Polk SL1000, SL2000 Tweeter vs SL2500

sl2000 vs sl2500 DSCN5315 1 150x150 1

The original Polk SL1000 tweeter had an aluminum faceplate. That tweeter is no longer available. Instead Polk offers a black faceplate tweeter. They used the faceplate from the SL2500 and the dome from the SL2000 to make a replacement tweeter that is suggested for both the SL1000 and SL2000 models.  The new faceplate does not always match up perfectly to the original faceplate, so you might need to adjust your screw holes accordingly. Polk has issued this statement Polk SL2000 size explanantion. Although the SL2500 and the SL1000/2000 tweeter look very much alike, there are differences in the voice coil which affect the frequency response so use the model appropriate for your speaker.

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