Speaker Repair Services

We are an authorized warranty and non-warranty service center for most major speaker brands including the following: JBL, Electro-Voice, Behringer, Alto Professional, B&W, QSC, McCauley, Nexo, Peavey, Renkus Heinz, Tannoy, Yamaha, Yorkville and more.

We provide all aspects of speaker repair services and problem situations that may arise. We will diagnose your speaker upon arrival, inform you of our findings and provide a speaker repair estimate, complete the speaker repair, test the speaker, and safely return it to you.


 re*cone (ri kon/), n., v., reconed, reconing-  1. The removal of all the original moving parts from a speaker frame and the installation of a new voice coil, spider, cone, surround, gaskets, leads and dustcap. The speaker is “cleaned” down to the magnet and frame and usually “rebuilt” exactly as originally “coned” at the factory. 

Speaker Reconing Prices:

  • 3-5″    $95.00   & up
  • 6″       $99.00   & up
  • 8″       $110.00   & up
  • 10″     $130.00   & up
  • 12″     $140.00   & up
  • 15″     $150.00   & up
  • 18”     $175.00 & up

We recone with genuine factory parts unless a specific aftermarket request has been made or factory parts are no longer available.

We also offer do-it-yourself recone kits for all sizes and brands.


Refoam re*foam (ri fom/), n., v., refoam kit, refoaming – 1. The removal and replacement of the center dustcap and the surround that connects the cone to the speaker frame. 

Speaker Refoaming Prices:

  •  3-5″   $65.00 & up  or   DIY kit
  •  6″      $70.00 & up  or   DIY kit
  •  8″      $75.00 & up  or   DIY kit
  • 10″     $80.00 & up  or   DIY kit
  • 12″     $85.00 & up  or   DIY kit
  • 15″     $95.00 & up  or   DIY kit
  • 18”     $110.00 & up  or   DIY kit

Refoaming is a less expensive speaker repair option that works well in most circumstances when the remaining parts are reusable. If not, reconing will be required.

If you need help purchasing a DIY refoam kit, you must measure your original foam before contacting us.  


Relead re*lead  (re leed/),   v., relead your speaker. 1. The replacement of the tinsel or pigtail wire that goes from the terminal on the speaker speaker frame through the cone to the voice coil lead.


  • 1 set of terminals (level 1)       $45.00
  • 1 set of terminals (level 2)       $80.00
  • 1 set of terminals (level 3)       $120.00

Relead pricing is determined by type of speaker, voice coil, pigtails, and level of difficulty.

Labor Rates / Crossover Repair

(Pro Audio & Home Stereo):

Diagnosis/Labor Rates:

  • All Speaker Cabinets                            $90.00/hour

*All speakers are inspected and tested both before and after repair is completed.

**We are an authorized factory service center for all major speaker brands. We repair home stereo woofers, guitar speakers, PA speakers, studio monitors, car speakers, antique radio speakers, juke box speakers, vintage audio, vintage car and field coil speakers. We are OHM F recone and refoam specialists.

***Send us your Speaker today to take advantage of 40+ years of reconing expertise and our 2 year limited warranty!