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Why was my sealed factory box opened?

We open, inspect and test every product before shipping to make sure the product is working properly and there are no factory defects. The technician who performed the inspection also dates and initials the product to insure accountability.

General Speaker FAQ’s:

How To Identify Parts of a Speaker 

How Does a Speaker Work

How To Understand Impedance

How To Damage Your Speakers

How Does Underpowering Cause Damage

How To Wire Your Speakers in Series

How To Wire Your Speakers in Parrallel

How To Understand a Frequency Response Curve

How To Understand JBL Reverse Polarity

Repair FAQ’s:

How To Send My Speaker for Repair

How Do YOU Ship to Me (Returning your Repair, Shipping Your Parts Order)   

How To Clean the Driver Voice Coil Gap

How To Install A Diaphragm – with Video instructions

B&W Repair Info

Warranty FAQ’s:

What Is The Warranty on Our Work?

How Do I Send You a Warranty Repair?

Can you give me an estimate to replace my mid or tweeter?

Yes, remove the mid or tweeter and send a picture of it outside of the enclosure. Show front, back and side shots and include a ruler in each picture so we can see sizes. Also, tell us the numbers on the frame or magnet.

How do I determine if the problem is just in the tweeter (woofer, mid, etc) and not the crossover?

Start by trying to isolate the problem. If one side has no high end, remove the tweeter and replace it in the other good sounding speaker cabinet. If the tweeter then works there, you have determined the problem is most likely in the crossover or wiring. If one whole speaker side is not working, try switching the right for the left wires at the amplifier connection. If the same side is not working, then the problem is most likely with the amp. If the bad speaker switches sides, then the problem is in the speaker. When in doubt, contact us for more info.

Why can’t I use any brand speaker as a substitute for my Infinity woofer?

Although the outside speaker frame measurement of a generic woofer might match the outside dimensions of your original Infinity woofer, the actual basket shape will be different. Infinity used a slightly smaller basket than can be found on almost all generic speakers. Therefore if you want to use a different brand replacement woofer, you will need to slightly enlarge your cabinet hole.

Do I send you the whole cabinet or just he woofer (or tweeter or mid or crossover or amp, etc)?

No, please do not send the whole cabinet unless the problem is in the wiring or amp or the cabinet itself. If you are confident that you have determined the problem is only in the component, you can send just the tweeter or woofer, etc. If it is a manufacturer’s warranty request, you might have to send the whole cabinet so we can determine where the problem is. Contact us and we will let you know.

Can you recone my mid range or tweeter?

Sometimes it is more economical to replace rather than repair certain mids and tweeters. We can recone or refoam 3″ and larger midranges. This can be necessary with certain model speakers where there is no good replacement option.  However in many cases, we have a replacement option that is less costly than repair. Contact us for advice and evaluation.

Can you give me a price estimate for my speaker repair?

Yes, contact us with the speaker brand and model and we can quote repairs. We might also need the numbers on the component magnet or frame or possibly a picture.