12″ Refoam Kit JBL 122, 128, 129 – RFK128 JBL



Product Description

Brand New 12″ Polyether Angle Attach Speaker Foam Repair Kit for the following models:

JBL 122, JBL 122A, JBL 122A-1, JBL 128, JBL 128A, JBL 128H, JBL 128H-1, JBL 129, JBL 129H, JBL 119HS, JBL 126, JBL 126A,  , JBL 2203, JBL 2203A, JBL 2203H, JBL 4310, JBL 4315, JBL 4315A, JBL 4315B, JBL 4411, JBL 4412, JBL 4425, JBL G125, JBL L55A, JBL L65, JBL L-65, JBL L65A, JBL L65B, JBL L100GI, JBL L112, JBL L150, JBL L150A, JBL L150B, JBL L166, JBL L166A, JBL L200T3, JBL 120T3, JBL PR12, JBL PR300, JBL S70, JBL S 70, JBL S101, JBL S106, JBL XPL200, JBL Control 10, JBL Control 12. Also used for Pioneer HPM900 and OHM F (very difficult repair for beginners) Some of these models may require slight modifications.

  • FOAM: OD 11.437″ (290.50 mm) – ID 9.062″ (230.175 mm)
  • ROLL: OD 10.625″ (269.875 mm) – ID 9.313″ (236.55 mm)

*New polyether foam surrounds last longer than the originals*

Questions about how to repair? See Refoaming Video and Refoaming FAQ

Additional information

Weight.4 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 4 in

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Dust Cap

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