I received and installed my item today, quality looks fantastic and the speaker is now back up and running good as new. Delivery was also unbelievably fast to the UK, couldn’t be happier with the service, thanks a lot.

Darren K. United Kingdom

In my haste to get the finished pictures to you, I forgot to tell you the refurbished speaker sounds just as good today as it did in 1973 when it was brand new!!! Please convey my thanks to Cathy for the high quality products and excellent instructions! You all made a complex job relatively straightforward and within the capability of a novice! WOW!!!
Thomas G.  Duncanville, TX

I sent you a rare vintage speaker to recone from a 54 Fender Champ I was trying to restore. I had first sent it to (Weber )who said they could not recone it as the voice coil is an odd size and no longer available. I sent it to you at the Speaker exchange with the understanding I would not get my hopes up, it may take a while but maybe a solution could be found. Well miracles can happen as the speaker not only is reconed but also sounds great in the Champ. Thank you. You will be my #1 speaker repair service from now on.

Bill M.  Winter Springs, FL

Thanks again Gene. Great service! I need to go through my speaker bone yard and see what else I can repair. You make it easy!

Scott S. Leesburg VA

The speaker (B&W Matrix tweeters) modules arrived in the crate today.  I knew that they did not sound like they should (after almost twenty years in an attic why would they.)  I un-crated them and hooked them up.

 THEY SOUND FREAKING INCREDIBLE!  Just as I remembered them.  

 Great job, from the communication with your shop, to the speedy turn around and shipping and the absolutely awesome finished results.  Anyone I know that finds themselves in a similar situation, I will sing your praises and send them your way.  My sincere thanks.  Wishing you and all at the Speaker Exchange continued success. 

Patrick W. Newport News, VA

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and time with my order! Just received the kit yesterday ( Tuesday). Even though I’ve done a few recones before, I followed the instructions included and everything turned out great! The speaker is now back in service and not in the trash or landfill ! Please keep up the good work you and your company provides! God bless you and everyone else on your team! You guys are a lifesaver ! I had a few people say to just toss the speaker out and buy a new one ! A new one was 2 and a half times the price of the recone kit ! and I didn’t want to toss the rest of the speaker into the recycle bin. So thanks again for your company. I’ll be using you again for my future speaker repairs! P.S. take Gene out for a nice lunch for me as a thank you for his hard work!!

B. Powell  Hemet CA

Your company is Awesome!!!!! Ordered on Monday and received it today!!! Also great communication! I give Speaker Exchange a five star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️++++. Really appreciate your help.

Tammy R  Fort Wayne IN

Hi Gene..   I Just Wanted to Thank you Again Soooo Much…I Reassembled My Monsters (Cerwin Vega ATW15 speakers you reconed)…Then Played Them…It was like They Were Reborn….You Did a IMPECCABLE REBUILD……To tell you the Truth I Think that I am.  DEF NOW…I PLAYED THEM SO HARD….LOL….LOL…LOL..You know Cerwin Vega…Thank you Again for Saving My Babies…Take care Gene and Stay Safe

S Burke  Odenton, MD

I received the repaired subwoofer (CV HTW150) and installed it. I just wanted to say what a great job your people did on it. It looks like brand new and sounds amazing. Thanks again

Brian B.  Cortland, OH

Thank you so much! The Speaker Exchange have renewed my Klipsch Quartets with Tweeter and Mid drivers. The sound is impeccable , and Im in love. I bought a used set of speakers that were less than good and made them like new with your help.

Thanks again. Edward S.  Lynwood, WA

Just to let you know, the cone and parts arrived and I completed reconing the speaker with absolute success!

One problem was that the cone was about 1/4 inch too tall over the metal rim of the speaker at first.  So I cut away the small opening of the cone to make it sit lower by 1/8 in, and also made the rim of the cone higher by about the same degree using thin-sliced pieces of new surround.  I glued those thinned down surround pieces to the metal rim surface first to make the new cone come exactly flush to the surface and then glued my old original surround on top on that.  My old surround, which remains in excellent condition is tan in color.  I would have used it anyway as it is original.

Unlike modern speakers that I know of, the original 1936 spider had been permanently fixed onto the original voice coil—-so I reused those original parts.

The metal housing of the spider happens to be connected to the body of the old field coil speaker by two bolts which are located on the thick flat area of the speaker frame beside the field coil assembly, and I found that insertion of shims while adjusting the two bolts is actually the right procedure to assure perfect voice coil spacing for this old design.  I epoxied the new cone to the spider piece first.  Then I glued the top of the cone to the rim—in that order.  The cone fit absolutely precisely without any issues on the rim top for gluing.

I install no dust cap.  The original design doesn’t include one.  Now I see why.  Should the alignment of the voice coil ever shift, the spider housing bolts can be readjusted using shims to realign the voice coil perfectly at any later stage.  This can’t happen if a dust cap is glued on.

To make a long story short———the experiment was successful!

Thanks a million for all the explanations, great parts, communications and fast shipping!

All the best!

Scott R. Hong Kong


(Great job!! Some aftermarket kits require small modifications and others require larger ones. Great job working with the parts that are currently available and successfully repairing your older Jensen speaker. -Cathy)

Good morning, Cathy.
The butyl rubber surrounds for my Minimus 77 speakers fit perfectly! I couldn’t have got a better fit even if I cut one out myself. I made sure I mentioned the company name and which speaker surround I used in my realistic Facebook group that I belong to.
For the Minimus 7 7 surrounds, owners who were doing the refoaming had to turn the new refoam kits upside down in order for them to fit properly. With your butyl rubber surrounds, they fit exactly like the original surrounds fit. I have attached a picture of the finished job.
I will certainly purchase from you again whenever I find a set of speakers that need new surrounds. Thank you!
Chris  Ewing, NJ

Cathy, I  just wanted to let you know ,I received the kit (Fender CTS) yesterday. I have to say I’m very happy  not only was it well packaged i had everything i need to restore my old amp to its hay day glory . you have any and all of my future business thank you so very very much. ☆☆☆☆☆ service ☆☆☆☆☆quality products.😁

Timothy L. E.  Deming, NM

I ordered in the afternoon Tuesday the 16th and by noon Thursday the 18th I am enjoying my music. The only way I can show my appreciation is to say I will always come to you first when I need anything, and as long as you are in the ball park, you got my business.

Happy In Atlanta

Hi Cathy,

the (Tannoy) tweeter arrived today, everything perfect and immediately mounted 😊and now finally the tannoy speakers have started playing again.  thanks again for your kindness and availability, I will make you an excellent advertisement here in Rome and I hope to make purchases from you in the future.
Riccardo  G. Rome, Italy

Just wanted to drop a quick email about how happy I am with your repair parts!  I finished up reconeing and refoaming the woofers on my SM-112’s and they sound awesome.  This was my first speaker repair job, and it went well thanks to the included tools and instructions.  I look forward to repairing other speakers ( I have a old CW 15 that needs new foam) in the future.

Steven C.  Ashburn VA

I wanted to let you know I installed the tweeters today and they work great.  I’m now able to enjoy my 20 year-old Infinity speakers again!  Thank you for the needed and great service you provide for your customers.
William H.  Sahuarita AZ

To Randall, Glenn, and Wayne,

I am extremely satisfied with the reconing of the speakers and other repairs for my L100 Century JBL speakers. The sound quality is incredible.

Thanks, Paul S.  Eldorado, AR

I just wanted to express what an amazing experience it was doing business with your company. The shipping was fast and the product arrived in perfect condition and the description was accurate! Will be doing future business with y’all.

Adrian D  Center, CO

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with you guys. I just did a revamp of my 18yr old sound system. Added a SVS SB-3000 sub  and a Russound A2100 amp to allow me to connect my equalizer for my Bose 901 VI speakers to a Denon AVR-3802 receiver. Got everything hooked up with the Polk center speaker and the Polk rear speakers. cranked it up and it was  amazing. Then I found I had a blown Polk rear and you came to the rescue.  Thanks so much for being there.

George & Karen  Louisa, VA

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and prompt service. You and your company came through in the clutch and literally saved my weekend business. The price for the equipment and shipping was within my budget and compared to electronic business pricing within driving distance to me, I will forever be your customer. Once again, thank you for the excellent customer service. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

P. Cooper  East Orange, NJ

Got the amp (Polk DSW550) today. Works great! Thanks for the great service and fast shipping.

Jeremy J.  Derby KS

I want you to know that the eminence compression drivers that you sent to me are installed in the Yamaha speakers at the Frais Chapel on Kandahar Afghanistan Air Base. The US soldiers and civilian workers from all over the globe are hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ much more clearly now thanks to you!


Jake G. Afghanistan

Hi guys! I received your postage by invoice 250074. My RF-15 is alive now! Thanks for your job!

Best regards,

Chembartsev P.   Willmington DE

First officer  Airbus 319/320/321  AEROFLOT

Radio Shack T120 Repair A few weeks back I brought a pair of my speakers in to be refoamed. I’m writing to say thank you for such a fantastic job and the repair and restoration the sound is so good now I am very very pleased.

Would you please consider this message as a positive review and post it on your website if you have a section for that

Very truly yours

CHARLES G. Jr   Brooksville Florida

Hello and just giving an update (B&W Matrix 802 SIII mid range voice coil) that this turned out pretty good. It was a new experience for me and now I totally understand why you say the appearance may be a little bit different. Other than that I think I got about a 95% of what it used to be and I couldn’t of done it without your expert knowledge for the parts I needed. I had this thing tore apart down to the basket. I learned a lot.
Thank you
Kyle Z  Las Vegas, NV
PS I’ll be sure to order any more speaker parts from you guys I got a 10 inch infinity servocontrolled subwoofer I’m working on next needs this around.


Thank you very much for all your attention to detail.

With your help, I have now restored my QSC and JBL.

I am very appreciative of all your help!!


-AL   Miami, FL

Hi Cathy,

My (JBL) tweeter has arrived and is installed and tweeting beautifully. Many thanks for the quick turnaround.

All the best,

Martin P.   London, UK

Just a note to advise the four (Infinity) speakers Speaker Exchange repaired were received in good order. They are now installed and working fine. Thanks for your responsiveness  and adherence to the estimate you initially provided. A pleasure to do business with your firm.

Len B.  Port St Lucie, FL

I received my (Yamaha MSP10) tweeters in the mail today, I’ve already installed them, and they sound incredible. Thank you so much for getting them to me quickly, and for having such awesome customer service!

Grayson A.  Cumming GA

We have booming bass back in da house! (Klipsch amp repair)  And a verrry happy Mrs. R so hat’s even better 👍🏻


Kevin Ryan Ponte Vedra FL

I received the shipping  before few days, the speakers are installed already in my old loved “Infinities” and everything is OK  😊

Thank you for great and quick service.


Dariusz J. Ashkelon Israel

Hi Cathy,

Just want to thanks for the amazing service and the wonderful products! (JBL 2213, JBL LE52, JBL LE25 aftermarket recone kits).

I sent the pictures for my technician at Brazil and he was impressed with the quality! I am posting the whole project on Lansing Forum soon.

Gabriel, Brazil

Shout out to Melissa for helping us select this part. We have around 2 dozen of the QSC cabinets these fit in and while they’ve been discontinued for a while, they’re workhorses and we really like them for festival and rental inventory. Every other supplier we’ve tried to order replacement woofers through has been dismissive, and were not willing to assist us in finding the right replacement in favor of trying to sell new boxes altogether (or simply said that a replacement doesn’t exist).

We look forward to working with you guys frequently to keep our inventory running.

Ryan Neal

Live Productions  www.eventsbylive.com  Monks Corner SC

I would just like to say my order shipped fast and was packaged very well. I also was happy with the price of the product even with the poor Canadian dollar lol. Keep up the good work i will be recommending you to anyone that may need speaker repair. New (Polk) tweeter is installed now and my frown is upside down lol

Darren B.  Prince George, BC Canada

Cathy I received the crossover in time for thanksgiving I want to thank SPEAKER EXCHANGE for making it possible because I will have a house full. I believe you have my phone number on file give me a call so I can up date my info you need the last 3 security numbers thank you

Darryl M.  Camden SC

Hi Gene,

I received the 2 recone kits for my EV Sentry 100A speakers today, arrived

ok, very happy with how close the cones & foam edges are to the originals. Thanks for doing a great packing job too! Much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Regards Richard M.  Adelaide, Australia

Dealing with the speaker exchange was a wonderful departure from the way things normally go this day and time……THANKS

Mike R.  Beaufort, NC

Thank you very much for your service and speedy processing of my order.  The item was delivered with no issues and was shipped very well packaged.  I will definitely continue shopping with your company.

All the best!

Mario L.  Miami, FL

Thank you very much.  You folks have been great. I really appreciate you putting up with my first time jitters about this project.  The mystery blob (re the install of an EV diaphragm) turned out to be the remnants of a foam ring with a dense foam plug in the middle. I took my best guess at the original size and made a new one. Everything else went as you said it would. The speaker has been playing at normal level for about a half hour and sounds like new.

Next time I need parts, you’ll be the first place I look.  JB  Lincoln NE

I received the new diaphragm you sent about couple weeks ago. I already installed and it work fine.

Thank you very much and I very appreciate for what you care about your customer. You can use my comment in your website or in social media because you deserve that.

Komsun R.  Samut Prakan  Thailand 

Thank You guys!!! The(JBL) tweets work great! I am so glad I found y’all. I would have been sick if I had to part with my beloved JBLs.  Other places wanted dbl your price and it was used.  And Harmon was no help. Thanks again!

Shaun  P.  Denham Springs, LA

“As a producer and performer, I depend on reliable gear but every once in a while something might go down and we need a quick repair or fix. The Speaker Exchange is your go to place with quality service, integrity, the parts you need, and fast shipping.  It’s not just on the consumer side that they have this reputation but the speaker manufacturer actually recommended them to me. Now that means a lot!”

Jai Cherney, Jai Bird Productions

Received the part (Polk Amp) today and already replaced it.  Subwoofer is back working like new. The Speaker Exchange is a great example of a company that specializes in a specific area to be the best.

Thanks from another satisfied customer.

Monte B.  Austin TX

I received the tweeter (Mirage) last week. Thank you for the very prompt service. It arrived much quicker than I was expecting. I just installed the tweeter today and it sounds great. Cheers!

Greg J.  Hornsby, Australia

This is a big hug to The Speaker Exchange Company.  I received my speaker today, sounds so wonderful!!!! Like I bought it brand new, you guys did a Great Job!!!!  Please keep my info on hand, I will definitely send another speaker or recommend you guys in the future.  Customer for life!!!!!!!!

S. Clark  East Quogue, NY

I feel I must let you know my thoughts after exploring your website and profession.  I wasn’t aware about “The Speaker Exchange” until the day of emergency knocked on my old and non comparable “Tannoy Reveal 5 speakers”.

I must complement you for the very nice business and professional workshop you built step by step with 10/20 fingers for so many years. Your work and articles are very professional, full of tips and advises.

It is not very frequent for a woman to do such “speaker” work and repair. I must salute you. Unfortunately, audio work is mostly done by men. Your professionalism and knowledge is to be admired.  Good luck and keep doing your excellent job.

Best regards and blessings,

H.L. Israel

Bonjour a vous.tres satisfait de mon achat.
Identique a celle d’origine.
Apres plusur hésitation je regret rien.
On peut vous faire confiance yeux ferme.
Meme l’autre bout du monde j’ai reçus mon colis(produit bien protégé et emballé).
Je vien de l’ile de la REUNION.
dans les DOM.
il fallais 1 mois d’attente mais je regrette rien.
Rapport qualité prix rien a dire.
Merci CATHY et Melissa

Hello, I received my package.
all the pieces were present.
product corresponds to my expectations.
despite 1 month waiting.I do not regret my purchase.
very professional on your part.
thank you
Jean-Stephane   Reunion Island

Just wanted to let you know the JBL amp assembly arrived today in London and was up and running in just a few minutes.  Thanks so much for your help and I’ll get back to you on purchasing additional units once I get back to the States.

Thanks again and have a great day,

Nathan F.  London UK

I just wanted to tell you that this was the best experience I’ve ever had ordering anything online  and I ordered quite frequently

Matt B.  Stevens Point WI

Thank you for your completion of my order # 147475.

Your price was reasonable, your work was timely and 100% satisfactory.

My JBL L100 T3’s never sounded better.

You did a great job!

Thank you and good luck,

Paul B.  Suffolk VA

I just wanted to say that I received these parts and they were perfect! I also appreciate the advice I received from your people it went a long way in giving me the confidence to complete the job. The end result was great looking speakers and a very satisfied customer!

B. Ricks  Bremerton, WA.

Hi Cathy,

Many thanks for the speakers!

They arrived at the 27th an I installed them today.

And, what should I say, they work… perfect!

Great Job!

In future you are my first address for spare parts supply if I

don’t get them in Europe.

And, of course, i will recommend your company my friends.

Best wishes from the snowy Austria!

Harry K.

Comments: 5.0 star rating 11/14/2017

What can I say but “Wow,”   Hearing my restored, 40 year old OHM F’s for the very 1st time since my 2001 ownership… Took the speakers to another repair shop in my area, 16 years earlier, only to be disappointed with the results.  The skilled technicians at the Speaker Exchange deserve all positive endorsements and accolades and far more.. In my opinion they did the impossible. Even the original makers of these fine speakers at OHM Accoustics state the skilled technicians no longer exist and have long retired.  Ohm should refer their loyal clients that have a desire to continue hearing these classic speakers, to the Speaker Exchange. The skilled staff repaired several other Ohm speakers, with the same glorious results.

Thank You

Bob C.  Fruiland Park FL

(re: B&W ZZ09989 Tweeter)

Installed today and sounds great…….Thanks again for your service!

I may send in my other one later so they both match in frequency characteristics.

Paul J.   Fairhope AL

I succesfully recone my speakers, thanks to your help!
Twice that i made the purchase and your company is exceptional because your service goes beyond the sale!
Keep it up!
Respectfully yours,
Jake I. Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

I hope this note finds you well. I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for processing my recent order (Alesis woofer) so fast Please share this with your colleagues. I had a great experience with your company. It was easy to place the order, you confirmed it immediately, was kept aware of shipping information, and the product came just as expected and in terrific condition. It was a wonderful customer experience, so thank you.

Matt L. Fargo ND

I recently purchased a pair of rebuild kits (voice coils, spiders and cones) for my 816-8Z Altec Lansing Voice of the Theatre.  This was my first attempt at full speaker rebuild and still can’t get over how easy your kits made it!  I kicked around the idea of having to ship them halfway across the country and I’m very happy I decided to do it myself.  The kits fit perfectly and the instructions and tips were clear and very helpful.  Bottom line is not only was it very easy, it was actually fun.  Thanks again and I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Thomas S.  Ewing, NJ

Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my tweeter I ordered. It works great and is the exact one I needed. I’m fairly certain my old non functioning tweeter was not working for quite some time and I never realized it. My system sounds amazing now. I will definitely use you guys again in the future if I need replacement parts.

