Tannoy HPD315 Cheviot, Devon Recone Kit 7900 0009


Product Description

Brand New Tannoy 12″ HPD315 DIY Recone Kit. One-Piece pre-assembled kit used to repair the HPD315 Driver in cabinet models: Chatsworth, Cheviot MK I, Devon MK I, HPD, and Mansfield 12. This kit has a foam surround and struts on the back of the cone. 

Can be used with Cantebury 12 recone kit, but the cone won’t have the Cantebury logo.

If you are interested in a kit with an all paper surround, use the 7900 0005Other options include the 7900 0005 with paper surround, or a higher powered recone kit option, 7900 0129, or the 7900 0066 with a round wound copper conductor voice coil.

Special order item: If not in stock, lead time is usually 5-14 days.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 6 in

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