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Gene’s Speaker Repair Words of Wisdom

Gene has been Reconing Speakers at the Speaker Exchange since 1987. He is the PRO!!! [...]


Polk SL1000, SL2000 Tweeter vs SL2500

The original Polk SL1000 tweeter had an aluminum faceplate. That tweeter is no longer available. [...]


Infinity RS Repair

Damaged Infinity RS Speaker- Typical Foam Surround Dry Rot Problems. Before Repair:   Foam surround [...]

What is Speaker RECONING?

What is Speaker RECONING” Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all the moving parts in [...]

Boston Acoustic 10″ Refoam Repair

This particular model Boston Acoustic 10″ woofer uses the RFK10 Boston. Other 10″ Boston woofers [...]


Cleaning Debris from Voice Coil

If your speaker makes a scratching or buzzing noise that you can hear when you gently [...]

Damaging your Speakers is Easy

If treated properly, speakers will work for decades although there can  be some wear and [...]


How Long Will Your Speakers Last?

I saw an article in The Audiophiliac asking  “How long should your hi-fi last” It says: [...]

Ohm F Speaker Repairs

  Ohm F speaker repairs fall into the Specialty Catagory. These repairs require quite alot more [...]


Speaker Diaphragms: Aftermarket vs Genuine

How can you tell if you are purchasing a Genuine Factory or an Aftermarket Diaphragm” As [...]

JBL Reverse Polarity

In the golden olden days of speakers, the issue of whether the first motion of [...]

Do People Hear At Different Frequencies?

One Hertz (Hz) is one vibration per second. Higher Hertz values equate to higher pitched [...]


Gender Hearing Differences

In a study of 350 newborn baby girls and boys, Professor Jane Cassidy at Louisiana [...]

Over the Tannoy

Tannoy Ltd, an English manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems, began in 1926 under the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company. [...]


Under Powering Can Cause Speaker Damage

Any speaker can be damaged with too much power. Low Power Can Damage all speakers, but especially High [...]


DCM Time Window 6″ Recone

We recently reconed these 6″  AD7066 from a DCM Time Window. The woofers received new [...]


What does a Frequency Response Curve mean

Frequency is the number of sound waves that pass a fixed receptor, your ear for [...]

How To Understand Impedance

Speaker Impedance varies with frequency. You will often see Impedance measured in ohms using Ω (the Greek [...]

Cerwin-Vega Historical Perspective

Cerwin-Vega – From the Beginning In the last 50 years, Cerwin-Vega has grown from a [...]

What’s Old is New Again

JBL is getting ready to launch the new Everest DD66000. It is well named because [...]