Infinity 8″ Woofer 902-7298


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Brand New Genuine Factory Infinity 8″ 902-7298 4 ohm Woofer.

Great home audio replacement speakers for many 8″ 4 ohm Infinity woofers. Used by Infinity for CS3006, ERS800, ERS820, ERS840, IMG2003, IMG2006, Kappa 5.1, REFERENCE 3, RSE, RS3, RS4, RS625. RS7, RS3001, RS4000, RS4001, RS6001, SL50, SS2004, RS625, and more. Replaces old part numbers: 902-4165, 902-4592. 902-5709, 902-5030, 902-6194, 902-6361, 902-6771, 902-7329, 902-2666.

8.25″ (209.550 cm) outside diameter without beauty ring 8.5″ (215.90 cm) with beauty ring. 7.875″ (200.025 cm) from screw hole to screw hole, 7.188″ (182.575 mm) cabinet hole cut out.

This is now OBSOLETE! Please see AR woofer #12100450 for a great replacement option!

Additional information

Weight4.5 lbs
Dimensions10 x 10 x 6 in

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  1. Rainer Holl-Biniasz

    Rainer Holl-Biniasz

    My old 902-4165A were broken. Refoam in Berlin had been a bit more expensive than new woofers, included postal and customs fees. Speaker Exchange sent very quickly. German customs needed one week. German DHL needed 2 days and delivered directly taking customs fee.

    The speakers holes had the correct size and distance (as specified).

    Problem of old speaker:
    The + contact pin of 902-7298 speaker is wider than at the old 902-4165A! If you get into this trouble, you need to cut the old connector at the wire of the box and connect a new one to the wire. So you at least need some new connectors, a side cutter, a knife for the coating and a plier or better a special plier to connect the connector with the wire easily.

    Take care for the original wire position! Infinity did not take care for the colors of the wire and +/- at the speakers!

    After all that, the sound is great. 🙂

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