How To DIY Recone with a Pre-Assembled Kit

One piece kit Recone Instructions

Use a utility knife and cut the cone and spider (slicing through the pigtails- also known as lead wire or braided wire) near the speaker frame. Remove recone kit assembly. Immediately cover voice coil gap with masking tape. Use utility knife to clean remaining spider from frame. Remove gaskets. They can be reused if new matching gaskets are not available. Clean remaining glue, surround, gasket debris from frame. De-solder pigtail leads and clean terminal.

Clean all debris from inside speaker frame and magnet. Use compressed air (if available) to blow debris from speaker and eventually from voice coil gap. Add another layer of masking tape over the first to trap any remaining debris. Remove both layers of masking tape from voice coil gap at one time. Inspect the voice-coil gap. Clean gap thoroughly by folding masking tape over shim so sticky side is exposed on both sides. Insert into gap and circle. Repeat with new tape continually until tape comes up clean. If the original vc coil was burnt, check for windings in gap.

Install the kit without glue to make sure that everything fits correctly. Use shim inside voice coil to get clear view of how the kit fits. Then remove kit, add glue to frame where cone and spider will seat. Install kit.

Make sure that the cone is level and not depressed in any way. Press down gently at all points of contact  on the spider to the frame and the cone edge to the frame, going from 12:00 to 6:00, 9:00 to 3:00 and then completely around the entire surface. Glue and install gaskets.

Place the leads over top of shim so they will not be in the way.

Turn speaker upside down (careful to not let gaskets move) and leave 24 hours. Do not turn upside down if speaker has foam surround that is higher than gaskets unless you have an extra gasket you can use as a spacer.

Remove shim. Solder pigtails to terminal on frame leaving “arches” that allow cone to have full range of excursion (be careful not to make arch too long or too short).

Hold speaker facing down (so debris cannot fall into vc gap) and test speaker. If noisy, try to clean inside the voice coil gap by gently inserting masking tape inside he vc former with sticky side out. Make sure leads face outward from one another so they cannot short

out. Clip excess lead wire from outside of terminal.

Circle and remove any excess debris. Place dustcap on speaker and glue in place.

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