Josh N.  Maple Grove, MN

Just a quick note to tell you how delightful it is to have my (Martin Logan) Descent sub-driver repaired and back in operation!  My service experience was top notch.  Everyone was easy to deal with, you repaired it quickly and VERY reasonably priced.

Thank you.

Barry B. Bates City, MO


Just reinstalled the woofers for my sterling infinity speakers that you installed new foam kits on. Fantastic job, the sound is excellent. You’re great turnaround time was made even more impressive by the fantastic return packaging. I plan on recommending you to anybody I know who needs replacement speakers or repair work done.


Rob P.   Freeland Maryland

Hi Cathy.

My name is Jim. I received my JBL  woofer today.  After letting it warm up a bit (it’s cold here in Chicago),  I installed it  in my JBL L50 which I refurbished. Besides being very neatly  done it sounds  excellent! I dealt with Gene & Tom. Both were polite,  informative, and  professional. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Should the need  arise I will not hesitate to use Speaker Exchange again.

Thank you

Jim B. Chicago Heights, IL

I got your shipment with 2 recone kits few days ago.

Your packaging is very proffesional, with central shaft and

distancers, with all assambling parts. Everything is OK, in

perfect condition. Now, it remains to change bass parts

and to continue to injoy good sound from JBL L300.

With a very possitive impression of our business, I thank you

all and highely recomend your company to other customers.

Best regards from Dusan D.  Serbia

You people rock!, how I wish your company was in Oklahoma City !, what you people do is my passion and my knowledge !, I love speaker work!, and I am a engineer myself!!!!, thanks so much Glenn , or McGIVER , lol!, THANK YOU so much for the repairs!!, your friend KEVIN K.

(Ken is talking about Focal Tweeters)

Good news!

Just received the repaired speakers, installed them, fired up the AR-3’s and did some listening.  Those AR-3’s are 49 years old (!!) and, coupled with a Velodyne sub-woofer,  make a great sound.  The repair quality was excellent—looked like (and sounded like) new speakers.

Thanks………….Lee    Ludington, MI

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for your very fast reply. I got the kit Saturday. I finished the second  12″ woofer yesterday and my JBL L 100t3’s are singing today. They sound awesome . thanks again on your fast service and follow through.

Shawn  Phoenix, AZ  ??????

Got my repaired drivers installed yesterday and my old Time Windows are back!!    thank you very much for a great job done

Mark B.  Escondido CA

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to let you know the tweeter diaphragms (KRK E8T) came in this morning’s mail, I swapped them out and they work great.  The customer is very happy ?

Thank you for the fast service and that you still support this discontinued product.

Thanks again

Mike J.  Applegate CA

Hi! Cathy, just a short note to say I received my order. I am impressed with your service starting with with the great web site offering a clear and accurate description of the item.

I wish Canadians would improve their web site.  Our Dollar is lousy at the moment but I still deal with you US guys.

Thanks, keep up the good work, by the way the speaker is working great.

Ray D.  Gold River, BC, Canada

Hi Melissa,

today, I’ve been in customs to picked up that package. No damage, all is good. I’ve already installed the tweeters (B&W ZZ09989 CDM tweeters) in my speakers … great sound … same as it was years ago.

I want to thank you very much for this and for your support, very much appreciated. It looks like, you and your team, are the only one on that planet 🙂 who repair these tweeters … very well done.

Again, thank you to all of you.

With best Regards.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Jürgen K.   Dieburg, Germany

My name is David, and I have tinkered with speakers, and for the most part, 2 channel audio since I was 10 to 12 years old. I am now 53, you do the math. In addition, I have also run multimillion dollar car dealerships for 30 years.  I know my audio, and I know good business.  I want you to know that your team, has far exceeded my expectations in every way. They  were always available, knowledgeable, and eager to solve the problem. Tom, has a fantastic attitude, and fixed my problem in about 45 seconds. He was very confident in the diagnostic of a driver in question, and came thru on getting me back the drivers before the weeks end. At this point, I am your most satisfied customer.

David S.  Converse, TX

Wayne –
I thank everyone at The Speaker Exchange for the excellent refurbishment you did on my 15 year old B&W CM4 speakers.
Last week I got rid of my old AV receiver and bought a Marantz 6010 receiver. The refurbished CM4s now sound absolutely amazing!
All the best,
Dorian G.  Miramar, FL

PS. ‘Woo hoo!’ accurately expresses the delight I felt on listening to my CM4s after you had repaired them! Please feel free to use my comments on your website.

Hi Wayne,

The communication I’ve received from The Speaker Exchange since placing my order has been absolutely phenominal!!  I will happily recommend The Speaker Exchange to any of my friends or family should they ever need anything speaker related.  You guys rock!!

Thanks so much!

Your happy customer,

Steve B.  Germantown, MD

HI Cathy

Thank you for obtaining the part directly from Martin Logan!

I received the power supply and it worked perfectly to restore my speaker – it’s great to have the full range of sound again now that the subwoofer is back in action.

I’m glad I found you all and I’ve passed your site to a few friends.


Stan R.   Sunnyvale CA


Thought I would let you know the speaker (10 ohm Delco 6×9 speaker) now works fine. The instructions were good and easy to follow. I did struggle a little on where to solder the vc leads to the pigtail leads. I just now found your video showing how to do it. I’ll be a little smarter the next time. 

Thank you for your help and excellent service. 

Ron B.  Dewitt, IL

Comments: Thank you Melissa and Randall for your assistance with the EV T-22s!

You have an awesome website, your professionalism is unusual in our day, and your willingness to explain and truly be of help rather than simply sell something was quite a surprise, a welcomed surprise. Unfortunately, integrity in business is all too often the missing link between proprietor and customer. I am currently in the Ph.D. in Leadership program at the Gary Cook School of Leadership at Dallas Baptist University. I also happen to be the pastor at Chisum Trails Cowboy Church in Powderly, Texas.  For this month of December I am doing a series on servanthood. Your company will be used in two weeks as a great example of service with a greater purpose than that of simple transaction and profitability. I recently started working on a book manuscript that will include many examples of churches, businesses, institutions, and individuals. This will most likely be four to five years in the making, but I have added this experience to the list. I especially want to thank you for helping me with our EV T-22 speaker situation. After contacting several businesses, five to be specific, It was encouraging to get in touch with you folks. Others were predominantly disinterested or lacked the necessary knowledge to assist me.

Mac  Paris, TX

I am emailing you to let you know how pleased we are with the work you have done for us. You have saved us a lot of grief. The speakers are like brand new. The sound quality is perfect. I want to let you know that I have also sent an email to Kenneth Bunker at B&W to let him know how pleased we are with the work. He did refer us to you first because of the excellent work you do for them. Again we can not be more pleased with the results.

Thank you

Dr. Juan M.  West Plains MO

(In response to our Thanksgiving note) Good to hear from you!  The Infinity woofer speakers re-foaming you did for me a few years ago is still working great.

Appreciate the workmanship!

Tom K.  Houston, TX

Thank you for the awesome speedy delivery of these (Eminence) speakers! Now we will hav e great sound again for our weekend services! Great service!  God bless you !

Daniel H.  Tallahassee, FL

 Dear Cathy,

I’m happy to inform you that the (Infinity) tweeter you sent me 2 weeks ago arrived here last Saturday. After settling local taxes I installed the speaker and it worked instantly!

Thanks for your service,

Enjoy your weekend,


Met vriendelijke groet,


John O.  Zevenaar Netherlands

Just received my speaker and immediately installed it back in the car.  It sounds great and it saved me a lot of money.  To replace that speaker would be at least $500.

Thanks for the great work and service.

Eliot L D  Ruston, LA

Hi Cathy,

I had my B&W speaker (ZZ08532) repaired from invoice 212243. I just wanted to say your company did and excellent job and I was very happy with the service and expertise provided.


Thach P.  Charlotte, NC

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service. I received the speakers yesterday in perfect condition. I was able to install them and enjoy a great sound again. 🙂

Have a great weekend.

Boris S.  Hermitage, TN


Just completed installation of the tweeters and they are just what doctor ordered!.

I wanted to complement you and the staff of Speaker Exchange for such helpful, professional, and timely services.

It was my first contact with your company and will not be my last.  Please feel free to share my email with anyone on your staff or management.

Superb professional service.  Thank you.

Greg B. Morro Bay, CA

Thanks Cathy, 2 years ago I was searched the part number (335588-002) of speakers, but nothing show in Google, yesterday I search again the same part number and whuala! 4 years later my JBL E90 will works perfectly again 😉



Aaron F.   Madrid Spain


Never in my life have I experienced such consistant quality service.  I am so happy with my repaired Infinity speaker.

Thanks so very much for the quick turn around.  After cranking it up today it seems perfect thanks to your quality service.  Again I thank everyone at Speaker Exchange for being so professional.


Joe C. Barnegat NJ

Hi Melissa,

Although you were already in no doubt, I can confirm that the replacement PCB worked no problem at all. It arrived amazingly quickly, was well packed, and well provided with warning notes and such. It fitted exactly as expected, and has done workouts at two gigs for us now, so I’m entirely confident it runs solidly.
I’d like to extend a big “thanks” to you personally, for following up my email as below, when I was in meltdown over the cost versus “would-it-actually work”, before buying.  And special thanks to TSE as well – this is my second purchase from you guys now (I bought a recone kit some time ago), and both times the service has just been superb, the product has been every bit of what I hoped for, the packing has been faultless, and the delivery fast and low cost. Tampa is a little bit of a ways from Melbourne, Australia so these things count more than perhaps is usual.
Anyhow, there’s no other way to say it, just “thanks”

Cheers, Paul C.   Melbourne Australia

Hi Cathy, This is Julio writing from Spain. Just a few weeks ago I contacted your company by mail in order to know ahow would be possible to get a recone kit for my “old” Kef reference speakers. Just this few words to thank you for your service, solution and delivery to Spain. Now I’m re-enjoying my brand “new” speakers and wow! What a difference! Again thank you very much and don’t be surprised if someone from this part of the world is asking for your support. For sure I’ll contact you when needed. Julio N. Spain

Thomas M testimonial  Sent by snail mail. Very cool.

Cathy and Gene,  just wanted to let you know that I have completed my Vintage CTS Alnico speaker re-coning with the kits I received from you.  With your help, I must tell you that it was amazing success.  In my opinion, these speakers sound every bit as good or better than the originals.  They are in my Vintage ’67 Fender Super Reverb amp and have that famous Fender sparkling tone.  What a thrill!  Keith Richards would be proud!  Thanks again for all your help and Customer Service.  You are the best!

John O.  Sugar Land TX

Didn’t get a chance to get back to you regarding the speaker (Klipsch woofer). Sounds amazing and really happy it worked out excellently.  2 thumbs up !!!!

DJ A.  Miami, FL

Hi Gene,

I really appreciate you taking the time and doing the researching this. You don’t come across too many businesses these days that will go the extra mile to help a customer for a $25 order. I was going to send the speaker out to be done, but decided to try it myself and write an article on how to do it for our local Corvette Chapter newsletter. I’ve been around electronics most of my life and have restored several old radios and cars, so I think I’m up for the challenge. I’ll be sure to give your company a recommendation both in the article and by word of mouth. Thanks again, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (Tom included before and after pics)       Tom H. Warminster, PA

Hi Glen,

I’m writing to thank you and your crew for all of the help I got with my speakers. Parts for B&W 804’s are no longer available and I had 2 damaged drivers. Your repair work and customer service were excellent and the system sounds great. Thank you, Paul M. Birmingham, Michigan

The tweeter (EV DH2005 driver) arrived today, I installed it and it’s working perfectly.

Thanks and I will certainly make you guys my first stop if I need any other parts. Take care, Charlie I.  Austin Tx

Dear Speaker Hero’s,

You saved the day and my wallet. This tweeter is so easy to blow they should make a comment in the JBL spec sheet, anyway I am so happy that I found your company and expect to make many future purchases due to this. It’s kind of like buying very nice high performance tires for your Viper knowing that flats are unavoidable but oh yeah… the wonderful experience. I want to stop and take time out of my busy day to say thanks! Thanks for the fast professional service from Melissa & your team. The replacement tweeter arrived as promised and shipped in a very well wrapped package. I was thankful for the email from Tom that my package had shipped and included a tracking number and that I had the option to sign up for delivery notices with the shipper (which I did). The follow-up email from Cathy was nice as well. Please feel free to post this note and my name and state and email so that everyone can see what a happy customer looks like and they may ask directly how my experience went if they so desire. I will try to post accolades on yahoo and yelp in the near future thanks again. Utmost Regards, Michael M. From the great state of Texas!

Dear Miss Satin, (and the Speaker Exchange team) I have received my tweeter in the mail today in perfect shape. (nice packaging job). It has been safely installed and I am happy to hear sound once again from the tweeter.! It’s literally…”Music to my ears”!    🙂 Thank you once again Sincerely Chris H.  Homestead FL

I sent my speakers, and they came back and I re installed and tested them and I must say “JOB WELL DONE!”  Your company did a fantastic job in my repair request.  I will be sending you more for repairs in the near future.  My Radio Shack / Realistic Nova 8B woofers for re work.  Thank you for a fantastic job in repairs.  Makes me wonder how many people just throw away quality speakers not knowing of such a service!

Jeff O. De Pere WI

Received the item (Infinity weeter)  in good working order. Thanks very much.

Thanks & best regards, FAYID F.    Maldives

Received the shipment today in good condition. (Infiity woofer and tweeter) Installed and blasting away!!! Thanks for your prompt service. Keep it up. God Bless.

George T.    Kuwait

Hi Melissa,

My package arrived today. I just wanted to thank you and your company for being able to provide me with the replacement drivers to get my speakers going again. The speakers are of sentimental value to myself and now they have been restored to their former glory! I have no hesitation in recommending your excellent company to my friends. You kept me up to date and provided all the necessary information in my initial request and answered all my questions along the way. One very happy customer! Thanks Leon T. Queensland Australia

Thank you for the package I received from you last week. And thank you for a very expedited shipment. I thought I would share my experience with your aftermarket recone kit for JBL 708G with you. First of all, I’m confused wether the model 708G is the same here in Denmark as it is in the states. I believe that the model line these woofers comes from, hasn’t been sold outside Europe, and that they were manufactured in Denmark! well the drivers may be made in the states, but not the cabinets though. What surprised me was that the voice coil former was way to high, a half an inch or so. (Cathy: This is not unusual with aftermarket parts and trimming the voice coil former is not difficult, but you did exactly what you needed to do when faced with discrepancies. You modified the parts. Bravo. ) And none of the foam surrounds (there were two extra surrounds in the package), could fit the basket. (Cathy: we send extra parts to make sure there are some options so you can fit for your specific version)  I didn’t dare to cut down the voice coil former, so the problem with these was solved with some bigger dustcaps I had laying around. The foam surrounds was cut down with a scissor to fit the baskets, and “voila”, the drivers looks great and sound great too. I couldn’t compare with the originals because these was blown, but I have no doubts that your recone kit is a pretty good substitute! I have attached some pictures so you can see what JBL model I’m talking about. It’s a three way speaker system with a rather large cabinet for an 8″ woofer. There’s also a picture of my basement where I have a playroom with the JBL 4333’s you have helped me with. Once again, Thank you for your kind and friendly way too communicate, it’s been a pleasure to deal with you.

IMG_0178 IMG_0179

Carsten S.  Denmark

Hi Cathy,

Brenton here. Thanks very much for all that I have installed the New modulator board and it sound better than ever before. Once again thank you very much and we will do business again. And as I am in the industry I will also refer pepole if they ask for Services like yours. Thanks again Brenton B. Queensland Australia

Hi Cathy,  I would like to thank Glenn on the fast service on repairing my tweeter the work was top notch installed back in the cabinet and it sounds perfect so happy you guy’s were able to repair it since original Acoustic Research speaker parts and not available.  thanks Tom E.  Coraopolis, PA

Today I got everything, was alright. 🙂

Thank you very much for everything! You are my favorite international sellers. 😉 I ordered from you several times and I have always been pleased with you. I wish a Happy New Year for The Speaker Exchange team! Best regards, Laszlo from Hungary

Dear Cathy,

I just had to send a note to say “thank you” for the prompt and courteous way you good folks handled my first order. Not only did you keep me informed throughout the process, but you made it so easy for me to understand exactly how to recone my defective speakers. Within 30 minutes of receiving your package, I had my first speaker totally reconed and working like new.  I’m totally impressed! Thank you so much for the great customer service.  It’s really refreshing this day of age to find a quality company like yours. All the best for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sincerely yours, I am, Larry H. Sayre, PA

Just wanted to let you know I received my repaired speaker and it’s working perfectly.  I couldn’t be happier with your company!!!  My experience with the re-foaming kit and now my speaker repair were both fantastic.  I am thrilled that I found your company, and are telling all my friends and family about you all.  Looking forward to working with you again in the future.  Thanks for everything and best regards,

Kevin O  Flushing NY

Hey Cathy, I just wanted to tell you how good these speakers sound. Thanks for the help to revive these old JBLs  (with your 052TI RPL2 tweeters) and for the professional help from all your staff. The technician was patient and kind to me.  I also need a foam speaker repair kit for the woofer. I will be in touch when I am ready to fix it. Thanks again Stefan M  Brownsburg IN

The package arrived on Saturday morning. With your help I was able to save a very special speaker, almost impossible to replace from todays market. The shipment was quite fast compared to worst case scenario. It had some really bad dents from being squeezed (almost totally flat on one side), still luckily the contents survived without any damage. There was a note from the Norwegian post handling taking the blame for this. I glued the inner rim and bench-tested the speaker carefully while fixating the position of the foam using  the woden ring, fixating it by hand-force. After making shure moving parts flew freely, outer rim was glued in the test position.  This way I didn’t have to change the dustcap for now as It looked very good as it is. The leftover foam ring ended up as an outer perimeter surface mount, leaving the speaker visually exposed except for a thin transparent net.  It dances happily, a cool touch for the rear wiew mirror and a way to observe speaker workload by eyesight. Perhaps it will have a better chance of along and healthy life.   Til the next time! Torkel S.  Norway. 20140927_144737 20141001_134954 20141001_184859

Thank you for top service once again, Your brand will be spread to potential new customers:)! I recently placed an order for a replacement amplifier, Electro Voice ELX 112P.  It didn’t perform well once installed.  I called the store and the representative that answered the phone was pleasant and advised me to return the product with a note indicating the issue.  The following week I had a package in the mail which was the amplifier, and when installed, it worked perfectly!  No issues.  No “Back and Forth”, straight and direct customer service which I would recommend to anyone, anywhere, and I live in the US Virgin Islands! Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You! Danny D.  US Virgin Islands

Thank you guys so much! My project was completed without a hitch. It was a little tedious, but the results were amazing. I could not be more happy. Your customer service is top notch! That’s how you do it!  Thanks Again! Harold B.  Wantagh NY Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3 Speaker 4 Speaker 5         Congrats Harold. You are a fine example for all the other DIY projects just waiting to be done.  Enjoy your music! Cathy

