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DIY Eminence 10446 Recone

These pictures were sent from Bo in Denmark showing the results of his DIY repair [...]

JBL 2204 Recone Results

JBL 2204 Reconed with Genuine JBL C8R2204 Recone Kits for National Sound Company

Ohm F Speaker Repairs

  Ohm F speaker repairs fall into the Specialty Catagory. These repairs require quite alot more [...]


Infinity RS Repair

Damaged Infinity RS Speaker-  Typical Foam Surround Dry Rot Problems. The top two pictures show [...]

DCM Time Window 6″ Recone

We recently reconed these 6″  AD7066 from a DCM Time Window. The woofers received new [...]


Boston Acoustic 10″ Refoam Repair

This particular model Boston Acoustic 10″ woofer uses the RFK10 Boston. Other 10″ Boston woofers [...]


Southern Rock Guitar Legend’s JBL Recones

You can Bett that these JBL E120’s that we reconed for a well known Southern [...]

KEF 104/2 Grill Renewel

We replaced the grill cloth and did some touch-ups on a pair of KEF 104/2 [...]


Boston Acoustics HD9 Recone Results

Paul called and requested a DIY recone kit. We did not have a parts list [...]


SEAS Recone

 Bo H in Norway needed to recone his SEAS speaker. We did not have a [...]

Homemade JBL 4333B Speakers

Carsten in Denmark writes: I wish to thank you for your guidance and help regarding [...]

DIY Eminence 10446 Recone

These pictures were sent from Bo in Denmark showing the results of his DIY repair [...]

Audax PR17, EAW CK0652, JBL 165H Recone Results

Pictured are the before and after reconing of an Audax PR17 midrange repair. We have [...]

ADS Sticky Dome Tweeter Repair

The ADS sticky dome tweeters can be repaired. We can mount a new tweeter in [...]

Peerless K040-MRF Midrange Repair

This Peerless midrange was used by many manufacturers including JBL and Infinity. It is a [...]

Gibson EH150 Vintage Recone Results

Gibson 12″ EH150 with Field Coil. Here are before and after pictures of this Vintage [...]

Tannoy Westminster 3839 Surround Conversion

We converted our Tannoy Westminster drivers from the original soft foam surround 7900 0039 recone [...]


Paradigm 12″ Refoam

Paradigm 12″ PS12000C  Refoamed with RFK12 Flat DIY Refoam Kit. Looks + Works Like NEW!!

Electro Voice DVX3121 12″ Recone

Reconing the EV 12″ XLC Speaker with factory Electro Voice recone parts returns the speaker [...]

Emerson 8″ Field Coil Speaker Repair

We have no problem with Vintage Field Coil Speaker Repairs! We match the new parts [...]