Is my speaker worth repairing?

Well, obviously the speaker brand and model greatly come into play when making this decision, but it ultimately comes down to is it worth it to you. Do you enjoy listening to your speakers? Can you repair them for less than it would cost to replace them with an equal or better new sound system? These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself. We answer a lot of speaker repair inquires throughout the week and an $130 recone on a 10” speaker may be well worth the price to one customer and way out of the question to another. Labor isn’t cheap these days, which is why we also offer DIY speaker repair kits so customers can use our step-by-step instructions and repair their own speaker at a quarter of the cost! Whether you want to leave the work to the professionals or tackle the job yourself, we are here to help guide you. We are also very upfront if the particular speaker you are wanting to repair is not worth the cost and can be replaced more cost effectively. Give us a shout for a quote or with any questions!