Gene, I truly appreciate your help.  You went out of your way at every step and with every question I had.  All of this for a $20 purchase.  I notice this kind of quality service as I own a retail business and I know that delivering this level of customer care makes lifetime clients.  You can count me as one.  In fact, I’m already eyeing some new drivers on your site and you know when I need anything you’ll be on the top of my list. Many thanks, Doug L.  Granite Bay CA

Hello Cathy, I received my tweeters today (September 9, 2014 1:53 pm – Japan time).  Thank you so much. I installed the tweeters following the instructions that you have mailed.  Everything went fine. The work took about an hour including check-up of my audio speaker wiring system. The speakers are back to normal and sounds great. Living in Japan, I was not sure if I could order parts for my speakers; I tried the speaker manufacturer representative in the USA but was informed that they no longer stock the tweeters and cannot repair the speakers; however The manufacturer representative did suggest that I get in touch with you, The Speaker Exchange. That been said I was doubtful if the tweeters were still in production since the speaker manufacturer no longer stocked the item.  However my inquiries and orders to you did get me a very positive response and you had the parts in stock. I appreciate your superb service, timely shipment and product information support.  I can now enjoy my B&W speakers and can also in the future plan to purchase quality speakers knowing that parts are more likely to be available from your establishment. Kindly express my appreciations to Tom, your order shipment supervisor, for the timely shipment of my order. Very Gratefully Yours, Caesar M.  Okinawa Japan

I want to thank you for getting me those cones and coils for those speakers they all work perfect. The Jensens in the Fender sound better than it did 40 years ago. I installed the last one (the Pyramid) in a bandpass box and along with its mate I connected them to a Hafler 240 watt amp in my garage. I love it but I can’t say my wife and neighbors do. I got another project, this one should be easy. I need the surrounds for 2 Dhalquist DQM9’s woofers and the woofer and mids for 2 Dhalquist DQM7’s. The drivers are Magnat’s. I have a pair of DQM9’s in my den, they were done over 10 years ago I had to replace the voice coils in the tweeters in mine. I think Dhalquist was still in buisness then. If you can get me a price I’ll let those people know. Thanks Sam V    Keyport NJ

I received my order and installed the tweeters in my Mackie HR824’s.  Sounds great!  Thanks. Appreciate the excellent service and quality. I’m sure we’ll do business again. All the best, Pat T.  Smyrna, GA

I would like to thank you. I have finally reconed my Jensen P12R. It was pretty easy. Everything is ok, i’m very happy. I tried it yesterday evening with my tweed deluxe. All is ok. It’s perfect. Next step, my C12R. Cordialement. Fabien B.  Neuilly Plaisance, France

Speaker Exchange folks, I want to thank you for a job well done.  Everyone I talked or wrote to at your shop was very helpful (and patient). Your service was quick and the results outstanding.  My B&W’s (ZZ3123 tweeters) sound at least as good as when they were new.  I hope you guys get tons of work, make money and stay in business. I will recommend you to others, and I may have use for you in the future (not too soon, I hope). Michael H.  Moultrie, GA

Just a quick note to say Thank You!  For around $23 I was able to repair the woofers  (RFK8 Angle refoam kits) on my pair of 25 year-old JBL LX44s. Wow! They sound as good as they ever did (which is not too shabby). The foam fit just right without any trimming or fuss. Thanks, Cathy, for your time on the phone and the extra touch of sending a personal email. Joseph J.  Portland OR

Just to let you know that both speakers arrived in excellent condition, I’m very pleased with your service and your products, I hope to do business again. Hugo M.  Jalisco, Mexico

Repaired crossover received and installed and my Sonas Fabers are singing.  Great job, terrific customer service and you all came in below your estimated cost.  Very pleased. Harry R.  Wayne NC

Please pass on my thanks to Glenn, I finally refinished the cabinets and installed the drivers. (Tannoy 2508 and Tannoy 3108) The speakers sound as great as ever.  My (now grown) daughters have never heard them, and were blown away by the sound.  The vintage speakers are older then they are and they are surprised how good the old tech really is. I have sent your site link to my friends with a recommendation they check it out. I am very happy with your staff, their quality is reflected in the quality of the service! Thank you. Best regards  Rick R  Herndon, VA

Cathy – got your note with my re-coned speakers – I don’t usually take time out to respond to these types of surveys – but I’m making an exception here – I’ve done business with Speaker Exchange sporadically since I was in the sound business while in college in the ’80s – and you have never done me wrong – over the years, I’ve had to repair many speakers (there have been a few parties and some mishaps) – back in the day I was myself certified by JBL to re-cone their speakers and do warranty work so I know how it’s done and wanted you to know that I appreciate your dedication to quality and service –  Best regards Matt D Livewire Ft. Lauderdale FL

Just wanted to thank you for prompt service on my crossover, we tested our system today and the speakers were awesome! Thanks, Elijah B. Blue Ridge VA

Just letting you know that I received my order today (28th April) which is very fast considering the Easter holidays and the ANZAC day holiday here in Australia.  I was very impressed with the way the diaphragm was packed and it  arrived in good order. Thank you very much.  Kind regards, Richard B. New South Wales Australia

Although we didn’t get to speak, I’m sure we will get to speak in the near future, as I look forward to recone-ing another seven speakers I have.  I am very pleased with the speed of the delivery. I was expecting the kits to arrive on Friday and to my pleasant surprise they were here Wednesday when I got home from work. So I did my part and both speakers are recone-ed. Can you do me a favor and thank Gene for expediting my shipment and let him know I am more than pleased. I thank all of you at Speaker Exchange. You guys are the best. I will be in contact soon. Sincerely yours, Joseph A. Miami, FL.

To all Rockers with 1960 1970’s speakers and need repair parts this is the place!!

I found kits for the oldest Celestions made for Marshall Heads in the business!! If you have burned out parts on speakers hard to find if you are a perfectionist like me and want to go the extra mile this is the place to look!!! speakerex.com Nicholas F.  Arlington, Ma.

 Just want to let you know that I’m a very satisfied customer.  The work (on my Vifa woofer) was high quality, and the speakers, once again, sound great! thanks,

Marty F. Winooski, VT 

I received my speaker today (JBL SAT125 woofer) ….thank you so much! I haven’t installed it yet, but assume it works perfectly. I will get to that over the weekend.

Again, thank you for shipping it as soon as it came available. I appreciate your help and the great communication you had with me during the process. GREAT customer service! I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again, Jon L.    British Columbia, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the great repair job and very fast turn-around of my B&W (ZZ9985) tweeters.  With both having failed and what appeared to be little available manufacturer’s support for repair work it was a god-send to find your website.  And it was even better to learn that the price was not a rip-off.

My speakers are back to sounding great again, and I have you all to thank for it. Best regards,  Jim C  Kingwood, TX

Hi Cathy,

I did it, my first recone. It works perfectly. Sonically, it is an astonishingly close match to the original companion monitor speaker. The videos on your site and YouTube were a tremendous help and inspired me, a 25 year audio professional, to attempt and succed at my first recone. It won’t be my last. Pleased Customer Dale Price ProSound Audio Services www.electriccanyon.com 530-343-5265

The folks at the Speaker Exchange went above and beyond in customer service to ensure that 1) I had the right replacement woofer and 2) I had it in my hands in a timely fashion.  The price was right, communication was top notch, there was zero upsell pressure. Top it off, they even gave me enough advice to be able replace the woofer myself.    I have a large collection of high end speakers and I would trust them with all of them.

Rusty, Tampa

Your work was awesome.  Rebuilt jrx18 is performing perfectly.  Thanks.

I want to thank you for all the help and direction on my speaker repair project (Advent refoaming)

Especially the large caps you used in STRONGLY recommending I shim the voice coil. I’ve built engines in everything from weed eaters & lawnmowers to cars and trucks, built barns and decks but this was something totally new. Without your guidance I would have totally failed!! I had to do this myself because of budget. THANKS FOR HELPING ME PUT THIS TOGETHER, THEY SOUND AMAZING Lee B.  Waynesburg KY

What a great job (on my Cerwin Vega W10-4 woofers). The speakers look brand new and sound fantastic. Your workmanship is impeccable you pay attention to every detail including re- fastening  the connection block which i did not bring to your attention.  I will spread the word and when i need speaker work i will definitely come to you.  Thank you

Lawrence C.  Westwood MA

Hello Cathy,

I wanted to send you a quick email that I did receive my repaired tweeters yesterday.  They work very well and my speakers are back to sounding the way they should.  Essentially my high’s were gone and I had not noticed the degradation over time. I am especially impressed that the repair was able to be made since B&W had discontinue the specific model of tweeter in my P5 speakers.  The repair looks as if it was a factory part replacement.  I had spent a considerable amount of time on the internet trying to find a way to repair these speakers.  I contacted B&W directly and they gave me three different repair facilities to contact, the Speaker Exchange was not one of them.  These repair facilities not only were unable to repair my speakers, but they acted as if they had no clue what to really do.  Maybe they didn’t have a clue, but they promised to call me back repeatedly with a solution.  The only one calling back was me and after awhile it appeared they simply had no desire to help me out. That was not the case when I contacted the Speaker Exchange.  You all were professional, knowledgeable and handle the repair like it happens everyday, as it probably does.  The turn around time was excellent and the end product was very good. I just felt compelled to share my experience with you and thank you for the good work!  Please feel free to share this email with B&W as well.  They should know that the companies they are referring their customers to are not as competent as yours! Sincerely, Darren F  Hallsville, MO

Cathy, I just wanted to give you the good news. I had a nice experience getting repair parts from you for an older Behringer PA speaker. You folks were available and responsive via the web and also by phone. You made sure I got the right part and you got it to me in good time.  

I’ll be back to your website the next time I find myself needing your type of products or services. Many thanks and here’s hoping you have a Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Ted C.  Missoula, MT


Thank you so much for the excellent job you did in rebuilding the crossovers in our Koss CM/1030 speakers. Knowing that our speakers were 35 years old and that their third order crossovers were of a very complex design, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find someone with the knowledge and experience to do the work. Well, the results are in, and my wife and I agree that our rebuilt speakers now sound as good as they did when they were new! Their sound is now much clearer, more resolving, more airy, and the sound stage they produce is greatly enhanced. Nice job! We couldn’t be happier. Best regards, Rich  St. Petersburg, FL

Cathy and Melissa,

I just want to say that my experience with Speaker Exchange has been fantastic. You have exemplified superior customer service and I will make sure and pass on my positive experience to my audiophile friends whenever possible. I’ll definitely look at your store first for all other speaker parts in the future! Thanks, Dan R.   Longmeadow MA

After being on the back burner for some 14 months while rebuilding the engine and restoring the car, I got your re-coning kit installed in my Eldorado’s Bose 6 x 9, and I’m blown away — figuratively AND literally!! – with how great it sounds ! ! !

Thank you, Gene, for your support, endorsing the plan of shimming-up the spider.  Luckily, a coupling for a 3″ PVC line is dimensionally perfect.  I made a 0.200″ spacer and secured it with the kit’s contact cement.  Thanks also for the expertise in providing the 1-ohm coils. Outstanding service that your kit provided the contact cement and epoxy that was so fresh it endured the 14 months on my bookshelf!!! —  I’ve gotten epoxy from big-box hardware stores that was unusable, so I’m very attenuated and grateful of your excellent product supply. Wow… I re-coned a Bose speaker and it sounds great!! Thanks guys, we did extremely well!!! Best wishes, Steve S.  Zionsville, IN

The woofers arrived today. They are already installed. The speakers works now very well. They seems to be as new one.

Thanks very much to you and your team. Stefano from Milan (Italy)

Thank you for shipping the item quickly, and it got here with no damage. I tried to recone by watching your video over the weekend and done it perfectly.

Sabrow H.  Japan

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround in Sending me the replacement item (Klipsch Sub amp). I’m so glad. I got on Friday, hooked it up and it sounds great. Just in time for a get together I’m having this weekend.

Jo-Ann A.  Long Pond PA

Seeing as I had no idea what I was getting into (with my 6″ refoam kit), I did hedge my bet a little. I drove over to Bay Records so I could be coached while I did the job. As it turned out I didn’t need much coaching, but we had a  lot of fun talking about speaker things while I worked. We both read your complete instructions a couple of times before starting to do anything & waited 24 hours after we were done for the glue to cure. Just like you said to do & I am now siting here listening to stereo sound again. I could not be happier. Thank you.

Mike B.  Redwood City, CA

Hello Speaker Exchange, 

I like to express my appreciation.  Your customer service and Tech support are the Best!  Now my Mid-range speakers(JBL Le5-2) are repaired and sounds terrific! Best regards, Tony F.  San Diego, CA

What a great experience!!  A couple of weeks ago, I called in to talk with someone at Speaker Exchange about a damaged set of crossovers in my speakers.  These were Cerwin Vega Int 152s.

The person I spoke to was Randall.  He was curteous, friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable.  After a very positive conversation, both circuits were removed and shipped according to his very clear and helpful instructions. As promised, your company called with a confirmation of receipt of the units.   An email was also sent to me to confirm the work I wanted done.  Very perfessional and timely. Randall did have to work on both crossovers to insure proper function and balance.  The cost was very fair as was the shipping. The turnaround was nothing short of amazing.  I shipped out on Monday… the items were repaired and back in my hand one week and one day later. And best of all, the repair was PERFECT.  After installation, these speakers are back in business. I called to thank Randall personally, but also wanted you as a company to have something in writing expressing gratitude, satisfaction, and appreciation for the great service from your staff. Sincere thanks too you all!! Les C  Greenville, SC 

HUGE good news!!  Received the package last Saturday, because of the busy weekend, no opportunity to install until last night.
And The tweeter works BEAUTIFULLY!! Wanted to say thank you and your company for the great service!! J. Cobb  Greenville, SC

Just wanted to thank you with the help on getting the (Eden EC1060XL) speaker recone kits for my bass amp. Week before last I was able to do the recone (it took me longer than it should since it was my first time). But I tested it in the amp and then had a gig last weekend and it seems that I pulled off a successful repair. I think my next driver I can get reconed in half the time since I’ve had a run-through. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you my success story and let you know I’ll definitely make sure people know the best place for their speaker needs. Best of luck to you and your shop!

Taylor A.   Riverview FL

I sent my totally locked up woofer from my martin Logan that I have been enjoying since 1997.  You guys did a fantastic job!  I have broken it in again and it sounds as good as new.  Compliments to your workmanship and dedication to your work.  It’s no wonder Martin Logan recommended you.  If I have any other problems in the future you guys have gained my business.  Keep up the good work

Two days ago I recieved the package with the speakers. I’m very pleased about the service of speaker exchange. It was my fist order with shipping from the US to the Netherlands. The update mails you send gives me a lot confidence. After recieving the package I was happy at all. These tweeters for my JBL E100 are not available in the Netherlands. Both front speakers are working fine again, thanks to you and your colleagues.

Michael B. Netherlands

Just a note of thanks for your experts.  The AR-91s sound nicely sweet and mellow. You all do good work. Appreciatively,      John H  Fernidina Beach FL

The speakers arrived and sound great!  Thank you for keeping me in the loop on the tracking.  I appreciate the service you provided and plan to recommend you guys to my friends that are looking for speaker replacements. Thanks again, Timothy L.    Richfield, OH

I just wanted to thank you again. I received the Grill pegs this past week and installed them today. PERFECT FIT identical to the originals in every way. OK my next project might be a pair of Infinity Kappa 6 speakers that the Polydome mid range is cracked on. Do you offer replacement poly domes, I have reformed a few speakers so I am wiling to take on the challenge. Thanks Again & Have a Great Holiday. George S  Smithtown NY

Hi Melissa, I just wanted to let you know that I received the speaker and installed it. It sounds fantastic!!!  Thanks so much for rescuing it for me. Chuck F. Bedrofd NH

Just finished re-installing the repaired drivers for my Infinity RS-b speakers.  Its been a while since I last listened to them, but I think they sound better than the original. I would be happy to use your service  for any of my speakers (inlcuding my cherished ADS L12′s) Eric B.  Cortlandt Manor, NY

Wow! is all I have to say. To everyone at The Speaker Exchange, thank you so much for all your help, advise, and service! I haven’t experienced this level of service in a long time. Last time was 6 years ago at an all inclusive resort in Mexico! I can almost feel the sea breeze again! Ha Ha! Jake P.   Marble Falls, TX

Just wanna thank you dudes at Speaker Exchange for Nice and Quick delivery and service, got my tweeter element yesterday, and it Works as hell, thanks “Melissa”! Cheers from Thomas, Norway

I just received my speaker:) and it replaced my non working old speaker. It workds and it sounds absolutely great! Thank you very much for your support. I’m surprised about how fastests is the process with speaker exchange. Definitely I will recommend for sure your company. Thanks to everybody there (please extend my gratitute) and congratulations for the job that you are doing! Best, Andy   Buenos Aire, Argentina.

Just a quick note to say that I have received my order in perfect shape. On inspection the serial no. on the JBL diaphragms are only three no. apart !! Very nice, thank you Daniel A.  Pardes-Hanna, Israel

I would like to thank The Speaker Exchange for the work done in rewiring the Altec 808-8A diaphragm. The service was performed in a very timely manner. I am very satisfied with the entire experience in dealing with your company. Tom was very helpful in our telephone conversation as well as Wayne. I did not speak with Randall,but would like to thank all 3 of you for the excellent job. The speakers sound like new. It was a pleasure to do business with you. I will definitely call you for any repairs in the future. Thanks a lot… Harold H.  Bridge City, TX

I received the recones today and am very happy. Thank you very much for this perfect service. If I need spares in future I will get into contact with you.

