8″ JBL116 Refoam Kit – RFK8 JBL116



Product Description

Brand New 8″ Polyether Angle Attach Speaker Foam Repair Kit.

  • FOAM: OD 7.75″ (196.85 mm) – ID 5.25″ (133.35 mm)
  • ROLL: OD 7.125″ (180.975 mm) – ID 5.75″ (146.05 mm)

Perfect for JBL 116, JBL 116A, JBL 116H, JBL 116H-1, JBL 116H-2, JBL 116H-3, JBL 117, JBL 117A, JBL 117H, JBL 117H-1, JBL 308G-1, JBL 308G-2, JBL 308G-3, JBL 308G-4, JBL 408, JBL 408G, JBL 408G1, JBL 408G-1, JBL 4301, JBL 4301B, JBL 4301BE, JBL 4301E, JBL 4408, JBL 508G, JBL 508G-1, JBL 508G-2, JBL 508G-3, JBL 73284-01, JBL 86160, JBL ZB160, JBL J220, JBL J320, JBL J320A, JBL 82, JBL L5, JBL L-5, JBL L16, JBL L-16, JBL L-19, JBL L19A, JBL L46, JBL L-46, JBL L60GI, JBL L60T, JBL L86, JBL L-86, JBL LX44, JBL LX66, JBL LX144, JBL LX166, JBL LX300, JBL LX440, JBL LX500, JBL LXE770, JBL R82, JBL T80, JBL XPL140, JBL XPL140A, JBL 65R-HSA. Also use for Bose 301.

*New polyether foam surrounds last longer than the originals*

Questions about how to repair? See Refoaming Video and Refoaming FAQ

Additional information

Weight.4 lbs
Dimensions8 x 8 x 2 in

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Dust Cap

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