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How To Measure the Cone Depth

Measure the Cone Depth from the lowest part of the Throat where it attaches to [...]

How To Open Cone Throat for Larger Voice Coil

Use voice coil to outline the voice coil opening required on the cone. With a utility [...]

How To Wire Your Speakers in Series

Series Wiring links your speakers together Positive terminal to Negative terminal and the resistances of all [...]

How to Wire Your Speakers in Parallel

Parallel Wiring combines all positive leads together and all negative leads together. This reduces impedance and [...]

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How To DIY Recone with Unassembled Parts

  Recone Instructions – Unassembled Recone Kits PDF – print these instructions Watch Video Step-by-Step [...]


How To DIY Recone with a Pre-Assembled Kit

One piece kit Recone Instructions Use a utility knife and cut the cone and spider [...]

How To DIY Recone Using EV Fixture

EV Recone Instructions Remove speaker parts: Use a utility knife and cut the cone and [...]

How to Attach Foam to Polypropolene Cone

It is more difficult to get adhesives to bond to a polypropolene cone than to a [...]

How To Attach Foam to STYROFOAM CONE

If you have a syrofoam cone, request the latex for adhesives instead of the contact [...]

How To Find a Smaller Foam

The perfect refoam kit for your speaker’s measurements might not exist. Often you must adapt an [...]

How To Refoam Your Speaker: Instructions

You will need: refoam kit (foam, dustcap, shims, contact glue), utility knife, masking tape 1. Remove speaker from [...]


How to Measure Your Foam

To determine which foam is the right one, Measure the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter [...]

How to Open the Cone to a larger voice coil opening:

Lay cone face down on table top put top of voice coil onto voice coil [...]

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