Regards from Germany Thilo F

Dear Cathy, Thank you for the first class handling you have given my spare part oder. The (JBL D16R2405) diaphragm fit perfect and the tweeter measure and sound as new. Thank’s again and I can only give Speaker Exchange my warmest recommendations. Best regards and pleasant weekend wishes a satisfied customer Tem E.   Denmark

Hi again Melissa,

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve just soldered on the (Klipsch) woofer I ordered through you and wanted send some positive vibes back to you and everyone at Speaker Exchange. You guys saved my life since my old, and now retired woofer literally had split in two. Great customer service! Thanks and keep up the good work for us music fiends! Best regards, Adam L.- Sweden

I received my re-foamed speakers yesterday and installed them in the cabinets. They sound great and I couldn’t be happier with the advice and service that I received from Speaker Exchange.  I’ll be a repeat customer and have recommended your service to my brother-in-law.  Excuse me now I must listen to more tunes. Patrick T, Silver Springs, MD

Tired of all the 5-7-9 speaker theatre systems hype and cube speakers, I wanted to get back to my basics of high definition two channel stereo.  I went shopping with high hopes of replacing my 1989 model Boston Acoustic T-830 three way floor speakers.  After visiting a couple of places here in the DFW area, I was told, and found out by listening to new speakers, it would cost $1600-1800 to get some new speakers that would sound as good as my $450 T-830’s.  But, mine were tired, sounding a little flat and the hard driving quality low end notes were just not being produced like I remember them years ago. I sought to replace the 8″ woofers, but the Boston Acoustics website showed them discontinued.  However, the link to your website was on their website and so I made a call.  It was a great call – Tom Pledger asked me a lot of questions about my music preferences, amplifier, etc and provided a couple of options.  As I was willing to “plug and play” – the replacement 8″ Goldwood woofers would be great for me.  I told him I trusted him, because he new what I wanted to bring my T-830s back to life, and he said it would be worth the $100 replacement cost to keep the T-830s and they will sound even better for the next 20 years! Thirty minutes before closing, before Christmas holiday closing, Tom made a mad dash to package them up before FedEx pickup time at your store. I just got the speakers today, two days after Christmas and in less than 30 minutes, the speakers sound better than they ever have, or at least better than I remember them!  The speaker construction quality is great, much heavier magnet, wiring connections, and frame along with a better constructed cone and foam. They sound unbelievable…unbelievable with my Yamaha Natural Sound 65W amp and I can’t wait to pair them up with my Nikko 120 watt amp 0.02 THD and preamp.  They sound better than any set of $1600 speakers I was listening too…all high end names.  I suggest a little Limelight by Rush, Jefftown Creek by Head East or even James Taylor Mexico (the live version) to wake you up to what old fashioned high quality two channel sound is all about. Thanks… Rick   Dallas TX

I want to thank you for the excellent service on my speakers and my grills. They arrived in one piece, were perfect matches, and work great!  Happy New Year!

Kevin D  Ephrata WA

I received the pole cup yesterday which gave me plenty of time to repair the speaker and Prepare for my gig tonight, I really appreciate the excellent service I received from your company.  Have a great day and a great holiday season. Jim B- Bay Village OH


Thank you for re-coning and refurbishing my old (1962 I think) Bozak tri-ax speaker system.  It sounds beautiful; more than I remembered.  Now that all four tweeters are working I am not sure that I ever heard the whole system working properly.  This is the second time I have used you folks and I could not be more pleased with the repairs and quality of professional service. Larry P. Tallahassee, FL

I received my speakers on Saturday and they arrived undamaged. ( (His B&W speakers were damaged in shipment to us. He is referring to the repairs we did.) The speakers look and sound great. I wanted thank you for the awesome service. Please pass along my thanks to your group.  I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family.

Thanks again for a job well done! Greg J. Coral Springs, FL




Hi The Speaker Exchange team, I would like to thank you for your great service. I ordered a speaker few weeks ago from you and I have to say that your service is fantastic. First you helped me with order which I wasn’t able to create via eshop because of shipping to Czech Republic problem. Secondly the shipment speed  was excellent. The truth is that internation mail service isn’t so fast like you are. That’s shame. I am alredy using the speaker for a  while. The sound is fantastic. There are no reproduction issues and I am always thinking about your great service while I am listening.  Thanks again for cooperation. Best Regards Marek M  -Czech Republic

I want to thank all whom helped me repair my Henry Kloss 88CD woofer. The technical knowledge was top notch and the replacement speaker/ woofer is phenomenal! I had been searching months to in hopes of getting a replacement speaker with out any luck, until I found out about the “The Speaker Exchange” in which helped me bring my old stereo back to life. GREAT Job! Thank you! Jim R.- Boston, MA

The speakers arrived this week and I installed today. They sound great. Glad to have everything fixed. Thanks a lot for your help. The EV parts aren’t always easy to come by here in Canada. Joel N – St. Johns, NF Canada

Just wanted to take time to thank you for making it so easy to refoam my Cerwin Vega D-5’s!  Your kit had everything needed and easy to follow instructions especially after viewing a couple YouTube videos.  Thanks for making it easy! Sam B  -Brownsville, KY

Thanks Cathy, After we shipped the speaker off to you, we talked with a friend who is an audio specialist. He said choosing to recone the speaker was our only choice if we wanted to keep the old set of JBL speakers, and that we had done the right thing. I told him we’d sent the speakers to FL and he said, yep, there are only two who do it, one in FL and one in LA, and he was sure he’d done business with you too. So. We feel like we’ve done the right thing to preserve this wonderful old sound system. Our friend also said the other woofer would probably go too (it’s dry here in the desert) and we should recone it too, so I guess you’ll be hearing from us again, but we hope it’s not too soon! We certainly appreciate your walking us through this process. Great customer service. Many thanks. Regards, Susan B  Las Cruces, NM

I recieved the amp today; and my subwoofer works again for the first time in a year (ya know, to-do list). Thanks for carrying components like this; allowing me to avoid getting a new subwoofer.

Thanks again!  -Mike E. Richfield, MN

I received my tweeter diaphragm yesterday. It was perfectly packed! Thank you for not mentioning the real price on the box. In this way I didn’ have to pay taxes and the box was delivered faster. I installed the diaphragm yesterday and now my speakers are like new!! Thank you for your excellent service. Kind regards, Bjorn H.   Belgium

Just wanted to say thanks one more time. I received the recone kit yesterday and I have already begun rebuilding the speaker. Just letting it sit for the epoxy to dry – but by later today it should be all done and ready for the party this weekend. I am extremely satisfied with our business together, and will definitely use you again in the future! Thanks  John L, Massena NY

Hi Cathy I can not thank you enough for the diaphragms (form my JBL EON 515). I have been trying for ages to get something and you help me in 2 emails what can I say but thank you so much. Many blessing to you and thanks to your company for your help.  I hope we can speak again in the future. Kind regards,  Roy, England

Thank you!  It is really nice of you to send the other bolts – and to teach me about not breaking the magnets.This has been a great experience. Thanks again, D.J.  Free Union VA

My midrange arrived this week which plugged right in.  I just wanted to say thank you very much – sounds great.  It’s almost as if there’s an echo in the room from the right channel – which there is not – just getting the mids from the left channel now.  All the best. Sincerely, Gregg L New Zealand

Dear Speaker Exchange Folks My recondintioned speaker arrived yesterday via fedex.I just finished putting it back in my 1941 GE radio/phonograph and it sounds GREAT!!! Thank you for a superior job.I put a stack of 78’s on the record player cranked up the sound and all teenagers and other undesirables have cleared the premises. You can’t get better than that! Best to you and yours, Kevin B in Manchester Center Vermont

Here at Rosewood I have a vintage pair of EV Sentry 500 monitors in the soffit.    After years of faithful service, the left tweeter finally gave up the ghost.    After initially fearing I wouldn’t be able to replace it with a factory component, I found Cathy and Randall at SpeakerExchange.   They fixed me up right away with a repair, even when I had to be out of town unexpectedly and was hard to get a hold of, they made sure it got done.  Thanks a bunch! Guy Randle    www.rosewoodrecording.com     www.drumsondemand.com  Provo UT

Sweeeeeet job on my Altec woofers. Twice now you all have done my well. Keep up the good work, and I will continue to send mine and other peoples work. Thankyou.   Tom   W   Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Cathy !

I’ve now recived the speakers and got them working. I want to thank you for your advise and support regarding this buy. (Preben is discussing a different brand replacement speaker for his Inifintys) He he, they are more than dobble the weight of the old elements, and does a tremdeous differense in the speaker system and sourround effect. I’m very pleased! Keep up the good work and bring my greetings to your collegaue’s. Preben U.

I used my EV-F12C speakers at practice tonight for the first time since receiving them back from being reconed and diaphragms replaced. They sound GREAT!!! I think they sound as good as they did when they were new. Even the lows from the bass guitar come thru loud and clear. And the repair cost for both was less than half the cost of 1 new speaker. I couldn’t be happier with my new-old speakers. Thank you for your work and I’ll be sure to tell all my friends if they need speakers repaired. Speaker Exchange is the place to go.


Wanted you to know that I got my speakers back today.  And, boy, do they sound GOOD! Thanks for your expert job. Jim W, FL

When the foam around my speaker cones deteriorated, a man who installs sound systems, including churches, etc., recommended The Speaker Exchange.  He said they do the best work in the country.  My speakers came back to me beautifully reworked and packaged as if done by the manufacturer.  The price is fair and telephone communication is a pleasure.  They also sell speaker equipment, parts and accessories. See, I have an ulterior motive.  I want y’all to still be in business when I need my speaks reworked, :-). Thanks Cathy, Ron

Bryan’s JBL 125A Aftermarket Reconing Experience

My thanks – I just re-foamed my 12 Inch Cerwin Vega D5’s with your foam kit and they sound fabulous!  Got them for $20 at the swap meet and did the re-foam with your foam… I am astounded how good they sound… My request – I had to cut off the dust cap on one of my woofers to adjust the voice coil – it was rubbing just a touch on one speaker.  I need 1 dustcap for the voice coil on the 12 inch woofer.  Do you sell them in qty of 1?  If so, how much?  I will give you my credit card again … My Offer J – I would be happy to leave a testimonial if there is any way to do that Thx again for helping me bring these back from the dead.  Simple and fun project .  They are excellent speakers and will bring me many years of listening pleasure. Dave C.  Hunington Beach, CA

Fed EX delivered the speakers (Yamaha JA3060) yesterday and my electrician buddy came by and hooked everything back up and the sound was fabulous !!! So I just wanted to thank you and your crew for another job well done. Chris D Baton Rouge LA

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Cathy and the Crew at Speaker Exchange. They have been takeing care of all of my needs for some 15 yrs.. As an installer for some of the major Clubs & Churches of the Bay Aera the Crew at Speaker Exchange always helped meet all my dead lines. Even when I have had some rear Speakers that were no longer in production, they made sure that all my repairs would stand up to night after night of heavey Club use. I have move from Tampa Fl. and now live in Dallas TX. and I still depend on the Crew that knows how to serve me so that my end users would be just as happy as the first Installation… Cathy,Mike and the magic Man Gene Thank You for all you’ve done for me..” Bobby G- BG Productions

Just received my tweeters. Incredible service.  Other than the pain of paying more for the tweeters than I did for the speakers, I am thrilled.  Once again they sound great.  I will let my friends know about you, I will be back if and when I need you. Thanks so much. Bob   Thornton, Colorado.

It arrived this afternoon.  I installed it in the Tannoy cab and it sounds GREAT!  THANK YOU for helping me get my near-field monitors back! Orvel Golden CO

I’m writing to confirm that I received my speaker last Saturday. No shipment issues or damages were noticed. Today the Klipsch Amp has arrived. Connected the amp and it is working great again. I am a very happy man today.  Again thanks for the mailings and answers, absolutely correct info, and quick. Marc R.  Netherlands

I’m writing to confirm that I received my speaker last Saturday. No shipment issues or damages were noticed. My wife and I are very satisfied with the repair work and would like to thank you and all of your team for the great work and professionalism. The speaker was tested and sounded very nice from the beginning. I know it will match its sister 100% after the break-in period! You can make sure that Speaker Exchange will be kept on my references for recommendations and future needs. Best regards, Alberto K, Broken Arrow OK

Fine the speaker is here in house , i will say you that is arrived very fast and i m agree for this trasaction. And i have not pay anymore for the customs . Thanks again for all and is a pleasure has make this purchase to you . I will save your site in my favorites places. Best Greetings from Spain Jose B

I received the package with both VIFA. Thank you for your courtesy, efficiency, but also the speed with which my order was processed. Bon weekend à vous, Michel G  France J’ai bien reçu le colis avec les deux VIFA. Je vous remercie pour votre courtoisie, votre efficacité, mais aussi pour la rapidité avec laquelle ma commande a été traité.

Hi Cathy, I want to thank you again for the fine products you have sent me recently and the fast and adequate shipping. Now it went very quick and no problems with the customs here in the Netherlands.I have applied the Cerwin Vega surround kits and it was a joy to work with, the result was very good, the owner is enjoying his updated bass drivers and is happy. Kindest regards, Hans. Tannoy Monitor Gold Website

A quick email to say thanks, the tweeter arrived yesterday! That was brilliantly fast. I am very impressed with the product, the speedy service, the quality of the packaging, and the whole experience! Especially when you consider the low value of the order, too. You guys have certainly gone the extra mile. Have a great day. Regards Scott R New Zealand

I wanted to say thank you for the awesome product and purchase experience with your company, it was fast from the first message confirming my order to the arrival of my product, great info every step of the way and the speaker is great too, my SM-150 are 20 years old I use them in our out building as part of an entertainment center and didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to upgrade to something new because the still sound great, and with the new woofer I believe it may be as good if not better than when they where brand new. I will be purchasing another soon to repair my second cabinet, thank you again for a great product and buying experience and look forward to doing business with you again. Eric J Newton Falls, OH

I wanted to say thank you for the awesome product and purchase experience with your company, it was fast from the first message confirming my order to the arrival of my product, great info every step of the way and the speaker is great too, my SM-150 are 20 years old I use them in our out building as part of an entertainment center and didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to upgrade to something new because the still sound great, and with the new woofer I believe it may be as good if not better than when they where brand new. I will be purchasing another soon to repair my second cabinet, thank you again for a great product and buying experience and look forward to doing business with you again. Eric J Newton Falls, OH

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to let you know, I jumped through a few hoops with Fedex on the delivery, finally picked up my OHM F’s this AM. Couldn’t wait to get home from work to give them a try. I am listening to them now, and I couldn’t be happier. They arrived unscathed, although the boxes were a little shaky again. But all is well, both drivers look and sound perfect. Please consider me one happy camper. I will post a positive note on Audiokarma, and if you ever need a reference on these, don’t hesitate to use me. Also, please pass along my sincere thanks to the technician who did the work. I feel like I’ve got a member of the family back! Thanks again, BS Gilroy, CA note from Cathy- when I sent Glenn (the tech) this message he said, “Finally I get paid the proper Ohmage”. 🙂

Hi Cathy, I want to thank you again for the fine products you have sent me recently and the fast and adequate shipping. Now it went very quick and no problems with the customs here in the Netherlands. I have applied the Cerwin Vega surround kits and it was a joy to work with, the result was very good, the owner is enjoying his updated bass drivers and is happy. Kindest regards, Hans. Tannoy Monitor Gold Website

A quick email to say thanks, the tweeter arrived yesterday! That was brilliantly fast. I am very impressed with the product, the speedy service, the quality of the packaging, and the whole experience! Especially when you consider the low value of the order, too. You guys have certainly gone the extra mile. Have a great day. Regards Scott R New Zealand

Glenn and all, Thanks so much for your service to transform my old 15 inch EON’s and sub EON’s which have been played 6,000 hrs plus, back to better than new! Sweet highs! Kicking mids! and thumping lows!! Keep up the great work! It’s better to get your speakers and subs tweaked at Speaker Exchange rather than buying new stuff! Lex Macar

Hallo Cathy; I received the replacement re-cone kit this morning,in perfect condition this time .I just want to say i am very impressed with the way you and your company handled the situation. I have 8 of those speakers myself,and many of my friends use the same speaker system as well. We use them to play bar gigs. So no doubt we will need more kits along the way. I will let them know about The Speaker Exchange. I want to explain why I was impressed. Before I ever knew about Speaker Exchange I tried to buy the re-cone from the RCF agent in England. it is not possible to go online and buy the part with my credit card there like I could with your company. so I made contact by e/mail, waited for a reply but it never came, then I phoned them, they said they would call me back, again no reply for a second time. after about seven days I phoned again, they said they would sort it out this time and get back to me, again no reply for a third time. so I e/mailed RCF in Italy where the part is made I believe, to see if I could buy it from there. they were very helpful but said I would have to buy it from the English agent. they sent me on the part number to give to the English agent. so back on the phone to England with the part number, they said they would call me back. I never heard from them again. four times I contacted them, not once did they reply. So now I think you will understand why I was so impressed with Speaker Exchange. The Speaker Exchange was 1st class, from the moment I made the purchase you kept me informed of what was happening, and when the part arrived damaged, even though it was not your fault you did not rest until you had a replacement delivered to me in perfect condition. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much for all your help; Patrick M Ireland

Hi Cathy, Received the Yamaha diaphragms today, very good packaging and first class service. Will order again in the near futur. Bernard G Montréal, Québec, Canada Another happy customer

I have just received the tweeter in perfect condition. The tweeter protective cover is simply Perfect, thanks! Grateful for the pleasant experience and I am glad I found Speakerex online. I will certainly be looking back here for future speaker needs. I wish surely recommend Speakerex should any friends in Sinagpore ask. Wish you a good day ahead! Best regards TYM Singapore

I am very happy and grateful in having this news , thanks a lot for the effort you have done to send me the item so soon , a real pleasure in dealing with you , please receives my better praise , I am really proud in being your customer. I´ve seen in the USPS tracking info that the recones has been just shipped , I keep waiting for the invoice and as soon as the recones arrives I´ll let you know it… Thank you…thank you ..thank you ,,,Antonio Spain The recone kit cleared customs and are already at my hands right now. Arrived in perfect condition in every sense , thank you again for perfect service. Until a next ocassion , keep up the good work

Thanks Cathy, you and your staff have been amazing. I can not even explain how thankful I am. The customer care is awesome. I will definitely be dealing with your company again and will recommend you to anyone I can. Thanks again! Scott Hicksville, NY

Hi Cathy Thank you very much I have received the recone kit and I am very happy. it was a pleasure doing business with you and looking forward to more in the future once again thank you so much appreciated Mario Kardinya, Australia

Hi Cathy, My Bose 301 Speaker grille’s arrived yesterday, and I’m more than happy with the result, Thanx. They now not only sound the part but now look the part too!!! Again many thanx for your prompt and efficient delivery of your services. Regards George D Bywong, Australia

Happy Monday Cathy, received the re-worked BMW 5? speaker. Great job, thank you very much. Glad to have found your company. Happy a great week.st regards, Melvin P California

Ho ricevuto speaker : Jamo grazie tutto perfetto D7LCR + + + + per un nuovo acquisto al più presto. Saluti Giuseppe-italiano. I received speaker: Jamo D7LCR everything perfect thanks + + + + for a new purchase soon.

