Kicker L7 Recone

Sorry but we no longer recone 10″ or 12″ Kicker L7.  We cannot get the correct parts that hold up to the challenge.

46 thoughts on “Kicker L7 Recone

  1. Sunset audio says:

    I have 2 l7s 12″ that just fell apart (the costumer said) which I got him new. I call kicker to see if they offer a recone and they said no and I have personally made custom subs out of diff brand parts but no luck so far on these

  2. Josh says:

    I have a 2002 kicker 10″ L7 that does nothing when connected to the amp. I have tested this with a different sub and works fine, what would it take to get it working again?

    • Cathy Satin says:

      We can refoam for you or we can sell you do it yourself refoam or recone parts but we no longer do the reconing for any version of the JL 12W3. The plastic piece around the voice coil needs to be reused and we determined that the time required is not worth the fees we would have to charge

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