12″ JBL 2214 Refoam Kit – RFK12 JBL2214


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Product Description

Brand New 12″ Polyether Angle Attach Speaker Foam Repair Kit for the following models:

JBL 119HS,  JBL 121, JBL 121A, JBL 122, JBL 122A, JBL 122A-1, JBL 126, JBL 2203, JBL 2203A, JBL 2203H, JBL, 2214, JBL 2214A, JBL 2214H, JBL 2214H-1, JBL 4310, JBL 4315, JBL 4315A, JBL 4315B, JBL 4411, JBL 4412, JBL 4425, JBL G125, JBL L55A, JBL L65, JBL L65A, JBL L65B, JBL L100GI, JBL L100S, JBL L100T JBL L100T3, JBL L112, JBL L150, JBL L150A, JBL L150B, JBL L166, JBL L166A, JBL L200T3, JBL 120T3, JBL PR12, JBL PR300, JBL S70, JBL S101, JBL S106, JBL XPL200 JBL Control 10, JBL Control 12, UREI 803, UREI 809, UREI 809A

  • FOAM: OD 11.5″ (292.10 mm) – ID 9.0″ (228.60 mm)
  • ROLL: OD 11.125″ (282.575 mm) – ID 9.625″ (244.475 mm)

Questions about how to repair? See Refoaming Video and Refoaming FAQ

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 1 in

Kit Pair=2 foams,2 caps,1 glue,shims+instructions, Single Kit=1 foam,1 cap,1 glue,shims+instructions, 1 foam only – No cap or glue


DCP4124- PAPER 4.124″ Diameter, DCP3200- PAPER 3.25″ Diameter, None

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