Fender 10″ Alnico Blue Aftermarket Recone Kit 036457


Product Description

Brand New Genuine Fender 10″ Alnico Blue Aftermarket Recone Kit for speaker marked 036457. Parts specifications:

  • Cone: 10″ outside diameter, 2.225″ deep, 1″ voice coil opening
  • Voice Coil: 1.015″ inside diameter, 1″  form length, .312″ windings width, 8 ohm
  • Cup Spider: 3.850 outside diameter, 1″ VC opening, .350″ cup heigth
  • Dustcap: 1.800″ outside diameter, paper lip down
  • Gasket: 10″ chip gasket 
  • Pigtails, shims and instructions are included.

You will also need glue, and epoxy which are sold separately.

Questions about how to repair? See Reconing Video and Reconing FAQ’s

Recone kit parts are subject to availability. We try to keep most parts in stock, but some parts will require 6-10 day lead time. Specific parts and specs are subject to change but replacement parts will be matched as closely as possible.

Additional information

Weight2.00 lbs
Dimensions10 x 10 x 2 in


  1. martin.halstead (verified owner)

    Reconed a 10″ alnico blue from a Blues Deville with this kit last weekend. Went without a hitch. This kit has the plastic coil former, which is less likely to deform than the paper original (which is why the speaker had to be reconed in the first place). Be sure to note how much the coil former protrudes through the cone on the original as there is not much else to guide you as to coil height. Also remember that the best combination of shims may be two thinner ones used together. At the moderate testing volumes I used, could hear no difference in tone between the reconed version and one of the still-working originals.

    • Cathy

      Congratulations on a successful repair and thank you for sharing your experience. I’m sure your advice will help other future reconers.

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