10″ JBL 125 Refoam Kit Angle – RFK10 JBL125



Product Description

Brand New 10″ Polyether Angle Attach Speaker Foam Repair Kit for the following models:

JBL 125, JBL 125A, JBL 127, JBL 127A, JBL 127H, JBL 127H-1, JBL 118, JBL 118H, JBL 10688, JBL A0911A, JBL 71743L5,  JBL 310G2, JBL 310G3, JBL 410G, JBL 410G-1, JBL 410G-2, JBL 410G-3, JBL 70443-01, JBL J216, JBL J325, JBL J325A, JBL J350, JBL J350A, JBL940, JBL L25, JBL L-25, JBL L26, JBL L-26, JBL L26A, JBL L36, JBL L-36, JBL L36A, JBL L40, JBL L-40,  JBL L40A, JBL L50,  JBL L-50, JBL L50A, JBL L56, JBL L-56, JBL L56A, JBL L80GI, JBL L80T, JBL L80T3, JBL L120, JBL L120A, JBL LX55, JBL LX600, JBL R133, JBL XPL160, JBL XPL160A, JBL 4410 (Can use foam roll up or inverted- roll down) *New polyether foam surrounds last longer than the originals*

  • FOAM: OD 9.5″ (241.300 mm) – ID 7.25″ (180.975 mm)
  • ROLL: OD 8.875″ (225.425 mm) – ID 7.625″ (193.675 mm)

Questions about how to repair? See Refoaming Video and Refoaming FAQ’s

Additional information

Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions10 x 10 x 2 in

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Dust Cap

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