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Reconing Instructions:  How to Recone with Unassembled Parts …. How To Recone with an Electro Voice fixtureHow To Recone  One Piece Assembly (JBL, Altec, Tannoy)


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What is Speaker Reconing"

Reconing is the removal and replacement of all the moving parts in the speaker frame. This includes the voice coil, spider, cone, surround, gaskets, dustcap and leads. It returns the speaker to exact new condition (if original parts are still available) or to as close to new or to an upgraded condition depending on the choice and availability of recone parts.

How Do I Send you my repair"

Fill out, print and include this repair form with your speaker. Send to The Speaker Exchange, 1250 E. Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33604. Someone will contact you when we receive it. We will quote the repair charge and estimated return time. If parts are in stock, most Turnaround is 2-7 days. If we have to order parts, we generally receive orders in 5-10 days if the manufacturer has them in stock.

What is The Speaker Exchange Repair Warranty"

The Speaker Exchange warrants that its remanufactured and reconed speakers are free from defect in material and workmanship for two years. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties of merchantability and /or fitness for particular use and is limited to the replacement or repair of any defective part or workmanship. Damage to property and any consequential loss are excluded. This Warranty does not apply to any loss or damage that results from misuse, accident or neglect defined as, but not limited to, holes or damage to the cone, burnt voice coil or leads, missing or damaged dustcaps. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty requests. If legal action arises from this contract or credit card fraud or insufficient check funds, The Speaker Exchange will recover all costs incurred including but not limited to attorney’s fees. Manufacturer makes all final warranty decisions. If denied, standard fees apply.

What is your warranty for component purchases"

Most new component sales carry a one year warranty. Manufacturer will make all final decisions. If denied, standard replacement fees apply.

How do I send you a JBL, Yorkville, McIntosh, etc. Warranty repair"

If your repair is required within the manufacturer’s warranty period, send your speaker repair with this repair form requesting warranty service. Include a copy of your bill of sale. If we judge your repair to fall within the parameters set by the manufacturer, we will return at no charge. Incoming shipping fees are not covered by any company. Return shipping fees are determined by each manufacturer’s policy. The manufacturer will make all final decisions. If they deny the warranty, standard fees apply.

How should I pack my speaker"

Pack each component separately. Most shippers suggest using double layers of cardboard with a cushion in between.We suggest you wrap the speaker in cardboard, then wrap in bubble wrap and then box. We strongly suggest you do not use shipping peanuts as they shift and their protection becomes negligible.  Also don’t forget to insure the package in the event of damage or complete loss.

Do I send you the whole cabinet or just he woofer (or tweeter or mid or crossover or amp, etc)"

No, please do not send the whole cabinet unless the problem is in the wiring or amp or the cabinet itself. If you are confident that you have determined the problem is only in the component, you can send just the tweeter or woofer, etc. If it is a manufacturer’s warranty request, you might have to send the whole cabinet so we can determine where the problem is. Contact us and we will let you know.

How do I determine if the problem is just in the tweeter (woofer, mid, etc) and not the crossover"

Start by trying to  isolate the problem. If one side has no high end, remove the tweeter and replace it in the other good sounding speaker cabinet. If the tweeter then works there, you have determined the problem is most likely in the crossover or wiring. If one whole speaker side is not working, try switching the right for the left wires at the amplifier connection. If the same side is not working, then the problem is most likely with the amp. If the bad speaker switches sides, then the problem is in the speaker. When in doubt, contact us for more info.

Can you recone with the exact parts to match my original"

We always match the new parts to the original parts as closely as possible. Sometimes the original parts are no longer available. In that case, we match as closely as possible with the available parts. Sometimes as with vintage auto or organ speakers, we must cut and paste parts to create the parts we need.

Can I use my original speaker frame and magnet and change the impedance"

Yes, in most cases, we can change impedances when we recone the speaker. It is easier to go from a 4 ohm to an 8 ohm or from a 8 ohm to a 16 ohm impedance than vice-a-versa although this can be done with certain brand speakers. The more precise the voice coil gap (as with JBL professional products for example), the more difficult to change from an 8 ohm to a 4 ohm voice coil.

Can I use my speaker frame and magnet and change the way I use the speaker"

Yes, in most cases, a speaker can be customized or changed to accomadate a particular need. We can change the cone or surround or even dustcap and spider to produce more low or mid frequencies. We cannot change power handling, but we can use the best parts possible to help optomize power handling. For example, if the original voice coil was on a paper former, a new aluminum or nomex voice coil will help to increase heat dissipation which will result in increased power handling.

Can you give me a price estimate for my speaker repair"

Yes, contact us with the speaker brand and model and we can quote repairs. We might also need the numbers on hte component magnet or frame or possibly a picture.


Can you recone my midragne or tweeter"

Sometimes it is more economical to replace rather than repair certain mids and tweeters. We can recone or refoam 3" and larger midranges and this can be necessary with certain model speakers where there is no good replacement option.  However in many cases, we have a replacement option that is less costly than repair.  Contact us for advice and evaluation.

Can I order DIY recone parts"

Yes. See the How to order DIY recone kit info.

If I tell you my model will you know the parts I need for a DIY recone kit"

Maybe. We have a list of parts that should work for some model speakers, but not for others. When we recone a speaker, we match the new parts as closely as poosible to the original parts. If we do not have a list of the parts for your speaker, then we need you to provide the specs for each part.

Are there DIY  Recone Instructions"

Yes you can see how to recone with unassembled parts, how to recone with a pre-assembled one piece recone kit, and how to recone using an EV fixture under FAQ’s in the HOW TO guides.

How do I enlarge the voice coil opening in the cone throat"You can get instructions and see pictures showing how to open the cone throat under FAQ in the HOW TO guides.