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Electro Voice MS802 Repair Parts

Do you want to repair your EV MS802’s. Here are your current parts options New [...]

B&W Speaker Repairs

Bowers & Wilkins – We repair B&W speakers using the original manufacturer’s replacement parts More popular [...]

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JBL L100 Parts and Repair

The JBL L100 series speaker was the consumer version of the popular 4400 Series Studio [...]


Cerwin Vega 122D2 Refoam- Before + After

12″ Cerwin Vega 122D2 speaker with old foam cleaned from the cone and frame (gasket [...]

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Gene’s Speaker Repair Words of Wisdom

Gene has been Reconing Speakers at the Speaker Exchange since 1987. He is the PRO!!! [...]


What is Speaker RECONING?

What is Speaker RECONING” Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all the moving parts in [...]

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Cleaning Debris from Voice Coil

If your speaker makes a scratching or buzzing noise that you can hear when you gently [...]

Ohm F Speaker Repairs

  Ohm F speaker repairs fall into the Specialty Catagory. These repairs require quite alot more [...]


Speaker Diaphragms: Aftermarket vs Genuine

How can you tell if you are purchasing a Genuine Factory or an Aftermarket Diaphragm” As [...]

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What’s Old is New Again

JBL is getting ready to launch the new Everest DD66000. It is well named because [...]

How To…

  We have one of the most comprehensive How to guides on the web. Let [...]

All Brands

We Repair ALL The Following Brands and many more. If you don’t see your speaker [...]


Chart of Refoam Kits

View Chart of all Refoam Kits specs

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How To Find a Smaller Foam

The perfect refoam kit for your speaker’s measurements might not exist. Often you must adapt an [...]

Don Lindich: Consumer Advice

Consumer electronics advice from Don Lindich: Q: In preparing our living room for the new [...]

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Factory Authorized Service & Repair Center for:

Adam, B&C, Bag End, Boston Acoustics, Celestion, Cerwin-Vega, Cerwin-Vega Mobile, Dynacord, Eden, Electro-Voice, Eminence, Energy, [...]


How To Refoam Your Speaker: Instructions

You will need: refoam kit (foam, dustcap, shims, contact glue), utility knife, masking tape 1. Remove speaker from [...]


How to Measure Your Foam

To determine which foam is the right one, Measure the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter [...]

Ohm Model “F” Speaker Deisgn

The Ohm model “F” speakers invented by Lincoln Walsh feature a single driver mounted vertically as though [...]


Speaker Sales & Service

  We’re all about Speakers! Family Owned and Operated, we have been All About Speakers [...]