I juste received the package, all is right, thank you for your efficiency. Thank you for all, Cathy, I think we’ll make business together for more than one time. Best regards, Stephane Pointeaux France

I received my speakers today; they fit perfect, sound great! Thanks for the great advice and service. Mark F Deerfield Beach, Florida


I have good news for you. I am completely happy with the tweeter. They fit perfectly into my Delta 50 and sound great. thanks for your support. Take care Roland M Switzerland

Thank you, thank you!!! I just received my repaired Triangle Celius woofer, and re-installed it. Sounds great!! I love music and it’s nice to have my system running again. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. The repaired woofer looks and sounds just like it’s undamaged mate (2 woofers per box). My compliments to the tech that did the work. I appreciate you taking the time to research options on my speaker, and to get the job done right. You and Speaker Exchange are awesome!! Jim D. York, PA

Speakers arrived at noon today. Took about an hour to install all four. Sound is amazing! Three of the four original speakers were rotting. I just can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my new woofers. The clarity is amazing. I’m driving them with an old Akai 4-channel receiver with a ton of power. Thanks Hal Z Georgia

I just received the JBL driver this morning, everything is ok, no customs fees 🙂 , my next purchase of speaker part will be at Speaker Exchange !!! Bruno G France

I just wanted to give you a happy update here. I received the Bose tweeter today, installed it, and that did the trick! Now both speakers sound great (and the same!), so my old Bose speakers are essentially new once again! I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for all of your help, and if I have any speaker needs in the future, you can be sure that I’ll look to you guys first! Sincerely, Eric G Nevada

Hi Cathy I received the foam kit this morning… 45minutes later it was already installed. – Perfect fit – Great product – Fantastic service Thanks again, . . . . Nick C. (Canada) www.artuzzicreations.com

Got my speaker today, working like a charm. Thanks a lot! Best regards. Sergey K Israel

Hi Cathy Just a quick mail to tell you that i have recieved the diaphragm in perfect working order, all tested and working #1. You guys rock. Thanks you very much. Eric A. Quebec, Canada

Many thanks to you for providing a wonderful product that sounds great. I managed to recone this old Musicaster with advice from your helpful technician and it sounds great! Enjoy the pics. Steve B Pittsburgh PA

Cathy, When I called to discuss what was found / what needed doing; the person I spoke to was very knowledgeable and also was familiar with this particular speaker system. I was glad that the problem was overall a relatively easy one to fix, compared to what I had feared. The person also was highly confident about being able to fix it completely and quickly. My repaired speaker arrived yesterday; one day earlier than expected . . . seemingly Fedex had a tailwind . . . I looked it over carefully; had I not known that it had been torn apart I would have never guessed it from looking at it. It all looked to be well-done careful work. I’ve since gotten it re-installed into the cabinet and given it a listen. It’s working perfectly, and it is so nice to once again hear some good music through them. I’m glad I found your company; and while I hope I never again need any of my speakers repaired again; if I do I will have no hesitation in sending them to you to get done. I will also feel very confident to refer anyone else I know that needs this kind of work done to your company. Regards; Bob M New York

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to tell you that my experience with you and the company was an absolute winner! Professional, polite, and just a wonderful experience. This why your business has been I’n existence for so long. Definitely the place ill go for my audio needs. Thanks for the great service! Mark C- Cleveland Drummer Mark- Can I use your comments on our website” Absolutely Cathy! I was hoping that you would and that way potential buyers can further see that they are getting excellent value, sales and service. If more companies could follow by The Speaker Exchanges example. You can use some of this email to of it will help.

THANK YOU! The tweeters arrived a couple of days ago and today I finally had enough spare time to install them. Works perfectly. Our Christmas is saved. Thank you! Happy holidays to you guys in Speaker Exchange. You’re the best! Henri E Parainen Finland

“As the touring keyboard player for Suite Caroline, I appreciate the Speaker Exchanges’ quick response to my repair needs. They are also the most friendliest and knowledgeable people on the block!” Don P

Hello Cathy! Re: Punch HX2-2215 I hope your holiday was nice! I’m sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner, but h#– yes, you can use my comments, you can even use Chris H. From Norfolk Va., whatever! I will write you some more! I see my woofer is on its way back and you honored your warranty and didn’t give me any problems! The one I just got back looks (and most importantly) sounds great! You offer a great service that more people should know about! In fact, I’m going to put an ad on craigslist offering to buy any blown woofers! Maybe I will find 2 more to match mine! Thank you for all you great and friendly service! Customer for life, Chris H.

Cathy, We got the diaphragm in and installed it in our speaker cabinet and it works well. We would like to thank you for standing behind your product, even when the manufacturer apparently won’t, or are dragging their feet about it anyway. We definitely appreciate your help and all the work you did for us. Thanks again, Hank Owensboro Music Center 270.684.2156 www.owensboromusic.com

Tweeter B&W arrived just now. Condition perfect , perfect package. I appreciate specially nice communications ; in the need will buy again from. Thanks Stefano

Hi Cathy, Just like to advise you that I received my shipment (of four Klipsch woofers) and I could not be more happier great service and quality support I will recommend your company to all my friends when looking for speakers and components again thanks for you support and prompt service Regards Dan V from Australia

Hello, I would like to thank you for the great job on my velodyne driver. plugged it in and it sounds great. Also thank the crew for the great job.Well satisfied and know a few other people with some blown speakers.So I’ll definitely recommend you. Thank you very much C. Myers/ Myers Auto Improvements

Good day Ordered goods – refoam Kits – 12”, and arrived right on time, fix the speakers – Pioneer cabinets CS – 939, I was successful and play well again. I want this for your company to thank. Regards Zdenek Z W Czech Republic – Europe

Hello Cathy, I want to thank you for your advice regarding repairing my speakers: it worked a treat. I’ve just got them finished and they sound like new again. I really appreciated your kind help some months ago, and wish you all the best. You freely gave me more useful advice than most others have ever done. Best Regards, Rob S. UK

Cathy, The package arrived, (B&W woofers) speakers are already installed and working great. You have a good team working there, everybody I talked to was very courteous and professional. Thank you, Andrew K Canada

I received your replacement EMIT-R tweeters yesterday afternoon and installed them right away (Infinity Kappa 5.1 series II ). The wife and I stayed up way to late listening to the same music as we did when we where dating, and the speakers were new. Never thought replacement speakers could be an aphrodisiac, works for me/us. The associate on the phone, Mike was great. He knows his speakers. I spent over three hours on the internet doing research, Mike answered it all in about three minutes. You can bet I’ll recommend you guys to my friends. thank you, Mark from California

Hello Cathy. I recieved the tweeters (Infinity Emit R Kappa 902-5754) today. everything is fine.. and they are working. Nice doing business with you. Ill contact you again, when I need something. I didnt had the original tweeters when I bought these speakers. I bought them second hand. The original tweeters was removed. there was some “Monacor” ribbon tweeters instead. Not Good.. sounded terrible. But these original tweeters: Holy St… Sound improvement 🙂 overall. Thomas Denmark

Dear Speaker Exchange, I ordered a foam repair kit over the phone with you just two days ago. The assistance in choosing the right size and shape of foam was unmatched and the items arrived in lightning fast time. I’m so impressed with the repair kit (glue, instructions, foam, dust caps, and even tape) that I’ll be making you my first stop for all my speaker needs in the future and recommending you to all my friends. Thanks so much! Ian F New Philadelphia, OH

Dear Cathy, Yes, everything arrived in perfect shape. The package was as good as the first time. Very impressive IMHO. I was planning to give you some feedback, but didn’t want to take up your time. Anyway, here goes: Both reconing operations went really well, I was impressed with the quality of the stuff. I thought that my speakers would need some time to sound really good again since the suspension became a lot stiffer but no, they sounded awesome right away. It was great fun to do the work itself. A really good feeling listening to them knowing I’ve done it myself! Now my daughter has bought a couple of HED 504R and I have bought a pair of AT-10?s, both in need of new foam. So don’t be surprised if my name show up in your ordering system again soon! Have a nice day! Magnus H. Sweden

Cathy, I have present for you my music group congratulations for yor very long time good help. We want to contact with you, for the future problem solving – not just Yorkville – maybe another speaker repair solving. In Hungary this spare parts not available. So many speaker problem solving is not to easy. Your Faithfully: Dezs? J. Fejer, Hungary

Hi Cathy! I just wanted to send a quick email to remind you what good work you all do. I had to take my Allison Fours into a local shop for modifications and the gentleman who did the work commented on what a good job you guys did reconing and refoaming the woofers. Coincidentally, my boss who is from the Clearwater area know the original owner of the company that you guys were born from. I had a conversation with a friend last weekend who had asked where to send some woofers he needed refoamed. I, of course, recommended you guys. Anyway, keep up the good work! Best, Jason Atlanta , GA

Cathy, I was able to pick up the speakers from the post office and installed them today. My old boys are singing again, the speakers have gone back to as they were brand new. I must thank you for several things, firstly for good advice regarding the replacement models for my speakers which are more than 15 years old, secondly, for always replying to my email promptly, thirdly, for offering to send me the second set of tweeters at a discount when I damaged my first set and finally for reminding me that USPS is ready to deliver the shipment. I should also perhaps thank you for seeing me through the Icelandic volcano related shipping delays the first time. Well, everything has worked out very well and you have a very happy customer. Thank you and best wishes, Bratin- Hong Kong

To Cathy and Gene. Just plugged them (Tannoy Devons) in to my bedroom stereo. My old speakers are modern Mirage towers. Wow it like my ears popped open after a shower. I can sell them for more, but I’d rather sell my blood before the Tannoy. Thanks for a good experience.Take a bow and rejoice. Hi-Fi-Cy

I wanted to let you know that my repaired Yamaha woofers were safely received and I put them back into the NS-2000 enclosures and they work perfectly and sound great. I thank you so much for the effort to repair them. Doug C

Cathy, I purchased a replacement speaker a few months back and I have misplaced the paperwork. I need to order another one which I should have done to begin with – it is an 8 inch 8 ohm cone speaker – can you check your records to see what I originally ordered -…. thanks for the follow up. I have already placed the order. The first speaker has been great and I had never dealt with the Speaker Exchange so I wasn’t sure what I would be getting so I originally ordered only the one. It has been a great replacement for the original and I noticed that the other speaker had deteriorated worse than the first. I love the service and quick response from your company. norbert m

Cathy, I just received the replacement speaker and appreciate the way that you do business – the old fashioned way, with integrity. Thank you for your help. Regards, Brandon R Sumter, SC

Hi Cathy, My experience with the Speaker Exchange has been outstanding, over and over and over. I have four pairs of vintage McIntosh speakers, all have had the woofers and midranges reconed by the Speaker Exchange; 12 drivers total. I thought of buying new and even auditioned some new Mac speakers in my home. After several hours of side-by-side listening the new ($8K) speakers went back to the dealer. The 30-year-old speakers sound that good–after some attention from the Speaker Exchange! I have and will continue to recommend the Speaker Exchange to others. That’s a true story about the speakers, when I told them at (dealer’s name) what I already had they weren’t surprised that there wasn’t an $8000 improvement with the new ones, much as they would have liked to make the sale. –Steve

When the woofer surrounds of my stacked Cello Amati speakers disintegrated, Cathy at Speakerex saved this classic system by finding identical, newly manufactured AR speakers to replace the original drivers. This took some research and a lot of her time, but she persevered. Once ordered, the speakers were quickly shipped and installed cleanly. Even better–the new speakers revived the original snap and three dimensionality of the Amatis, producing smooth, deep, tight bass smoothly integrated with the midrange and tweeters. I now realize what I had been missing as the old speakers deteriorated. Thank you Cathy for saving the day, for your knowledge and wisdom, and for taking the time and interest to help solve this problem.

Howdy, We are checking in with you to see how you would rate your last Spex experience, because your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Will you please help us to excel by identifying the product you are discussing and providing this feedback” JBL C4R1200GTI Did the package and product arrive in good shape” Yes Are you satisfied with the speaker part or repair” Yes On a scale of 1 – 10, how do you rate your experience with THE SPEAKER EXCHANGE®” 10 Would you recommend us to your friends” Yes Do you have any additional comments” I would like to thank Mike for his help. He went to the warehouse and verified that the product was in stock and got back to me within the hour. Excellent Service! John B. Epicure TEN speaker — Replaced foam rings — parts/package arrived in excellent condition — exactly what I needed. Repair parts excellent. A solid 10 experience with Speaker Exchange… especially with Cathy. Definitely recommend to others. Thanks for the great service. Paul T. Cathy, My experience with SPEX was great. I would give it a 10. Everything arrived in good shape and is functioning perfectly. Much cheaper than buying a new one in my case. The speaker was a Velodyne woofer which I inherited when I bought my house four years ago. It had gone crazy with static. You diagnosed it promptly and sent it back to the manufacturer in this case and all has gone well from what I can tell. I would definitely recommend you to a friend. Thanks Wayne T. Hi, I had ordered 4 JBL 2408 high frequency diaphragms. There was only one in stock, so they sent me the one they had, and ordered the other 3 for me. They all arrived in great shape, and work great!! The sales staff was very flexible in accommodating me. We needed to change the order couple of times, but they got it right!! I have already recommended others to deal with The Speaker Exchange. You guys (and gals) are a class act!! I would give you rating of 10!! Thanks for everything, and I look forward to doing business again! Jason P. Great service, couldn’t be happier. Speakers sound like new We have sent a friend your way and they feel the same. Thanks! Cathy, I had sent my woofers to you to be repaired. The package with my speakers arrived in good shape. I am totally satisfied with the service on my Kenwood JL940W speakers. The speakers sound just like they did when I purchased them 25 years ago. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the service a 10 and I will certainly recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you again for the excellent service. Marvin D.

Hi Cathy I had asked for repair on a mid-range driver for a JBL S312BE speaker system. You said ‘how about a new one”’, and the price was right. The driver was well packed and arrived promptly. As promised, it was an exact replacement. I am very satisfied. You rate a ten for your fast and friendly customer service. I would recommend you and will call again if the need arises. Your knowledge of this business is what makes The Speaker Exchange a success. Sincerely, Ken K. I would rate my experience a 10. Product was just as described and arrived quickly. Communication with you was excellent. I would definitely do business the The Speaker Exchange again. Thanks for your help in getting my the speakers so quickly… Mike My invoice #169241, dated 8-19-09, consisted of a selenium D220TI Driver and an Eminence 2 way 3.5KHZ XOVER. The package and product arrived in good condition and timely. The items allowed me to install them in my bass amplifier to extend its range. Everything is working well, high quality items. I would rate my experience with Speaker Exchange a 10. Sincerely, Conrad E. Cathy, I would most definitely recommend the Speaker Exchange for any speaker repairs/replacements. First we had to identify which speaker I needed through careful measuring and photographs. Then a suitable replacement was recommended. Once I shipped the speaker to you, you decided to recone it. Long term, the reconing did not solve the problem. After detailed discussions with your tech dept. a replacement was ordered and the previous reconing charge was applied to the new speaker. My cabinet is now working fine. I would use the Speaker Exchange in the future for sure and recommend you all my musician friends… Packing was great and the speaker arrived in perfect condition. Regards, Steve D. — Artists in Rhythm Sedona, AZ I’d have to give you all a 10. Had our business for years, it’s the only place I’d send anything. Thanks Les MusicMasters Cathy, on a one to ten rating, ten being the highest, you and your staff, have a very satified customer. After replacing my cone and foam on my 25 year old Advents, you have brought then back to life. They sound great, and was a excellent value also, quick turn around time, when talking to you or your staff, very helpfull, and very proffessional. Again thank you very much. Ray M. Hi Cathy, How are you” and Happy new Year! Everything turned out fine, speakers sound Great! Will repair more as needed. Did the package and product arrive in good shape” Yes, safe and sound Are you satisfied with the speaker part or repair” Yes, like always, the repairs are top notch! On a scale of 1 – 10, how do you rate your experience with THE SPEAKER EXCHANGE®” 11, I hope that’s OK” Would you recommend us to your friends” Hell, Yes and I do all the time. Do you have any additional comments” Keep up the good work, and give Cathy a raise. Richard B. Thanks Cathy, Randall and everyone. Great service. Great repair. Sounds good as new! Much appreciated. Glen E. Cathy: I figured that it wouldn’t matter which terminals I used as long as they were the same on both speakers, so I wouldn’t have phase cancellation. I was so eager and impatient to install the woofers you repaired that I did it before I heard from you. I am completely blown away. These 35 year-old Electro-Voice Sentry V studio monitors sound as good as new, maybe even better. I thought I was faced with buying new speakers. I dreaded the thought, because new speakers that can match the Sentry V in frequency response, transparency, and power handling would cost me in the thousands of dollars each. Because of your expertise and knowledge, your top-drawer craftsmanship, and your patient advice, I now have legacy-grade speakers that perform at least as well as new, and it cost me nearly nothing compared to replacing them. I could not possibly be more pleased. Rarely have I been so impressed and satisfied with service such as yours. You truly rock; I have my music back. Thank you so much! Willard C. Ohio i Cathy, We picked up our speakers from the post office today and installed them in their cabinets. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the parcel was from the Speaker Exchange because I had been expecting something else. I was giddy with anticipation. They sound wonderful! It’s so nice to have a full mellow sound again. I forgotten how nice music could sound. It was so great to be able to have the woofers repaired. We’d looked around at purchasing new loud speakers and weren’t thrilled with what we were hearing and the cost was a bit breathe taking. I’m so glad that I found your service and that you were able to help me out. Sincerely, Deborah M. Canada I have a very expensive set of Alon 2 speakers and the manufacturer is out of business. My woofer was ripped. I called several stereo stores that said they would charge me $200 to “rebuild” the speaker etc. Then I found speakerex online. They seemed to have vast experience with this so I called. They were helpful and even better, only charged me $50 for the same job, and only took 2 weeks round trip. I’m now enjoying music the way I want to hear it. Andy L. Cathy, You will be pleased to know that they sound FANTASTIC! I put on my “ultimate test” CD tonight, the Mahler Symphony No. 8 in SACD surround, and let it rip. That rock solid, focused KEF low bass was right there, shaking the house foundations. Not a trace of distortion or any other problems I could hear. I am very happy with your work — please pass on my compliments to your staff. John Proffitt, KUHF Houston Public Radio Hi Cathy, I just completed my re-foam project and wanted to let you know it’s the best $25.70 I ever spent. I successfully reformed the woofers of my Thiel 03a’s which I’ve owned since 1982. Even though these haven’t been my main speakers for more than 10 years, it was great fun bringing them back to life. I believe they sound as good as the day I first brought them home. Now all that’s left is to put new grill cloth on them, but that can wait. Thanks again. Alex G. I received my refoam and dustcap kit — and installed them yesterday, My first time, awesome product. Very easy, 1 hour for two speakers. Strip to rebuild. Wow! I’ve paid pros to do this before. I wish I had that money back. I was amazed how easy it was and how good the Nova speakers looked — and sounded. I bought this pair of Nova 4 speakers solely for this refoaming experiment on my holiday break — and was prepared for the worst. Even to throw them away if needed. With freshly refinished and oiled cabinets these are real keepers. They look and sound fantastic….. thanks speaker exchange!. My only tips — measure carefully for the parts and get an exacto knife, and a new #11 blade for each speaker. Thanks very much. Mark D. Hi Cathy, I got the kit and installed the new foam, waited for it to dry. Hooked it up in my car and it works just like it was new. My JL Audio 15W6 is back and hits as hard as it ever did! Amazing that a $370.00 Woofer is saved by a $25.00 kit. If you are good with your hands you can do this by yourself easy! This kit saved me hundred’s of dollars that I would have spent on new speakers. Thanks so much and I am definitely going to buy from www.refoamkits.comagain! Thank you!!! Tony Hi Cathy and staff, I wanted to complement you and your entire staff on having the highest degree of professionalism, knowledge and on being very customer friendly, I had an immediate sense of audiophile comradery when speaking to Mike the first time I called about my McIntosh XR16s 12? woofers. Mike knows his driver components, his knowledge of cone material, in addition to everything else he said convinced me I called the right people. The workmanship that I could see could not have been exceeded, the performance is superb, I could not be more pleased with my entire experience. My desire to have my Mc woofers as good as new or better was matched by your desire to rebuild them to be such. My classic Mcs sound wonderful. Thank you. Sincerely, Mike B. Kansas City MO. Cathy; Speaker Exchange has been excellent since the first day I stepped through the door. Your staff is intelligent, friendly and above all honest. I really just wanted these speakers fixed, and fixed right, after sending them to the Manufacturer as many times as I did, I wasn’t sure if they could fix them or if they didn’t care. Your staff located the problems, solved it and now they sound great. Thanks bunches… I was ready to dump these speakers in the trash and your staff made them shine… Amazing how you could fix them and the manufacturer, the people who designed them, couldn’t- GO FIGURE. I will be back whenever I have something to repair relating to speakers!!! Adam P. Winter Springs, Florida Cathy I’ve been repairing a looonngggg time (35 years) and I’ve dealt with many parts/service people. Once in a great while, I find someone special — someone who answers the phone with a smile, even if she’s having a bad day. And it’s not the fake “management makes me do this” smile — I can tell. Someone who always returns my calls or emails quickly. Someone who checks to see if I got what I ordered. I haven’t seen many like that in recent years, and you, of all the good ones I’ve seen, are simply, the best. I just wanted you to feel appreciated. You do great work, Cathy. Steve Cathy; Speaker Exchange has been excellent since the first day I stepped through the door. Your staff is intelligent, friendly and above all honest. I really just wanted these speakers fixed, and fixed right, after sending them to the Manufacturer as many times as I did, I wasn’t sure if they could fix them or if they didn’t care. Your staff located the problems, solved it and now they sound great. Thanks bunches… I was ready to dump these speakers in the trash and your staff made them shine… Amazing how you could fix them and the manufacturer, the people who designed them, couldn’t- GO FIGURE. I will be back whenever I have something to repair relating to speakers!!! Adam P. Winter Springs, Florida

Cathy, Thank you for your prompt reply regarding my auto speaker. The EMIT tweeter works great in my old Infinity speakers – what great sound, once again! When I get my automobile sound system in working order, I will have beautiful music in both my home & car for the Holiday Season. Thanks for your assistance. MR. JOE H.

