How Do I Remove the Old Foam?

To prepare your speaker for refoaming  you must remove the original parts. Using a utility blade, insert under the original gasket (if there is one) and circle 360º.  Remove the gasket and then use the same blade to scrape all parts residue from the edge of the speaker frame.  Use your thumb like a fulcrum to push the blade and keep the blade facing away from you.  Then use the same utility blade or a straight edge razor blade to scrape  the foam from the speaker cone.  We never recommend using any solvents or other chemicals.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Remove the Old Foam?

  1. pongky.prabowo1 says:

    I will replace old foam of B&W 7″ speaker and just bought butyl rubber surround from you. The old foam condition is become very hard like plastic (PPC) in all areas such as on a speaker Cone or on speaker frame, I did not know why it happened. That is the reason why I want to replace old foam. I tried to remove it follow your instruction by blade but it is very difficult. Can you advice me how to remove old foam as my old foam condition?
    Best rgd.

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