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How to Identify Parts of a Speaker
How Does a Speaker Work
How Does UnderPowering Cause Damage
How To Install A Diaphragm
How To Clean the Voice Coil Gap
How To Order DIY Recone Kits
How To Measure A Voice Coil
How To Get Cone Measurements
How Do I Clean My Speaker for Reconing
How To Modify the Cone
How To DIY Recone with Unassembled Parts
How To DIY Recone with a 1 pc Pre-Assembled Kit
How To DIY Recone Using EV Fixture
How to Measure your Foam
How To Find a Smaller Foam
How To Remove the Old Foam
How To Refoam a Speaker
How Do I Remove the Beauty Cover?
How to Attach Foam to Polypropolene Cone
How To Attach Foam to STYROFOAM CONE



2 thoughts on “How To…

  1. Jon Hoffman says:

    Hi I was wondering if you a replacement tweeter for Mirage OM-12 pn 4DR/53081? I only see used ones and I was wondering if you or someone you knew had sourced a compatible replacement. Any response is much appreciated.

    • Cathy Satin says:

      The tweeter and the diaphragm are both obsolete for this tweeter, however we do have an option for you. If you send us your original tweeters we will either find a different diaphragm to repair the original tweeter, or use the faceplate of your original tweeter and mount a similar but different brand tweeter onto it making a drop in replacement tweeter for you. Please contact us if you need any other info.

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