Refoaming FAQ’s

What is Speaker Refoaming?

Refoaming is the replacement of the outer foam suspension that attaches the cone to the speaker frame and (in most cases) the center dust cap. It does not return the speaker to new as reconing does, but it is a less expensive speaker repair option that works well in most circumstances.

How To’s for DIY Refoaming:

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More FAQ’s:

How do I know if I need flat or angle foam?

The angle or flat refers to the way the foam attaches to the cone. If the cone has a flat lip that the foam will attach to then you need the flat foam. If the foam attaches at a slight angle to the cone without the lip, then you need the angle foam. Sometimes the sizes for one will work better than the other for a particular application. Either foam will work in place of the other, but using a flat foam on an angled cone (or vice-a-versa) just makes the attachment process a little bit more difficult.

Why was my original dustcap different from the one you sent (or used)?
Not all the same size or same material dustcaps are still available so we must use what is currently available or what we feel will fit the cone or voice coil best. We generally send a larger than original dustcap with refoam kits so the new dustcover will cover the original adhesive lines.

Why should I replace my dustcaps, they look fine?
There are two parts that help to keep the voice coil centered in the magnetic voice coil gap. One is the spider and the other is the cone. When the surround has deteriorated, we recommend that you cut off the dustcap and use the shims provided with the refoam kit to lock the voice coil-cone assembly in place. This insures that the voice coil remains centered during the refoaming process. (Exceptions to this are Bose 802 or 901’s and Infinity Bullet speakers. These must be refoamed by “ear” and feel.)

Why can’t I find the correct foam for my speakers?
Many of the original parts are no longer being made for some of the older model speakers. Sometimes you must use a foam that is slightly larger than the original foam and cut and seam it to become the size you need.

Should I refoam both my speakers? Only one is bad.
The foam deterioration process tends to happen at relatively the same time. If one appears good now, it will probably show the deterioration in a few days to weeks even though it is actually breaking down now.

The dog did it! The baby did it! My teenager turned up the volume! No, nobody caused this surround deterioration. It is caused by environmental conditions and happens every 5-25 years. Deterioration rates are affected by environmental conditions and where you live.