Hi Cathy, I received the JBL diaphragms. They are in good condition and work perfectly. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much. For other orders, surely I’ll reply. I send a big hello from a small town in France. Very cordially Roger Renard www.roger-renard.org

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to let you know I appreciated the quick shipping and the kit worked perfectly. I’ve been showing it off to others and giving out your info so they can do the same. I have other sets around the house that will need repair and now that I know how to do the job I’ll be back in touch for some more kits. Take care, Elden

Hey Cathy, I just wanted to Thank you guys for doing such a great job on both of my Adam A7 monitors. They sound great!!! Colleen M.

Hi Cathy, Collected diaphragm and fitted into horn box yesterday. All working fine. Can I also say, as I did not have a part number for the component, I sent you a detailed description, with dimension details. You were able to identify the part with this information and offer me two options of diaphragm, aluminium or phenolic. Thanks Cathy and thanks Speakerex. I shall contact you again should I require Gauss spare parts and shall recommend you to anyone requiring US manufacture speaker parts. Sid

The mid range for the AR arrived and all IS great. Thanks so much for your assistance and will be using you again soon. Scott S. Sat Pro Communications and Skyware Communications Ltd.

Hi Cathy, Your Advent legacy replacement woofers are great! When I damaged one of my original Advent drivers, I was worried that I might have lost that 1977 vintage sound which I was accustomed to hearing, but your new production woofer reproduced that old Advent sound faithfully. I think that Henry Kloss would be proud. Thanks for a great product and quality service, Rob

Hi Cathy! We received the part today and our speakers are working!!! You saved the day here at the studio!! You are officially this week’s 13th Planet Hero!!! Both Andrew and I really appreciate your professionalism, courtesy and fantastic customer service. Thank you so much for all your help in expediting this and we will contact you when we need future speaker and monitor gear. Best regards… your happy client! Angelina J. 13th Planet

hello Cathy, yes! the package and product did arrive in great shape. yes! i am satisfied with the speaker part that speakerex helped me in obtaining and it was the right parts needed to repair my speaker. i give speakerex on a scale from 1-10…a 10(ten) in friendly service and honesty you gave toward ordering my parts for repair. like what i said in an earlier email, that i would refer my friends to speakerex.com. i even email google.com and made a complaint about having reconekit.com deleted from their search engine, due to the fact that i had gotten ripped off from reconekit.com. they claim that their parts come straight from the factory, well they are wrong and ripped me off $130.00. found out when i had installed the kit from reconekit.com. made a complaint with reconekit.com and still waiting for a reply which i doubt would ever come about. i also continue on my email to google.com to place speakerex.com first on the list… service and honesty to customers is the key and i would do future bussiness with speakerex. thank you once again… Rodney A.

Hi Cathy, I received all items in nice condition. I have already replaced them. It sounds great!!! I am very happy and appreciate your great service. Thank you for your good work. Keiji Niigataken, Japan

Mike/Cathy, Speakers were delivered by FedEx yesterday as you said and in fine shape. Workmanship is as good as new! Installed them that afternoon and am very happy to have my ‘sounds’ back (makes the Onkyo happy too)! Thanks for a great job on all 6 speakers! Tom K.

Cathy Received the diaphragm, it’s installed and works just fine. Many thanks for your help. Regards, RP

Hi Cathy Just a note to let you know that I received my speaker and installed it. It sounds great! I am very pleased. Thank you for your great service. Floyd

Dear Cathy, I have received my diaphragms, thanks to you I am now back gigging, you have an execellent service. I have and gave your email address to my music store in Ireland, and i’m sure they will be in contact with you shortly. Keep up the good work. Yours sincerly, Nick F., Wexford, Ireland

Hi Cathy, I just received everything, in perfect condition. And a bumper sticker too, no less. Many thanks, you’ve exceeded my expectations! Bob, in Milwaukee

Dear Cathy I Normally don’t do this, But I wanted to say what a great job that you people did on the speakers that I had sent in to have repaired. They sound great! and looked like new! Thanks for the help!! Hope that you all have a great Day!! Gordon F. Iowa

Hallo Cathy I received recently the speakers. Thank you. Very good job. It sounds even better that the other pair I have here with graphite. Best regards Paulo Switzerland

Hi Cathy I have to tell you, your product just saved me $600. I own a pair of Bose 901 series IV speakers that I bought in 1984 and they had started deteriorating 8 years ago. I had called Bose 2 years ago and they told me they would exchange them for $600. I could not afford this price, so I decided I would just put them in storage until I had enough money. I had recently moved last month and saw my Bose speakers again, so I called the Bose Company again to see if they could do anything to help me and once again they told me it cost me $600 to exchange them. Then the representative told me about re foaming my speakers, so I asked for a web site and he suggested to type in re foaming speakers which I did and came across your store. I was very skeptical about doing this because I didn’t want to damage the speaker anymore than they were, but I went ahead and ordered your product. It took me one day for install and another day for drying. You should here my speakers they sound like new. I’m enclosing several pictures and remember this someone who had no idea how to refoam speakers, but your easy to follow instructions really helped. Thank You FERNANDO F.

Cathy, I just wanted to let you know I received the re-coned JBL 123a speakers I sent to you. WOW! Thanks for the quick turn around and the excellent re-coning. I picked them up on Ebay from a seller saying they were in mint condition (one had the voice coil rubbing!), now they really do look and perform like brand new. When I called to check on them a couple weeks ago someone told me the parts wouldn’t be in until September 15th, so I was very happy when I got a call saying they were finished and shipping. Also thank Mike and I think I talked to Steve. Mark

in good shape. You were able to provide me with original equipment mid range speakers for my Infinity speakers which work and sound wonderful. I would rate my experience with your company a 10 and I would recommend you to others. Thanks for helping me keep my older Infinity speakers sound like they did when they were new. Robert P.

Hi Cathy, I am surprised and very satisfied with your fast reply. My speakers are like brand new and working fine. Thanks for your attention and for the fantastic work you do. Miguel S. Azores, Portugal

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to let you know that the re-foam kit was perfect! I feel like I have brand new speakers! Thanks for your help. The on-line instructions were great with the photos and all. Lisa

Cathy, I’m so glad I found you guys. I have a pair of Bose 601 series 3 that I wanted to give to my son. Of course, the suspension had rotted on the low frequency drivers. I emailed Bose and asked them about possible replacements. They never even bothered emailing me back. I’m always nervous about buying something online through someone I’ve never dealt with before. Your quick response and feedback on my order made ordering from you a delight. I received my re-foam kits in three days. I re-foamed the drivers and my sons “new” speakers are now sounding like brand new. I will be recommending you to everyone I can. Thanks so much. Les W.

I will give you a 10 and I don’t care if you use my name as I am retired from the Electronic Service Business after 40 years. Thanks again!! Bud B. Bud’s TV Service

hello Cathy, I sent you an unsolicited e-mail just after I received the GW-15 speakers. The speakers were a perfect drop in fit for the Infinity 150 cabinet. Even the screw holes lined up absolutely perfectly. I believe that the GW-15 sounds much better then the original Infinity woofers. They are much tighter sounding. The original woofers had a distorted booming quality at certain frequencies that was very annoying. The GW-15 does not do that. I am completely satisfied with them. The service that I received from you was excellent. Brian M.

Dear Cathy, Thank you and your company for the fine service you afforded me. I was in a hurry due to the fact that other companies had not been able to fill my order. Not only was your service fast, but it also included a special no – substitutions speaker part. You are very kind. I think so, because good communication with you and easy explanation able to understand about speaker recone part. I can not thank you enough for three of dust caps gift to me but, I remember that made mistake by your shipping department crew. All of them parts I received on time and in perfect condition. I will be purchasing speaker parts from now on when I need some. I do hope you will overlook my many mistakes in English. Thanks again. Warm regards, Lee – from South Korea

Cathy, I was just commenting today about you guys. Told a friend how pleased I was with repairing the speakers rather than buying new ones. I recovered the grills and they look absolutely brand new. I’d give ya’ll a 12+ on a scale of 1 thru 10. Thank you, Brent

Hi Cathy, I can not imagine having a better experience in dealing with an online company. I received the package (in good shape) the very next day, and by that evening we were once again enjoying our great sounding speakers. Definitely a 10, and I have already talked you up to some friends. Good job guys, thanks. Mike C.

Knowledgeable staff who helped me pick the right speaker replacement; Fast service; Great product. Couldn’t be more satisfied. Captain H.

Thanks for the timely shipping. The package arrived today. Since I’d looked at the instructions at your site and had the prep work done in advance, the repair is completed. My Cerwin Vega’s hadn’t been used in a couple years as the foam had completely come apart. But hey, they were made in ’89. haha I’m tickled pink to have them looking and sounding almost new again. I’m 1000% percent satisfied and would gladly steer anybody your way in the future. Thanks muchly. : ) Gregory B.

Cathy, Your service is prompt and professional. I recieved the product in a timely manner. The pricing is among the best and the response time is great. Thank you. You will be recieving my crossover within the next few weeks for repair. Again thanks for your great service. Thanks, Marshall

I contacted Cathy at the Speaker Exchange because the people at Infinity/Harmon Kardon gave me their name. The woofers I needed were no longer available through Infinity. Cathy was tireless in answering my questions. Her information was always pertinent and helpful. She showed me all my options, and when I made my choice, the replacement infinity woofers I bought were exactly what I expected. They were easy to install and they sound great! Every aspect of my business transaction with Cathy at the Speaker Exchange was high quality. Don V. Clovis, CA

Good Afternoon, Cathy! Just a short note to let you know that the two woofers returned home on Tuesday, are back in place, and are performing fine (we had to “fully test” them before letting you know!). Following their progress with FedEx was something like watching your local TV station following Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve! I’m glad Infinity had you on their list, and Thank You for the service! Sincerely yours, Derek D. Freeland, MI

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to drop you a line to convey my appreciation for all of your help with regard to the refoam kits for my infinity rs 4000 speakers. I ordered the kits today and the fellow I dealt with on the phone was so pleasent and professional it was a pleasure. The fact that you responded to my e-mails so promptly and with so much useful information says a lot about your company. You just don’t get service like this these days. All the best and thanks again. Sincerely, Eric M.

Hi Cathy, well, Speaker Exchange came through once again. The first speaker you replaced for me was the exact speaker replacement from Klipsch and performs great. The Klipsch Horn Tweeter that Randall fixed for me was installed a couple of days ago and sounds fantastic. I had just purchased the Klipsch Tower Speakers KSF 10.5 only to find out that one horn was blown, not good. I called Speaker Exchange and was greeted by Mr. Randall, I explained my problem and he gathered some information about the Klipsch Horn and told me he would call me in a few minutes. Well, he did call me back and advised me that Klipsch had no replacement for this model anymore, production had stopped a while back. So I thought I had lost my purchase but Randall advised me to send him the horn because he might just be able to fix it. So I shipped out the horn to The Speaker Exchange. A day or two later Mr. Randall called me back with great news….he was able to fix the Klipsch horn tweeter. Well, he saved the day. He shipped the horn back right away I installed it and the sound is great!!. Thanks again for all your work, you guys are a life saver. On a scale of 1-10 The Speaker Exchange is rated a 10 since I have used your services twice now and both times you guys have come through with flying colors. Keep up the GREAT work!! Tony R., Miami, FL

Dearest Mrs. Cathy Satin, I received the VIFA D75MX drivers and replaced the old Polydomes with them without problem at all! For the sound quality… As I replaced both drivers while the speakers were disconnected from the amp, I couldn’t compare the VIFA to the old Polydome (undamaged one, of course). Although I checked the “new” sound on relatively low levels, to my ears, the result is much more satisfying and pleasant than I would expect. So, Dearest Cathy, thanking you once more for all your efforts and your time to solve my problem, for your perfect kindness and your exceptional patience, please be sure that I will always remain very grateful to you. Best regards, best wishes, Ayhan M., Mech. Engineer M.S., Istanbul – Turkey

Hello Cathy. I received the items yesterday. It took some extra effort to get it from the post office. Nobody knew which postoffice the parcel was send to… But at last, it’s here. I mounted both the diaphragms and PRESTO!!!!! Noise!!!! Thanks for your cooperation and patience. I’ll recommend your company to my colleagues. Best regards, Chris D. (from Norway)

Hi Cathy, My speakers arrived safe and sound on the 7th. I hooked them up and they are as good as new. I will definitely be recommending Speaker Exchange. Thanks for everything. Best Wishes, Francis (from Ireland)

Dear Cathy, Thank you and your company for the fine service you afforded me. I was in a hurry due to the fact that other companies had not been able to fill my order (GPA : no answer on the pretext of busy, bad communication and Legacy sound service : requsted excess shipping charge etc.). Not only was your service fast, but it also included a special no – substitutions speaker part. You are very kind and gentle. I think so, because good communication with you and easy explanation able to understand about speaker recone part. I can not thank you enough for three of dust caps gift to me but, I remember that made mistake by your shipping department crew. All of them parts I received on time and in perfect condition. I will be purchasing speaker parts from now on when I need some. I do hope you will overlook my many mistakes in English. Thanks again. Warm regards, Lee – from South Korea

Hello Cathy, Yes, the midrange speakers were everything that I was told and more. They arrived quicker than I expected. They were easy to install after, Randall, explained but he really knew his stuff. These were truly a great replacement for the polydome that had cracked due to the age. I will definitely recommend you and use you next time I have an opportunity. I was so glad to find speakerexchange when I searched for replacement and then the expert service of Randall. Shirley

Hey Cathy, Everything worked out great and my clients at the club are happy. I look forward to working with you again, and have already lined up some other clients that will need reconing and diaphragm replacements. The quality of workmanship on the recone was exceptional, if only noticed by a trained eye. On a scale of one to ten… a 10+. I was very happy with the turn around time and the packaging and shipping were great also. Sean S. Assistant Director of Audio Visual Services

As I write this, I am listening to the 3839 Tannoys that were recently returned to me from Speakerex in Florida. Dvorak’s Dances (Vanguard Stereolab, Mario Rossi, The Vienna State Opera Orchestra) never sounded so Slavonic. My re-surrounded Tannoys produce bass that is not just powerful and profound, but better detailed than I have ever heard them. I would never hesitate to commend my Tannoys to Speakerex, and its knowledgeable and charming chargé d’affaires, Cathy. Henry S.

A great business transaction. Knowledgable and courteous staff. Quick shipping andpriced rite. A very pleasant experience! Absolutely a 10 !!! Greg

Hi Cathy, Thank you for sending the Tannoy diaghragms. The package arrived very well packed with no damage and shipping was very fast. I installed the diaghragms in the speakers, aligned them and measured the frequency response with a computer Real Time Analysis program. The results were excellent! You matched the 2 diaghragms really well and very well balanced. Playing music through them is amazing, just like Tannoy’s are suppose to sound! I highly recommend your company to anyone who wants quality products at a good price and most importantly great service and feedback. Thank you for everything. This is my first experience with your company and I will definately order from you again. Best Regards, Ken

I am extremely pleased – a perfect 10. And, the savings were substantial. Toyota wanted $300 – in advance – to order a new speaker plus the cost of removal and reinstallation. You made mine good as new for a total of $55! I just returned from having the speaker reinstalled and the person at Norton Stereo who did it said the speaker sounds great. They asked if I would give them your phone number. I did and sugested they check your website. I will happily recommend you to anyone who needs your services. Thank you. Tom W.

Cathy, I was very impressed with the repair work you did on the two speakers from my Seeburg 201 Jukebox. They were the final pieces in a total restoration I have done on the unit. It now not only looks great, but now sounds great also. Thank you, Miner F.

