Look Who Found Us- Our very own Woofer.

Last night this adorable long haired Dachshund came to the store. He was either pushed from a car or narrowly escaped being hit by a car as he crossed the street. Either way he is a survivor and now he is one of us. He went to the vet today and is about 6-7 years old. He weighs 12 pounds without the weight of the dirt and fleas he was carrying last night.  He is sweet and good natured and desparately needs a name.

Some suggestions are: Spex, Spexy, Woofer, Tweeter (because he is so small), Hobo, Found.

Help. We need ideas.  Please send us your suggestions.

Woofer Update:

So one week later and we lost our Shorty (which is the name we ended up with). We found an ad for a lost Dachshund and he ended up being our Shorty (whose real name is Stretcher). The reunion was very happy for father and dog, but not so happy for all of us. He became a true member of the crew and now he’s not. 🙁

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