Boston Acoustics HD9 Recone Results

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Paul called and requested a DIY recone kit. We did not have a parts list for his speaker, but we told him how to measure his parts so that we could send him what was needed. After a few back and forth emails, he settled on the exact parts needed and we sent his a recone kit. Here are his results:

Hi Gene and Cathy,

I just wanted to send a thank you note for all your support in helping me with the refurb of my HD9 Boston Accoustics speakers.  They were blown and I was unable to find replacements anywhere that would fit.  You were able to find all the components at a reasonable price to allow me to create fabulous sounding speakers with the crispness of the original production.  I’ve enclosed pictures for your review.  I’m now on my way to refurbing a pair of HD10’s.

 Thanks so much!

Congrats Paul. We look forward to helping you with your HD10 and whatever else you need.

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