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Scan Speak D3004/6600 Diaphragm


Product Description

Brand New Scan-Speak Diaphragm for D3004/6600 Tweeters and theĀ  D26AG-38-04 Tweeter. This is the textile dome diaphragm.

Special Order: Lead time is about 1 week.

Additional Information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 2 in
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    Hello good afternoon

    Seeking the diaphragm D26AG-3604 are for a Bafles Thiel cs3.6, any chance this compatible?
    Another question you ship to Mexico?


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      Your Thiel tweeter can be repaired but this Scan Speak is not the correct diaphragm to do the job. This is a tricky repair. I strongly recommend you send your tweeter to us for us to install the diaphragm. Charges are $225.00 plus return shipping.

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        The Thiel CS3.6 and D26AG3604 are the same. I gave you pricing above. I think it would be easier if you email me directly at sales@speakerex.com

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    Hi thanks for answering

    I could indicate the cost only 2 diaphragms D26AG-3604 model. please.
    Another question Manage Voice Coil for Thiel cs3.6 through the speakers, if so what would be the cost for 2?


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