B&W Repairs

Bowers & Wilkins

We repair B&W speakers using the original manufacturer’s replacement parts.

B&W does not offer parts for their woofers, so parts are reused as needed or matched up to the closest equivalent. The repair we offer restores the functionality and performance to your speaker, but it is important to note that some cosmetic alterations may be noticeable.

Most popular models and parts listed, but many parts not listed can still be ordered as needed. Contact us for repair pricing.



Nautilus Series

SIG Series

CM Series

Picture Gallery of many products

(list will expand daily so check back often)

We can repair or replace tweeters, diaphragms, bass units, binding posts, tweeter housings, tweeter grills, midrange grills, grill pegs, phase plugs, grommets, rings, plinths, bi-wires, crossovers plus more if parts are still available at B&W. Many parts for vintage models are NLA (no longer available).