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To Replace or Repair? That Is the Question!

Actually, Here Are 5 Questions To Help You Decide Whether To Renew The Life Of [...]

Serving customers worldwide for 43 years!

Dear valued Speaker Exchange customer, It’s been a while since our last customer newsletter, but [...]

How long should my speakers last?

At The Speaker Exchange, we love to hear from our customers about their emotional attachment [...]

The History of Celestion

We just ran across a very interesting history of Celestion and wanted to share with [...]

This is how we roll.

One of our customer’s set up: Listen Here


Today is JBL day

Pharma kamagra Nous n’avons pas pu obtenir de placebo pour l’alprostadil pour chaque systoliques liées, [...]


Zenith Fieldcoil Speaker Repair

We specialize in Vintage speaker repairs. It is difficult to repair many older speakers because [...]



Infocomm 2015 was much bigger and busier than ever.  The sights and sounds can be [...]


The loudspeaker: misunderstood, but the right speaker can make all the difference.

We just read a great article in SOS that explains a lot about guitar speakers. The [...]

Surrounds for Cones. Butyl Rubber, Polyfoam + Cloth

There is now a large selection of surround for your Do-It-Yourself speaker repairs. Surround Kit [...]

Busy Week for EV Repairs

I’m sure this weekend’s Halloween parties will be spooky and Loud. This has been the [...]

The Future of Speakers…. not.

On my recent vacation to the Nevada desert for the Burning Man festival, I stumbled [...]


Vox Repair Results

Speaker reconing can turn your sad speakers into happy new sounds. See this Vintage Vox 12″ [...]

Electro Voice DVX3121 12″ Recone

Reconing the EV 12″ XLC Speaker with factory Electro Voice recone parts returns the speaker [...]

Tannoy Westminster 3839 Surround Conversion

We converted our Tannoy Westminster drivers from the original soft foam surround 7900 0039 recone [...]


JBL L100 Parts and Repair

The JBL L100 series speaker was the consumer version of the popular 4400 Series Studio [...]


Remember the Coneheads?

  Remember the Coneheads from Saturday Night Live. Here is our version. Patients with T4 [...]

Homemade JBL 4333B Speakers

Carsten in Denmark writes: I wish to thank you for your guidance and help regarding [...]

Do People Hear At Different Frequencies?

One Hertz (Hz) is one vibration per second. Higher Hertz values equate to higher pitched [...]


Beam sound

A transducer can be made to project a narrow beam of ultrasound that is powerful [...]