Advent 25th Anniversary / Dahlquist DQ10, DQ20 Woofer 10990422 or P001-31858


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Product Description

Brand New Production of Original Advent Woofer. 10″ woofer with 12″ frame.

Used in the following Advent models: Advent 1, Advent 2, Advent 3, Advent 4, 2004, 4002, 5000, 5002, 5012, Advent 25th Anniversary, Large Advent, New Advent, Original Advent.

Used in Dahlquist models: DQ10, DQ-10, DQ20, DQ-20.

➡ On slight backorder until the the middle of April. You can order now to be in the first allocation when available again. 

Additional information

Weight7.10 lbs
Dimensions13 x 13 x 6 in
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  1. Rich (verified owner)

    I ordered these Advent 10” woofers to replace the ones in my old-skool Dahlquist M-907 monitors after I noticed the foam was gone from around both cones. (before I realized that people re-foam drivers, I let my boy smash the magnet off from one of the originals – regret, she tastes like a dirty penny!) This order was my second attempt to find a woofer that would fit the hole (first order, from another store, was returned when the entire woofer fit through the hole into the speaker – yes, I have learned much about patience, commonsense, measurements and speaker-stuff).

    These were SO CLOSE to a perfect fit. I laid them over the existing openings, used a pen to trace the four corners, which were slightly larger than the recess into the speaker, then chiseled the speakers out for a perfect fit (took less than 10 minutes per speaker with hammer and chisel). Fired up the soldering iron with my boy, fused wires to terminals, screwed ’em down and warmed ’em up.

    I started easy with some mid-volume White Zombie (La Sexorcisto, if the obvious need be stated – there is no other) and worked up through the range of volume. The bass levels were never awesome from the M-907s so I do have a powered 10” sub with them, but I still feel these Advents may lack some of the “punch” I got from the original Dahlquist-supplied 10s (square magnets with markings from the 1990s – so not TOO old). I tried a couple of different types of music at fairly loud volumes (lets face it, I need a receiver upgrade – need. more. power.) and feel these will be a fine replacement. I look forward to continued usage and seeing whether they change any as they break-in.

    On a side note, UPS messed up the delivery and the folks at The Speaker Exchange have been nothing but GREAT to work with from before I placed the order through the moment the box arrived on my doorstep.


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