Hi Cathy, The newly refurbished speakers arrived quickly via DHL. The packing was excellent and quite ingenious really — the USPS Priority Mail carton boxes are perfect for the larger speakers. The speakers now sound like new. I am very happy with the service from Speaker Exchange and will rate it a perfect ten. Thanks, Yeefun

I liked a lot of care of the Speaker Exchange, were bright, punctual and above all honest. The packaging is great and protects the product well. Products of Speaker Exchange, I recommend. Thank you very much. Luiz C. – Brazil

The package arrive in great shape. I am happy with the speaker. I think you did whatever possible to help. 10~! You got my words. Thanks, Lau Malaysia

Dear Cathy: Last night, a musical evening was arranged in honor of the Tannoy twins, fully restored after a brief vacation at Speaker Exchange in Tampa, where they were surrounded with love by Cathy Satin. They were reunited with their companions of many years: the unfailingly reliable Frank McIntosh; Swiss music box manufacturer Hermann Thorens and his good right arm, Joseph Grado; and the world famous tracker, Sidney N. Shure. The moment the Tannoys began to perform, it was apparent that they were once again at the pinnacle of their form. From Robert Veyron-Lacroix’s shimmering harpsichord to Alexei Sultanov’s bone-rattling piano fortissimos, from E. Power Biggs’ thunderous 32-foot pedal to Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road,’ the Tannoys re-created the live event in all its delicacy, dynamism, and dimension. Thank you Cathy, Mike, and the rest of the surgical team at The Speaker Exchange. Now if you will excuse me, Ella and I have some lost time to make up. Gratefully, Henry S. (Chef Henry)

The speakers are great. The speakers were original option equipment from a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible. The installer had never seen that size and depth of speaker, and in an exhaustive search I could not find a replacement which would fit the door cut-outs. The refurb was excellent, and the Cougar sounds great, inside and out. Thank you very much. Tom C. Fredericksburg, VA

Cathy, The diaphragm arrived at the shop before I did this morning; it’s been installed; the Mackie appears to be working fine, and the owner is scheduled to pick it up this afternoon. Thanks for all your work. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and The Speaker Exchange. Cheers, Robert P. RFI Audio Charlotte, NC

Hi Cathy, Appreciate your note. The Woofers arrived safe and sound. I must say I was really impressed with the care and thought given to the packaging of the speakers – WoW!! Very impressive. On a scale of 1 to 10 you guys are for sure 10++. It’s really refreshing dealing with a professional / quality outfit these days. Thanks again, wonderful job all the way around. Say hi to Mike for me. Dennie A. Crystal Falls, MI

Hi Cathy, I got the diaphragm yesterday, in an excellent condition. No wonder the way you sent it. No chance for any damage, except perhaps an elephant would sit on it. But even then then I’m not so sure. Thanks again Helmut in Germany

Hi there Cathy, I am so happy with your services Thank you, the port PT-F440 is a perfect match, size and all!!! And for your records it’s a perfect match for a Mackie SRS1500 sub, so you can now advertise that you supply, there have been a number of people enquiring about that port all over the world, Mackie has no stock!! now obsolete. John F. in Austrailia

Cathy, As an FAA certification specialist, I am an extremely particular person, and in the aviation industry we must work to a quality standard that demands “defect free” in the workplace. At home, I also expect high quality and performance from my collection of vintage Klipsch speakers. Following a shipping mishap recently, I sent you a badly damaged Klipsch woofer in need of re-build. The driver was quite expensive and this repair was my first experience with The Speaker Exchange. You know, a lot of trust goes into sending a high end driver out for repair, especially when you just wish you could just make it like new again and pray that when you get it back it will match the others that stayed behind in looks and performance. Well, when I received the speaker back I was left speechless. The re-cone work you did on my 15? Klipsch driver was absolute perfection. It returned better than new, and a perfect match to my other Klipsch drivers right down to the placement of the “PWK” logo Klipsch dust cap! I will share this positive experience with my colleagues at GE and am happy to pass my recommendation along to others. My total Speaker Exchange experience was indeed a 10++. I would strongly recommend that anyone else out there who is in pursuit of perfection, not even consider going anywhere other than The Speaker Exchange for their speaker repair needs! Gary E.S. Chief Certification Advisor GE Aviation Systems LLC

Hi Cathy, Just a follow-up to my previous feedback: I have installed the repaired passive radiator and reconnected the subwoofer to my surround sound/music system. As I expected, the system sounds absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with your service which provided me with a fast, affordable way to again get the maximum enjoyment both listening to my music collection as well as enjoying the full-range sound of our home theater. Thank you again. Sincerely, Keith R.

Hi, Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to reinstall the passive radiator in my subwoofer yet, given the nature of the repair, I am confident it will perform as it did when I first got it, or maybe even better. I was hoping you would contact me for my comments and opinion about your service. I think you are at the very top of the list of the best companies I have ever had the good fortune of patronizing. The internet is wonderful, as I’m sure you realize – I found you there! Communication was outstanding from the time you received the item to be repaired until after I had gotten it back from you. And it was done with speed to which I am unaccustomed in this day and age. I wouldn’t hesitate to use your service again should the need arise and you can be sure that yours will be the ONLY name I will recommend to anyone else I know or hear about who has a related issue! You and your staff are fantastic! Thank you. Sincerely, Keith R.

Cathy – Everything was awesome, quick service and very quick delivery. Installed the speaker last night and worked perfect (this was the second one ordered in the last couple months). Thanks for everything. Mike

Speaker Exchange did an awesome job!! You contacted me when you received the speakers… we discussed what was to be repaired & before I knew it the speakers were delivered back to me… quickly & as good as new… 10++++ Thanks!! Sincerely, Robert B.

Cathy: The Altecs are back in service and seem to be good as new. The speakers arrived in good shape and on time. No complaints. Thanks for the excellent service. You get a “10?. Chris G. Casar, NC

The refoam kit arrived in good order. The instructions were clear and very helpful. My vintage JBL’s now sound as good as new. I would highly recommend your company. You are rated a 10. Thank You, Ed T.

Hi Cathy, I was very pleased with the refoam kit and my AR3a loudspeakers now sounds wonderful again. The instructions were very useful and easy to follow and the result is I think excellent. Thank you for handling my order fast and efficiently and you get a 10 from me. Ferenc T.

Hi Cathy & Glenn! This is the second time I’ve had Speaker Exchange recone my speakers and I am once again very happy! The first was my old loveable Dynaco hi-fi speakers I’ve enjoyed since 1970. Recently, my 1990 Snell EIII woofers were restored and sound as majestic as ever. As a Mixer and Composer, it’s crucial to have accurate listening references, and I’m so happy to have my sounds back to normal. Thanks so much for keeping my “friends” alive!!! A TIP’O’THE HAT TO YA BOTH… IRA, LOS ANGELES

Cathy, The Polk woofer arrived intact, and am now listening to my whole speaker system again! They sound great. Thanks for all the help. I will definitely use you all again in the future. Sincerely, Peter W.

Hello Cathy, The speakers arrived and were in great condition. I installed them and have been enjoying them since. Thank you for your prompt service. I am very pleased. The price you charged was even lower than you said, and you applied the coupon as you promised, even though I had shipped the speakers before learning of it. On a scale of 1-10 I would give you a 10. Randy

Now that I’ve had a few weeks to break in the repaired woofer, I can comment about my experience with Speaker Exchange. I am extremely pleased with the repair and transport times, cost of the repair, and the quality of the workmanship. I would both use Speaker Exchange again, as well as recommend it to others. I rate your service a 10 out of 10. Good job. Phillip

Just wanted to let you know that I received the speaker and I am very pleased with it. I will pass your name on to my other friends that also have old or vintage cars that may need your services in the future. I have not installed speaker as yet, but appears to be done nicely. Speaker was received in a timely fashion. Thank you. John C./Ogden Service Center

Hi Cathy, I received the speakers in good shape and I am happy with them. I spoke with Mike over the phone after reviewing your website and he was very helpful. I explained to him my problem and he researched my pioneer S-910 speakers and came up with a solution. I talked to Mike on November 3rd; he called me back on Monday, November 5th. At that time I ordered the woofers, and I received them on November 8th. I would rate my experience with your company as a 10. Mike was the driving force behind that. Thanks, George

You guys rock! Always prompt, professional and knowledgeable, we have never had a problem with the Speaker Exchange. Thanks Andy S., President Custom Audio and Lighting, Inc.

Cathy, The speakers you repaired for me sound great. The turn around time was very fast, communication was excellent and I saved several hundred dollars vs. having the manufacturer repair or replace my speakers. I would highly recommend The Speaker Exchange to anyone. Thanks again for a great job! Best regards, Scott W.

Definitely a 10! VERY VERY fast turnaround!!!! Thanks so much! Patrick D.

On a scale of 1-10 I give a “11?. You responded quick. The order was shipped in 2 days and you answered every email and question very quick. Product showed up well packaged and worked perfect. Thanks. Elizabeth

Cathy, This is the first time a company has wrote and asked me to rate their service. I have to admit, I have no complaints. My kit arrived in a timely matter in perfect shape. All the parts and full instructions was included and my speakers are like new again. Thank you very much! Chad

Hi Cathy, The Infinity repairs worked out just great! I ended up having a bit of a “wiring issue”, but once I corrected that both cabinets and all of the components are up and running. It is wonderful having music in the house again. My experience with your company was top notch! Susan M.

Cathy, GREAT GREAT GREAT – 10 out of 10. I am telling everyone about you. Thanks, Adam

Dear Cathy, I’ve just hooked up the speakers and they sound fabulous. I see why they were so beloved by their owner. Everything seems to be perfect and I’m sure the customer will be thrilled. Personally, I’m delighted that my packaging did the job of protecting the speakers on trip to Tampa and back. Since I can find no fault with any facet of dealing with Speaker Exchange, I’d have to rate your company a 10. The people I spoke with on the phone were all polite, professional and informative. The time it took to finish the work was quicker than what I”m used to. Your prices were more than reasonable and the results speak for themselves. Most of all, I was amazed that in this age of throw-away electronics, a product this old could be brought back to like-new condition. When I first saw the speakers I was ready to administer last rites and advise the customer to purchase a new set. Luckily, the store owner suggested I call Speaker Exchange. If my 33-year-old Larger Advents ever die, yours will be the first company I call. Sincerely, Dave M. Service Manager, Hoyt Stereo

I am quite pleased with the speaker I got from you. I thank you for your support in getting it to me. I will be ordering more from you in the future. Again thank you. Jerry K.

Dear Cathy, My speaker is performing as good as new. I am very pleased with your work. Thank you again. Sincerely Yours, Mike H.

Cathy; I bought this tweeter for my husband (he’s redoing a vintage amp). So far, he’s very pleased and he even called today to ask some advice and was helped promptly. Thanks!!! Susan

Cathy- The Speaker Exchange has displayed an exceptional service oriented commitment from our initial conversation through fruition. I wish everyone we dealt with had this attitude-, I’m sure you will keep up the good work. Thanks for the quick turnaround and quality satisfaction. Best Regards, Harrison

Cathy, Your diaphragm fit perfectly! Thanks for saving the day. Nice detective work, my description over the phone was far from exact. Ron G. p.s. Thanks for the speedy delivery! Keep me in your records, I’ll be back.

Rating 10. Fit just like the original! Performed great once installed. Delivery and ordering were well within my expectations! Sincerely, Robin M.

Hi Cathy! Thanks for asking. The woofers are great! They arrived quickly and were meticulously packaged. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate the transaction a 10. I will definitely use you for any of my future speaker needs. Have a great day! ~Autumn

Thanks Cathy, I have not installed them in the theatre yet, I would rate what I see of the work as a 10. It is not easy to retro-fit a 76 year old speaker. You should put that in your web site! By the way, TA 4151 is a Western Electric number. I have an elliptical speaker from a 1935 Philco radio that I will send you when I get a chance. Thanks, Peter

Hi Cathy, Before I found your website I took my broken speaker to a local repair shop who told me it cannot be fixed and I should buy a replacement. I know little about speakers in general, but enough to know that a repair on my speaker should be feasible. I e-mailed you, and you were confident that your business could repair my speaker. I sent it in and sure enough, my speaker is back in my hands good as new. So to answer your question, I have to give you a 10. Thank you very much! Jonathan

Hey Cathy, Yep, the cloth came in and it is exactly what we were looking for… on a scale of 1 – 10… I would put you folks at a 12. Thanks for your help and the next time I need something like this again, now I know where to go. Hope you have a good day. Thanks, Harold

Cathy: As a speaker re-coner myself I highly recommit your excellent service and customer service. I receive my order the next day with plenty of e-mail traffic notifying me where the package was every second of the day. Very impressive! I have closed my speaker re-coning business doors and I plan on sending all my customers your way. Kind regards, Carl S., MCS Vintage Sound

Hello Cathy, You are the first one to know: my mids came in this morning, I fixed them right away and they play like hell!! Dutch customs made me pay an extra € 55 but I am happy like a child that my sound is back!! Thanks for your extra trouble!! Harry Cathy, I received my speaker yesterday and will use it this weekend to break it in. The workmanship and the way it was packed for shipment was very impressive. All that Randall said was true. I will be shipping the other speaker for the same service soon. Bill R.

Thank you! On a one to ten scale, you guys rate ELEVEN! Your turnaround is fabulous. Sent the speakers on Monday and they were back in three days! They are already installed in my Wilson Audio WATTS and sound great. I look forward to working with you again. Michael

You folks did a very nice job on these Peerless midrange drivers. Even the one with the previously-attempted repair looks great. More importantly, the sine wave tests sound perfect. I’m sure we’ll be sending you some more of these down the road. Thanks for your help! Sincerely, Jim L. – Griggs Music

Dear Folks at Speaker Exchange, Just a note to let you know that the reconing job you did for me last week on my JBL 2245H (18? Bass driver) was a great job, as previous jobs you have done for me have been. It performs flawlessly and looks great too. My B460 Subwoofer is really “up to the mark” now. Thanks! Best regards to all, Peter M.

I just wanted to share with you and the staff my thanks for a job well done. You received a speaker to be re-foamed last Thursday from me and I was contacted that Friday for my billing information. The gentlemen I spoke with said that I should have it back no later then Friday the 11th. As my buddy and I were installing my system this past Tuesday, Fed Ex shows up with my speaker. Needless to say, I was thrilled on its early arrival. Perfect timing! By the way, great job on the speaker. Thanks so much! Tim F.

Hi Cathy: Received the tweeter today… it was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for your help. It’s really great doing business with a pro. I’m sure we will do business again. Best regards Rudolph J.

“The Speaker Exchange is the most personable company I have dealt with in long time. You just don’t find genuine customer service like The Speaker Exchange provides anymore.” Thanks Nick M.

Hi Cathy, Recently received my JBL Le5-2 midrange back from a recone job. Just wanted to let you know that the service and quality of work were both excellent. Don’t change…..It’s nice to know that there are people out there who still offer quality workmanship and friendly service. Best regards, Al

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the quick service. We ordered the tweeters and received them in under a week and were able to use them this past weekend at our concert. Great job! Thanks Dan W. — Destiny Ministries

Hi Cathy, On a scale of 1 to 10 you really are a “10?. I was going to just buy woofers locally but you seemed very knowledgeable about the Advent product line and I felt much more confident that I would get a speaker that would work well. I was glad to hear that you knew of a production Advent woofer replacement that just went into production. My next upgrade project will be for my old Marantz Imperial 5 speakers… with YOUR help!! Thanks again, John

Dear Cathy, Well what can I say except many thanks, yet again. There aren’t many that respond so well with a result and also pass on a saving in the costs to me. Yourself and the Speakerex company are a welcome example of how to treat customers that many companies in England should take note of. Well done and thank you. Peter C.

Hi Please do me a favor and tell the person who worked on the woofer they did a great job. It works great. In awhile I’ll package the other one and send it to you in the same box. Thanks again. David B.

Hi Cathy, well speakers are installed and working fine. As a buyer it’s nice if not unusual when all expectations are exceeded. From the time I placed my order everyone I spoke with was very helpful. You answered my questions, tracked my shipment and followed up regarding my satisfaction. Pleasure doing business with your company. I’d rate you a “TEN”…… Jack A 10!!! I was impressed by the quality of work performed. I basically have two new speakers now. Thank you and I will be sure to recommend your company to friends/relatives. Victoria

A client from Kazakhstan writes… Hi Cathy. Got the cones today. Everything is GREAT!!! Thank you very much. Look forward for further cooperation. Very best regards. Kathy

Hello Cathy, On a scale of 1 to 10….. your company gets a rating of “10? from me. I have to be honest with you, but when I sent my two speakers to you, I wanted to believe that getting one speaker re-coned and getting a replacement speaker for the other wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg and take forever. Well, you exceeded my expectations. In just a little over a week, I received my re-coned woofer and a new tweeter speaker. I installed them the same evening and I now have two great sounding stereo systems. We don’t have anyone in our area, that I know of, that does speaker repair work or at a reasonable cost like your company. So, I highly recommend you to anyone in question. Thank you again, Martin K.

I rate it a 10. The speakers came out great and they were well shipped and done fast. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks again! Elias

Cathy, The speakers did arrive and I have installed and connected them to my stereo. I use these in combination with an Ipod. They are working great and the sound is excellent. Your service is all you promised in our original contact email. I would give you a rating of 10. Sincerely, Don

I received my replacement woofers today and I am thrilled. They are a perfect fit and they work great. You were a great help in my search for these replacement woofers that I needed in order to repair my JBL speakers. Great customer service before and after the sale, same day shipping, a fair price, and an excellent product. A customer can’t ask for more. You’re a 10 in my book. Warm Regards, John S. Cromwell, Connecticut

Cathy, This is the second time I have used your Company. Just like last time, I rate my experience a ’10? in all regards. You have a terrific company. In a world of generally poor customer service, The Speaker Exchange sets the bar for other service companies. Thank you, Mark C.

Hi Cathy, I received the speakers on Saturday morning and installed them Saturday afternoon. It was great to get new life into, and revived sound out of, my floor standing speakers. I listened to them all Saturday evening and well into Sunday and was constantly reminded of just how good they can sound and how much I missed having them in good working order. I have several pair of speakers throughout the house and notice others are starting to show signs of disintegrating foam so I’ll be back to you. Thanks again. Jim

Cathy: Your rating is definitely a 10+. I have used your service before and it has always been a pleasure to do bussiness with your organization. Thanks, Octavio

So glad you touched based…. i was planning on giving you my feedback…. but who knows if I would have remembered!! We give you a #10…. We are thrilled w/ the work you have done. Packaged great, Quick turnaround and Excellent workmanship. The speakers sound Awesome again. I can now resume playing all my favorite tunes…. thanks for all your quick responses to my questions and follow ups. Joan

Cathy, I was very pleased with your service. It was timely and speakers are working fine. Thanks much. I would rate your service as a 10. P.S. Really liked the packing job you guys do for the return shipping. Jim

Hi there! Got the speakers yesterday, and reinstalled them today. They sound great. I appreciate the quick turnaround, and your helpful advice. The band seems to enjoy blowing stuff up, so you’ll be getting more business from us… take care! Jason

Cathy, I finally found time to hook up the new woofers. Please do what ever you like with my old ones – the new ones sound great. Rating: I’d rate you a 9.5 (only because there is always room for improvement). Your service, communications and follow through are excellent. Thanks for all of your help and advice. Dick R.

Cathy, Thank you for the excellent service. It definitely rates a “10?. I received my speaker on time and perfectly reconed. The old McIntosh stereo is back to reproducing music exactly as it was designed… in high fidelity. I especially appreciate the personal service and ease with which I was able to communicate with you and Randall on the repair. I only sent you one woofer yet I was treated as if I were your best customer. I am so impressed by your service, I have just shipped two more speakers for you to evaluate for repair. You should receive them this Thursday. Thanks again, Bart N.

