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Piezoelectric speakers

 Piezoelectric transducers, frequently used as beepers in watches etc., are often used as tweeters in [...]

Infinity RS Repair

Damaged Infinity RS Speaker-  Typical Foam Surround Dry Rot Problems. The top two pictures show [...]

How do Speakers Work?

A speaker converts electrical energy to mechanical/acoustical energy. It uses a coil of wire, which [...]

DCM Time Window 6″ Recone

We recently reconed these 6″  AD7066 from a DCM Time Window. The woofers received new [...]


How To Refoam Your Speaker: Instructions

You will need: refoam kit (foam, dustcap, shims, contact glue), utility knife, masking tape 1. Remove [...]


How To…

We have one of the most comprehensive How to guides on the web. Let us [...]


Boston Acoustic 10″ Refoam Repair

This particular model Boston Acoustic 10″ woofer uses the RFK10 Boston. Other 10″ Boston woofers [...]


Cerwin Vega 122D2 Refoam- Before + After

12″ Cerwin Vega 122D2 speaker with old foam cleaned from the cone and frame (gasket [...]

speaker info- definitions

 A loudspeaker, or simply speaker, is an electromechanical transducer which converts an electrical signal into [...]

How to Measure Your Foam

To determine which foam is the right one, Measure the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter [...]

Speaker Sales & Service

We’re all about Speakers! Family Owned and Operated, we have been All About Speakers since [...]

Damaging your Speakers is Easy

If treated properly, speakers will work for decades although there can  be some wear and [...]


What does a Frequency Response Curve mean

Frequency is the number of sound waves that pass a fixed receptor, your ear for [...]

Cerwin Vega 122D2 Refoam- Before + After

12″ Cerwin Vega 122D2 speaker with old foam cleaned from the cone and frame (gasket [...]

Electro Voice DVX3121 12″ Recone

Reconing the EV 12″ XLC Speaker with factory Electro Voice recone parts returns the speaker [...]

Emerson 8″ Field Coil Speaker Repair

We have no problem with Vintage Field Coil Speaker Repairs! We match the new parts [...]

Electro Voice XLC, DVX, DVN2065 Repair Results

Reconing Electro Voice 6″ DVN2065 with factory EV recone kits returns these speakers to exact [...]

JBL 2204 Recone Results

JBL 2204 Reconed with Genuine JBL C8R2204 Recone Kits for National Sound Company

Meyer Sound MS12 Recone

Meyer Sound MS12 Recone results using 8 ohm Aftermarket Recone parts.


Happy Listening

😆 Happy Holidays! 😆 All of us at The Speaker Exchange wish you Good Health, [...]