169R, Tannoy Berkeley MK2, Tannoy Berkely 3828, Tannoy Bradley, Tannoy Bradley 3128, Tannoy Buckingham Domestic, Tannoy Buckingham Domestic 2508, Tannoy Buckingham Monitor, Tannoy Buckingham Monitor 2548, Tannoy Canterbury SE, Tannoy Canterbury SE 3807, Tannoy Cheviot MK2, Tannoy Cheviot 3128, Tannoy Classic Monitor (M3000), Tannoy Classic Monitor 3839, Tannoy Cougar, Tannoy DC4000, Tannoy DC600, TannoyDorset (T185), Tannoy Dover, Tannoy Dreadnought, Tannoy Edinburgh, Tannoy Edinburgh HW, Tannoy FSM U, Tannoy GRF Memory, Tannoy GRF Memory HW, Tannoy J200, Tannoy Jaguar, Tannoy Kensington SE, Tannoy LGM (SGM 12B), Tannoy LGM (SGM 12B), Tannoy LRM (Little Red Monitor) 12B, Lynx, Tannoy M1000 (Super Red Monitor), Tannoy M3000 (Classic Monitor), Tannoy P100, Tannoy P200, Tannoy Panther, Tannoy Puma, Tannoy RHR, Tannoy SGM 1000, Tannoy SGM 10B, Tannoy SGM 12B (Little Gold Monitor), Tannoy 12X, Tannoy SGM 3000, Tannoy SRM 10B, Tannoy SRM 12B (Little Red Monitor), Tannoy SRM 12X, Tannoy SRM 15X, Tannoy SRM 15XB, Tannoy SRM 3000, Tannoy Stirling, Tannoy Westminster, Tannoy Westminster HW, Tannoy Westminster Royal and Tannoy Westminster Royal SE, Tannoy Windsor, Tannoy Yorkminster SE.

Check your original diaphragm to be sure this is the correct one to replace it!

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