EV Electro Voice DH2 Aftermarket Diaphragm

$50.00 $40.00

Product Description

This is an aftermarket diaphragm for the following models:

EV DH2, DH2-8, DH2A, DH-2A, DH2A-8, DH2T, DH2T-8, DH2AMT, DH-2AMT, DH1506, 81161XX, F.01U.280.468 and cabinet models SX320PIX, SX500+, SX-500+, SX500G+, SX500PI+, SX600PIX, T221, T221M, T251, T251+, T251i, T252, T252+, TS992E, TS992ELX, TS-992-LX, TS992-M, VARIPLEX, VARIPLEX B, VARIPLEX M, and many more!

If you are installing in a DH1506 driver, then the plastic housing around the terminal must be removed. If using in a DH2 driver, then nothing additional needs to be done.

Additional information

Weight0.50 lbs
Dimensions6 x 6 x 4 in

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