Cathy, The speaker was delivered yesterday. Thanks. I would rate the service a 10. While you were unable to repair the speaker I sent, your guys were able to find an affordable replacement that will work even better than the original. Thanks, Todd

Hi Cathy, Please feel free to post my comments, as I am very happy with the results. The speaker you chose to replace one of my Yamaha NS 1000 midranges is an excellent match. I’ve “tested” it with a variety of music: acoustic, orchestral, electric, etc., and at varying volumes, and the speakers now sound as good as I remember them before the midrange got damaged. What a joy it is to listen to them without the hiss. I would rate the overall experience a 9.5, I am very pleased. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thanks, Stu

Hi Cathy, On a scale of 1 thru 10 I’ll give you a 9.5 (nobody gets a 10). The speakers look great. The repair time was better than I expected, and the cost was very reasonable. I appreciated the communication, from test results to mechanical issues. I will definitely use and recommend your company in the future. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company. Regards David J.

Cathy A 10. I am very happy with the quality of the recone and the time of repair. I like it so much that I sent another one to you yestreday. I have found my recone vender in Speaker Exchange. Thanks John M.

Cathy, The order came quickly. I have done the repair, and it was very successful. All in all I would rate the service a 10, Thank you very much, I look forward to dealing with Speaker Exchange much more in the future. Thanks again Bob H.

“10? thank you! Albert B.

Hi CATHY, I have recieved ordered part A OK. I WAS HANDELED VERY RECPECTFUL BY YOU AND OTHERS, A BIG FAT 10. Hope to do more buisness with your company. THANK YOU. SYLVESTER

I gotta give you guys a 10! The customer support quickly identified the replacement speaker I needed. They accurately described the billing process and provided me with a realistic shipping expectation. The speaker arrived earlier than predicted and was superbly packaged. Replacement of my old speaker was a breeze. It’s great to come across companies with this level of customer orientation! Jason G., Folsom, California

Hello Cathy, I’m in an orgasmic state as my very rare BIC speakers have new life thanks to you as I got my rare AU-919 Sansui amp cranking out 100 wpc to my darling BIC’s. Bless you folks as I say 10 out of 10. Your all good in my book. Regards, Steve

A 10. Very prompt, delivered as promised. Speakers working well. Thank you. Richard L.

Received the speaker today and thank you. Service was 10++ Thank you, Rick W.


Hello Cathy, I am completely satisfied with the service – this experience was a 10 — right part, trackable delivery (so I could watch it en route), and delivered to my doorstep. I have another speaker set that I was going to discard because it has a blown driver but will most likely come back to your company to get a replacement. Will certainly be back to do business with you again. Thank you, Mike S.

Cathy: I just wanted to thank you and your talented speaker technicians for doing a great job on rebuilding the woofers from my vintage (i.e. 1980) KEF 105.2 loudspeakers. I put the speakers in the cabinets this evening as soon as I saw they arrived and WOW. My speakers sound close to what they sounded like when they were new 26 years ago !!! It’s nice to find craftspeople who can still rebuild something instead of trying to sell you something inferior to what you originally had. And at a fair price. I am a happy rock ‘n roll camper once again. Thanks, I will recommend you guys to all my audiophile friends. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Paul M.

On a scale of one to ten (ten being the best) – how do we rate” I would have to say a ten. Service was fast courteous and the repair seems to be of great quality. Thanks again Taylor A.

Hi Cathy, Just received the sub-woofer back. Hooked it up, and tested. It sounds great, and thank you so much for your wonderful work. Many thanks again, Henry

Cathy, Just wanted to write and say thanks for great service. Randall’s been a big help on 3 recent trips in there to replace various parts of my JBLs. I will spread the word! Pete M.

Cathy, We received an email from our accounting group (reminding us to use) Speaker Exchange. We just want to let you know, we still love you! It is regretful that the speaker business, as far as we are concerned has evolved over the past few years. We rarely receive any of the larger cabinet speakers for repair any more. Our typical customer has migrated to the compact surround sound speaker and a subwoofer. These packaged systems are typically made up of small sealed cabinets that are replaced as a unit rather than serviced. We see very few failures of subwoofers. We will certainly continue to use your services to maintain the few lifetime warranty products that are still out there. It appears that those remaining may have outlived their original owners! Thanks! Mike P. Service Manager Radio Shack Service Center

Hi Cathy Thank you so much. I have completed the re-foam and the speakers sound as new !!!!!!!!!!! I will place your add in our reception so all my clients can see it. Kind regards Tom www.themusicfarm.co.uk

Cathy, Thanks so much – Actually you guys did a rebuild (I can’t remember what all was involved) of my JBL L65 speaker set, when we moved here in the mid-90?s. I had some mild cone damage from the move, so I had you guys do a complete work-up on both speakers. What an incredible job – they are PERFECT. Feel free to use my name as a reference for your GREAT WORK. I do pass on your name whenever someone asks about my 3-decade (circa 1975) old set of end table speakers!! In this particular case, is simply my wife has a JBL sub-woofer in her car (which has over 100,000 miles on it), and I want to get rid of the incredibly annoying BUZZING from the torn foam. With that in mind, I think I will swing by and pick up a refoaming kit. My wife doesn’t even notice the slight buzz, but it DRIVES ME NUTS, so my only intent is to eliminate my annoyance! However, you can probably count on seeing my also original BOSE 901 (circa 1976) in the near future… I think their foaming held up longer than the JBLs due to to much smaller speaker size. Steve

Cathy: Your company did a great job re-coning the Sequerra Met 7 woofers. There are many pairs of these speakers thru out the country (many probably blown) with no place to repair them. I even called Dick Sequerra, a high end audio celebrity, and he had no recommendations for repair and basically told me that I was out of luck. These speakers are highly desired and if some how in your online ad, reference repairs are available, I think that the number of hits would surprise you. Thanks for everything. If you need to talk further about these speakers feel free to contact me. Sequerra made 10 different versions of met’s. Bill Bishop

Hi Cathy, Got the sub-woofer replacement this morning. Installed it with no problems (the driver was an exact match for the old one). Sounds great! Thanks for that personal touch. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again for the great service! John

Cathy, “Tell your technicians, I really appreciate the quality work. I wasn’t looking forward to selling these speakers in their poor condition (being 27 years old), then buying new ones with the same quality for a lot more money. The most wonderful thing about listening to my speakers now is they bring back good memories about college, in spite of reminding me how much more hair I had.” Looking forward to getting the other set of speakers done. Mark

Hi Randall, Just a note following up from the work you did on my JBL L26 tweeters and crossovers. After I assembled them, the total rebuild sounded excellent. I want to thank you for the guidance you extended to me to make the job perfect and complete. Actually, I did not realize how much music was being lost from age degradation. I use these units as a basement training project for drumming and I play the same songs over and over, so this is how a know that I’m hearing notes I never heard. Thanks for that personal touch. I would recommend your services to anyone. Kindest regards, Steve V. – Atlanta

Hi Cathy, I received my speakers yesterday 12/6 by FedEx. I must say I was very pleased with the quality of work, and the turn around time was great. They sound great I will let my freinds, co workers and family know about your service. Cathy I will send all my speaker repairs to your business. Thanks Irwin V. F.

Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I was with the Refoaming of my 12 inch speakers. I re-installed the speakers in my Marantz Design Series 920 Cabinets. Had my Marantz 2265B, cleaned and adjusted. Hooked it all up and was very HAPPY to hear that clean, warm and crisp Marantz sound again. The workmanship was great. You can use me as a reference any time. Vince P.

Hi Cathy, I installed the speaker this morning. The workmanship looked great and it sounds beautiful! Thanks for your fast and professional work! Roger

I had your company recone my 12? CV woofer. First. Thank you for doing it in the red color like I asked. I put it back in the cabinet, hooked it up between two CV 211P’s and they all work well together. Thank you. Taking it out of the cabinet, mailing it, waiting for parts and putting it back together was worth the time and money spent. Thank you again. Richard M.

Cathy, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help! You have been so wonderful to work with and so professional! I have received your latest e-mail with the shipping information and will confirm delivery with Composition workshop as well. I sincerely look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future! Have a wonderful & blessed day! Sincerely, Carrie L.

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to let you know I received my CV tweeter I ordered from you guys. It came much faster than I expected, I guess CV was quick to send it to ya. The packaging was excellent too by the way! I wanted to say thanks for your quick service and great attention to such a small order. I will certainly use you guys for all my speaker needs in the future and I’ll be happy to recommend you to all my friends. Take care and have a great weekend. Thanks Again, John G.

Hi Cathy, Thank you for your prompt response. Customer service is always most important to me, especially in this world where customer service has gone out the window! Literally, nobody cares about it any more. Especially if you live in a metropolitan area like I do. I’ll check out your recommendations. Thanks again and I’ll spread the word. I’m also a guitar player who hangs with other guitar players. They would love to find a good speaker repair shop. Sal

My JBL woofers (one re-foam, one re-cone) are back in the enclosures. They sound great! Good job. Thanks, Steve L.

Cathy, “Thank you so much for getting the speakers done so quickly. You guys are truly lifesavers. The production could not have gone on with out you.” Chris H. (Florida Theme Park- African Theme)

Cathy, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help! You have been so wonderful to work with and so professional! I have received your latest e-mail with the shipping information and will confirm delivery with Composition workshop as well. I sincerely look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future! Have a wonderful & blessed day! Sincerely, Carrie L.

Dear Cathy, Today, I received recone kit. Packing was perfect! I will immediately start recone of the my speaker. Many Thanks Masaki Tanaka Tokyo, Japan

Cathy, I had a really nice experience with your company. The folks at Infinity referred me to you. One of my woofers needed repairing. From my initial phone call, all the way to receiving my speaker back, I had a great experience. I was so glad to power my system up last night and listen to a little music! The speaker sounds great! Looking forward to the weekend! By the way, FedEx Home Delivery was awesome! Thank you, Mark C. Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Cathy and everyone at Speaker Exchange. I wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on my JBL speakers. I was ready to get rid of them, not knowing that they could be repaired. I have had them for 30 years and loved the sound of them. Now thanks to you I will be able to enjoy them again. Thanks again, and if anyone I know needs this done, I will know where to send them. Bob

Cathy, I just wanted to take a second and tell you how pleased we are with the service that we received from the shop. Everyone that I talked to was very helpful and easy to work with. We hooked the sub up and it works perfectly. Thanks! Neal Dyer

Cathy, Thank you for taking care of my speakers. The woofers came back home in perfect condition and after connecting them to the rest of the speakers’ setup they sound out of this world! What a difference!!! I have never thought that these speakers could sound so good. Thanks to your super professional quality of service I can enjoy listening to my music collection with unprecedented clarity of sound. If anybody would ask me where I have fixed my speakers I will definitely direct them to your service. Phenomenal job!!!! Thank you again. Sincerely, Paul Siwko-Bajon

Cathy, So sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. I know I’ve sat down at least 3 times to try. Always something up here. The speakers sound great, a bit more tighter than I remember, gonna have to get use to them again. But, I wanted you to know I couldn’t be more happier with them. The Dahlquist soon to follow. I will let you know as soon as I am ready to send them. One thing for certain, The Speaker Exchange is absolutely dependable. Thank You, Jack

Subject: Praise I just got my refoamed Infinity driver back, re-attached it to my 10 year old speaker. Sounds like new! Excellent workmanship. Replacing the pair with a similar current model would have cost over $700. Jimmy Anderson

Hey Cathy, I recieved my speakers yesterday, hooked them up and played them. They sound great!!! Thank you for your service and I will tell others about you guys. Best regards, Frank

Hi Cathy – this is Vincent again. I had you and Randall & especially Gene recone my old 12? JBL D131 Loudspeaker and it turned out GREAT so I am going to send you another one if that’s OK with you guys. sincerely, Vincent Scott

Repairing vintage audio equipment By DON LINDICH March 12, 2006 Have speakers that need fixed, particularly old and rare models such as Ohm Fs” Go straight to The Speaker Exchange, found at www.speakerex.com. Their work is absolutely legendary and has saved some great classic speakers from early graves.

Good Morning Glenn, It was good to meet you in person yesterday and just a great pleasure and experience having Kevin and Jeff install the speakers and set up the system the “right way!” It has been a most pleasurable and informative experience and I greatly appreciate the way you do business. I look forward to scheduling the modification of the cabinet which will make everything just perfect. Best wishes, Leon J. PS – I played the movie Stealth last night (Kevin’s recommendation to find something in DTS) and it was awesome.

Hi Cathy, I almost forgot to follow up on the work you did for me. The refoamed speakers are terrific! I am very pleased with the work, the response time and the pricing, and will be sure to spread the word to others. Thanks again for doing what you said you would do. Gary LaCourse

Thanks Cathy! I already am your biggest fan! Your business ethics and response time is absolutely suberb, and I’m sure your work is the benchmark goal for others. I will comment back to you once I receive the speakers, and will continue to spread the word about your company! Keep up the great work!! Sincerely, Gary LaCourse

Cathy and everyone at Speaker Exchange, Sorry it has taken me awhile to respond, it has been a busy time & I have been busy getting back to work after the Christmas holidays. I am absolutely in awe of the work you and your speaker experts did for me and my beloved Yamaha NS-2000?s! As we unfortunately learned, Yamaha had discontinued making, and had sold the last of their coil replacement kits for the 13 inch carbon-fiber woofer ( JA3301 ). The coil itself is certainly unique, and Speaker Exchange went far above and beyond ordinary speaker repair organizations. Using the original coil, you took precise measurements and fabricated a replacement coil and resurrected my dead driver!! I am totally pleased with the result, the NS-2000 is as good as new! I am sure that many people have experienced the same discouraging situation that I was in — a speaker worth thousands or more s, and having a dead driver with no prospect for repair or replacement. And there are of lot of excellent speakers from the 70?s, 80?s even 90?s (and maybe before!) for which there are no parts or replacements available anywhere. In my case, the Yamaha NS-2000?s are the ultimate top-of-the-line in the Yamaha series beginning with the NS-1000?s sold in the USA with NS-1000X somewhere in between. The NS-2000?s were never retailed in this country that I know of, and a pair recently sold on eBay in England for $4500. Getting my pair working again is truly remarkable. I am totally pleased with Speaker Exchange for taking on my dilemma and pursuing it thru to a successful conclusion. You truly care for your customers and their classic speakers! Again, I deeply thank you!! Emmitt Kraft

Cathy, Thanks for getting back to me. I have used Your company several times in the mid ’90?s. Haven’t needed you lately, but just so you know, I wouldn’t use anybody else. I will be sending the Gefco’s down soon. I believe one was repaired by you before. I would prefer that you rebuild them both with the best quality you have available, and match them as best you can. I will write you again when I ship them out. Thanks, Jack Jack Griffith Guitarist for Polygam’s “Novo Combo”

Cathy, Just wanted to Thank Randall for his help with my Bose 901. He went above and beyond what is normal customer service. I will continue to refer anyone seeking your services. Thanks, Tom Kahelin dmz www.projectdmz.com

Good evening Cathy, The speakers arrived this weekend and I’ve put the system back together. They sound simply wonderful! The repairs look like original work and and the sound couldn’t be better. Thanks for a very nice job and a quick turn around. Ed Woodard

Cathy (and speakerex.com), Just wanted you to know that I received my 10-inch woofer today (already), and I have just installed them and cranked up my old Pioneer HPM-60?s! The sound was great….. so much better than several new pairs of speakers I tried. I can’t thank you enough for your advice and quick delivery. I am very pleased, and plan to send a complimentary e-mail out from your website. For just $59, I was able to get a (better) and original sound from a 30 year old speaker system, rather than buying a pair of Sony, JBL, or Yamaha speakers (new) for over $250 per pair. Keep up the good work. Should I need to replace my 2nd Pioneer woofer in the future, I will know who to call on!!!! Thanks, again! Bruce Farris

You’re welcome, Cathy. Yes, I was very pleased not only with the quality of the repair, but with the personalized service. I still mention your company whenever some one asks about a speaker problem they can’t figure out….. after all, that’s your job! I have since sold my SL600 and now own an SL500 Silver Arrow. Speakers work fine, for now, but if I ever have a problem, I know who to call!! Thanks for taking the time to thank me, this only galvanizes the fact that you guys really do care cause you show it! Joseph Anthony

Dear Cathy Many thanks for the replacement diaphragm which arrived safely today. Your reputable, quality service is a credit to international trade and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to my customers and associates. Once again many thanks, Jerry

I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how impressed and satisfied I am regarding my recent purchase of a replacement woofer for my Infinity Reference Three speakers. To begin with, I received a quick response to my inquiry regarding a woofer replacement. Cathy was knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service – she is a true asset to your company. She provided excellent and quick advice. My order was shipped rapidly and arrived in great condition. As soon as I took it out of the packaging, I was impressed by the weight of the magnet and once I installed the speaker, there was no mistake that the sound quality was far superior to the original Infinity woofer. I may have to order another one for the other speaker! I won’t hesitate to purchase from the Speaker Exchange again or to enthusiastically recommend you to friends. Sincerely, Dave C.


…Your prices are certaily reasonable, the speed they (Pioneer HPM 1100s – 15.75? woofers) were repaired in was exceptional, and the quality of the work was TOP of the LINE. If I should ever need any additional work of this type done, you can be assured that your company will be the 1st on the list, and I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing work done on their speaker systems. A Very Large Thank You, Bill

I received my JBL 2235H woofer yesterday! WOW…It sounds WONDERFUL!! I am very pleased to say the least, this is just like brand new! I can’t remember the bass being so tight and well defined! Which ever one of your staff did the repairs, they did a magnificent job! I appreciate you all, and many thanks to Cathy for putting up with my constant emails and calls! THANKS CATHY! If I ever hear of anyone needing repair for their speakers, I will DEFINITELY send them your way. Lee B.

I wanted to say Thank You! for the excellent job your staff did re-foaming my 1970?s JBL L-50 Woofers, the communications was excellent, the turnaround and subsequent quality outstanding. Dave J.

Your technician, Gene, recently reconed my two 18? subwoofers. I wanted you to know that the subs now sound better than when I first bought them, which is simply amazing. Gene is to be commended for his skills and professionalism. Thanks, Speaker Exchange, for a great job! Nick L.

You reconed two EV SRO-12 speakers for me, and they sound fabulous. My Stratocaster loves’em, my Marshall loves’em, and I love’em. You guys ROCK! Roger P.

Thank you for the follow up to my order. The tweeters arrived yesterday, and they sound great. I will definitely recommend Speaker Exchange to my friends. Your site is very user friendly, and I found it easy to pick out just what I needed. Lenny O.

The Ohm F’s arrived yesterday…I unpacked and hooked them up today…WOW! You guys have done it again!!!!! They sound great…like new. My big kudos’ to everyone there – GREAT job. Dick G.