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Knowing Cone Drivers: How They Work

Knowing Cone Drivers: How They Work, Understanding Key Data & Specs What’s really going on [...]

Beam sound

A transducer can be made to project a narrow beam of ultrasound that is powerful [...]

Digital speakers

Actual digital speaker driver technology not only exists, but is quite mature, having been experimented [...]

Piezoelectric speakers

Piezoelectric transducers, frequently used as beepers in watches etc., are often used as tweeters in cheap speaker systems. [...]

Ohm Model “F” Speaker Deisgn

The Ohm model “F” speakers invented by Lincoln Walsh feature a single driver mounted vertically as though [...]


speaker info- definitions

A loudspeaker, or simply speaker, is an electromechanical transducer which converts an electrical signal into [...]

How do Speakers Work?

A speaker converts electrical energy to mechanical/acoustical energy. It uses a coil of wire, which [...]

How to Open the Cone to a larger voice coil opening:

Lay cone face down on table top put top of voice coil onto voice coil [...]


When the woofer surrounds of my stacked Cello Amati speakers disintegrated, Cathy at Speakerex saved [...]

Speaker Sales & Service

  We’re all about Speakers! Family Owned and Operated, we have been All About Speakers [...]