Wharfedale LX, DLX & Delta Series Diaphragm

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Brand New Genuine Wharfedale LX, DLX & Delta Series Diaphragm 8 Ohm.

Fits the following models: Delta12, Delta-12, Delta-12M, Delta15, Delta-15, Delta15M, Delta215, Delta-215, DLX12, DLX-12, DLX15, DLX-15, DLX153 DLX-153, DLX215, DLX-215, DLX-12M, DLX-15M, LX12, LX-12, LX-12E, LX-12M, LX-12ME, LX15, LX-15E, LX-15M, LX-15ME, LX153, LX-153, LX-153E, LX215, LX-215, LX-215E, LX15, LX-15B, LX-15BE, LX18B, LX18BE, LX18MB, LX18MBE, LX218B, LX218BE.

Sorry, this item has been discontinued. You will need to purchase the complete LX DRIVER

Additional information

Weight.8 lbs
Dimensions6 x 6 x 2 in

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