Warranty FAQ

We Repair ALL Speaker Brands! 

Authorized Warranty Service Center for: 

* Alto Professional * B&C * Bag End * Boston Acoustics *  Celestion * Cerwin-Vega * Dynacord * Eden * Electro-Voice * Eminence * Energy * Epifani * Event * Infinity * Jamo * JBL * Kef * Klipsch *  KV2 Audio * Mackie * Massive Audio *  McCauley * McIntosh * One Systems * P-Audio * PAS * Peavey * Polk * ProEL * QSC * Radio-Shack * Renkus Heinz * TAD * Technomad * TOA * University Sound * Urei * Wharfedale Home * Wharfedale Pro * Yamaha * Yorkville … and many more…

What is The Speaker Exchange Repair Warranty?

The Speaker Exchange warrants that its remanufactured and reconed speakers are free from defect in material and workmanship for two years. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties of merchantability and /or fitness for particular use and is limited to the replacement or repair of any defective part or workmanship. Damage to property and any consequential loss are excluded. This Warranty does not apply to any loss or damage that results from misuse, accident or neglect defined as, but not limited to, holes or damage to the cone, burnt voice coil or leads, missing or damaged dustcaps. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty requests. If legal action arises from this contract or credit card fraud or insufficient check funds, The Speaker Exchange will recover all costs incurred including but not limited to attorney’s fees. Manufacturer makes all final warranty decisions. If denied, standard fees apply.

What is your warranty for component purchases?

Most new speaker drivers and diaphragms carry a 30 day warranty. PCB’s have a 90 day warranty and most complete amplifiers have a 1 year warranty. Manufacturer will make all final decisions. If denied, standard replacement fees apply.

How do I send you a JBL, Yorkville, McIntosh, etc. Warranty repair?

If your repair is required within the manufacturer’s warranty period, send your speaker repair with this repair form requesting warranty service. Include a copy of your bill of sale. If we judge your repair to fall within the parameters set by the manufacturer, we will return at no charge. Incoming shipping fees are not covered by any company. Return shipping fees are determined by each manufacturer’s policy. The manufacturer will make all final decisions. If they deny the warranty, standard fees apply.