Speaker Repair

Speaker Repair

Speaker Repair Parts and Service

The Speaker Exchange caters to clients throughout the world seeking speaker repair parts and speaker repair needs of all sizes, uses and manufacturers. Our expert team is equipped to repair, recone, refoam, or re-design speaker subwoofer and woofers, speakers used in home theater systems and audio speakers. We sell diaphragms, recone parts, cones, horns, drivers, and electronic parts for JBL, Electro Voice, Polk, Kef, Infinity, McIntosh, Adam Audio, Cerwin Vega, KRK, Peavey, QSC and many more. Since 1977, our speaker repair company established itself with a niche for fixing speakers and subwoofers when the industry was changing throughout the world. As a global business, The Speaker Exchange positions itself to address any and all inquiries regarding speaker repairs and speaker parts and any speaker needs.

Reconing Speakers

Although most speakers have not changed that drastically in technology, The Speaker Exchange maintains its education with state of the art occurrences in the speaker repair and manufacturing business. Reconing speakers, which is perhaps the largest portion of speaker repair demand, is facilitated by The Speaker Exchange with all the different sizes and manufacturers that are maintained in their vast inventory. Refoaming speakers and crossover repairs as well as speaker amp repairs too.

Sound Speaker Repair Parts

In order to fulfill the wide array of demand requests that come from all over the world, The Speaker Exchange must understand all the nuances to speaker manufacturing and the respective parts and pieces that go into a speaker. With many components being generic, there are still unique parts of speakers tailored to specific manufacturers that must be sourced and addressed. Only a well versed speaker repair company that has been in existence through the many decades of speaker changes can adequately handle this. No job is too small or too big for our team of expert speaker repairers. With a large warehouse facility in Tampa, we can offer many different components and repair parts for the demand that comes into our shop daily. Large venues from stadiums, restaurants, night clubs, to personal residences are The Speaker Exchange’s customers. With our internet presence, many foreign clients have come to use The Speaker Exchanges valued services.